Family-friendly restaurants Tilburg: our favorites

In this blog family-friendly restaurant Tilburg, we list all the great restaurants for families. You can of course eat well in Tilburg with kids, as there are a huge number of nice restaurants and cafes in the city center, where you can get something to eat and drink. For example, in the center of Tilburg you have several squares where you can have a nice meal on a terrace such as the squares de Heuvel, the Piusplein and the Korte Heuvel. We list some family-friendly restaurants in Tilburg below.

The boiler room

A nice option that does take a few minutes by car outside the city center is the Boiler House. The Boiler House is a pancake restaurant, with a fairly large playground located in front of the restaurant. If you are looking for a restaurant with a playground in Tilburg, the Ketelhuis is a very good option!

We always find this restaurant a great option for dinner. They have lots of different kinds of pancakes here, as well as fries, sandwiches and sandwiches. You can park your car in front of the restaurant for free. For more information about the restaurant, check out the The Boiler House website.

Family-friendly restaurant Tilburg
Family-friendly restaurant Tilburg

Gourmet Market Tilburg

Another family-friendly restaurant in Tilburg is Gourmet Market Tilburg. This restaurant is actually a collection of all kinds of international restaurants under one roof. Located behind the main train station, the restaurant is also very accessible to families as the atmosphere is relaxed.

We always find these kinds of restaurants with all kinds of international booths super fun and also super delicious and you have something tasty for every member of the family here. In our opinion, definitely recommended if you are looking for a nice restaurant in Tilburg with kids.

City Cafe the Savings Bank

This is another family-friendly restaurant in Tilburg where we regularly eat with our daughter. You have a play corner here inside and a playground outside, where the kids can have fun. De Spaarbank is located in the center of Tilburg and the atmosphere here is also nice and loose. Usually the restaurant has a lot of families with kids eating!

Check out the website of Stadscafë De Spaarbank for more information about this restaurant in Tilburg.

The Enjoyment

This is a restaurant with a large playground in the Tilburg area. In fact, this restaurant is located in Kaatsheuvel about a twenty-minute drive from the center of Tilburg.

This restaurant is part of a campground, but you can just eat here. The terrace overlooks a large playground (in summer also with water) where kids can play for many hours. We have been here many times and our daughter always has a great time here.

There is a fence around the playground, so your kids can’t walk away from the playground either. This restaurant is located against the Loonse and Drunense Dunes nature reserve, where you can also enjoy hiking and playing with the family. If you are looking for a restaurant in the Tilburg area with a very large playground, then the Enjoy may be the best option.

The Forest Cafe

This is a restaurant with playground near Tilburg (in the village of Oisterwijk) and this family-friendly restaurant is very suitable with small kids up to about five/six years old. The playground is not super big, but big enough for that age group. All around the playground are tables, making this a great place to have lunch with the family in the summer. This is especially a very suitable restaurant in the TIlburg area if you are dining with a toddler or a preschooler. For older kids, this restaurant is less suitable.

In the Bockenreyder

This restaurant is also fairly well known in the region. You can eat delicious food here and there are various animals and, of course, playground equipment for the kids to have fun with. This restaurant is located in Esbeek, a village in the region of Tilburg. The restaurant is very well known for its delicious omelettes. 

Family-friendly restaurant Tilburg
Family-friendly restaurant Tilburg

Where to spend the night in Tilburg?

Tilburg is a nice city to go to for an entire weekend. We have visited the city dozens of times (after all, it is the city where we practically live), yet we have also slept in various hotels in the city. We wrote the blog family-friendly hotel Tilburg about this, in which we listed and compared all the nice family-friendly hotels.

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