Children’s activities Helmond

Children’s activities Helmond: 9x things to do with the family!

In this blog, we list the best children’s activities in Helmond and the surrounding area. In Helmond and its surroundings (also called the Land of the Peel) there is enough to do to keep you well entertained for at least an entire weekend. We have visited several things in this region and list the best children’s activities in Helmond and its surroundings for families below.

Helmond Castle

One of the best children’s activities in Helmond is a visit to Castle Helmond. This castle is right in the center of the city, and there is plenty to do here for kids. We parked the car in the (paid) parking lot across from the castle on a Saturday morning and within a few minutes walked toward the castle.

Right outside at the castle, we see some old Dutch games that kids can do here. You have to think about skittles, ring throwing and more such games. Standing in front of the castle, the castle looks impressive. Best of all, you can also see the inside of the castle with the family.

After entering the castle, the first thing we are going to do here is a scavenger hunt. We walk along part of the museum and have to look for objects based on different pictures. In the different rooms of the castle, they have made it very interactive for kids. For example, kids can play a game here, see on screens what people used to eat and what kind of clothes they wore, and they can also dress up themselves.

Children's activities Helmond
Children's activities Helmond

They are also given a shield, on which they can obtain information at various places in the castle by holding the shield in the light of a projection. We really enjoyed this part with our daughter. At the end of the scavenger hunt, they will be knighted and receive another small gift at the reception.

There is also an attic tour at the castle that you can do with kids ages eight and up. This is led by a guide. This tour is about a fire in 1549. Unfortunately, the guide was sick when we visited the castle, so we were not able to do this tour ourselves with our family. For more information on opening hours, admission prices and the castle’s collections, take a look at the Helmond Castle website.

Children's activities Helmond
Children's activities Helmond

Indoor playground Helmond

You can also go to two different indoor playgrounds in Helmond and the Helmond area if the weather is a little cooler for a change. We briefly describe both indoor playgrounds below.

Kids Plaza Helmond: This is an indoor playground located in the city of Helmond and is suitable for kids up to 12 years old. Kids here can climb and scramble, take a ride on electric cars and jump on trampolines. We have visited this indoor playground several times now and our daughter has a great time here every time.

This is also a great place to sit as parents, and it is also definitely a great place to have lunch with the family. You only pay for kids at this indoor playground in Helmond, and parents are allowed in for free.

Monkey Town Mierlo: Less than a ten-minute drive from the center of Helmond is this branch of Monkey Town in Mierlo. Monkey Town branches are located throughout the Netherlands and all have the same concept.

You only pay admission for the kids and not for the parents, you can park your car for free in front of the door and as parents you can sit and have a snack and drink just fine. As for playground equipment, here you have the standard playground equipment, trampolines and electric cars. Our daughter always has a great time at this indoor playground as well, and she can easily spend an entire morning or afternoon playing here.

Museum clock & Peel

Just under a fifteen-minute drive from the center of Helmond, is another nice museum you can visit. Indeed, in the town of Asten lies the Museum Klok & Peel, which is partly devoted to the clock and the other part is devoted to nature in this region (the Peel). You can park your car in front for free and there is plenty to do inside for kids.

We didn’t really know what to expect at first, but right at the reception we get a scavenger hunt from a museum employee which of course is always fun. We first visit the clock section and there, under the guidance of a volunteer from the museum, kids are allowed to, among other things, hit the various clocks with a hammer. You can also see right away that each bell gives a different sound.

Children's activities Helmond
Children's activities Helmond

There is also a kind of carillon further on, on which kids can play a song. In this part of the museum we see very beautiful and special clocks. In the other part, we learn a lot about the animals and nature that can be seen in this area. Here there is also a section especially for kids and everywhere there are little bells hidden among the animals that the kids can look for.

In total, we spent about two hours inside this museum. Definitely a fun children’s activity if, for example, the weather is not so good and you still want to do something with kids. For more information on opening hours, admission prices and the various exhibits, take a look at Museum Klok & Peel‘s website.

Children's activities Helmond
Children's activities Helmond

Other children’s activities Helmond and surroundings

In addition to the children’s activities in Helmond and surrounding areas described above, there are a number of children’s activities that are fun to do. We briefly name them below.

We Jump Helmond: this is a fun children’s activity in Helmond when the kids need to expend some energy. You choose in advance at this trampoline park how many hours you want to jump. Our daughter finds this kind of park more and more enjoyable as she gets older. This trampoline park is also for kids ages seven/eight and up. Kids under six may come to jump, but they must be accompanied by a parent.

Pool Laco: You can also go swimming in Helmond with kids in a nice pool. Laco Swimming Pool has a wave pool, a competition pool and a target group pool, which is especially suitable for families with kids. On Sunday mornings, the pool organizes family swimming and families with kids can go here to swim and play.

De Veldhoeve petting zoo: when we visit a city with our daughter, we also always like to drop in at the local petting zoo and you can do this in Helmond as well. Admission to this petting zoo is free and you have the familiar petting animals here that the kids can admire and pet. In addition, there is a playground at the petting zoo where the kids can play. The petting zoo is not open in the winter, so check the website in advance to see if the petting zoo is open.

Playground Leonardus: just like in the city of Eindhoven, in Helmond you also have some very nice large outdoor playgrounds. The Leonardus playground is run by volunteers and you pay a few euros entrance fee for this playground. Adults also pay a small entrance fee, but receive a cup of coffee or tea in return for that fee. This playground has lots of different playground equipment, including swings, slides and lots of climbing equipment. It is possible to buy a drink, candy or sandwich at this playground.

Playground the Rijpelroets: basically, the principle of this playground is also the same. You also pay a small entrance fee at this playground to enter the playground and you also have enough playground equipment here to have a great time with the kids.

For more information on children’s activities in the Helmond area, check out the Land van de Peel website.

Family-friendly restaurant near Helmond

De Brandevoortse Hoeve: this is a family-friendly restaurant in Helmond, where you have a playground near the restaurant and where you can have a nice lunch with the family during the summer months. The play area is adjacent to the terrace, giving you a good overview of the kids from the terrace.

There is also a corn maze at this family-friendly restaurant in Helmond where kids can have fun. The menu also includes a section specifically for children, and kids can eat a kids’ toast, wiener sandwich or pancake here for lunch. You can also book a high tea or lunch plate at the restaurant here.

Koks Gemert: This family-friendly restaurant is located in Gemert, which is about 25 minutes away by car from Helmond. Restaurant Koks opened not long ago and looks very atmospheric inside. You can eat delicious food here and inside the restaurant is a play corner for the kids.

In the summer, it is also possible to have a bite to eat on the restaurant’s terrace, and the kids can have fun on the playground equipment outside. When we visited the restaurant it was winter, but our daughter had a great time in the restaurant’s play corner and we also had a great meal here. As far as we are concerned, definitely recommended if you are visiting the Helmond area with kids.

Children's activities Helmond
Children's activities Helmond

Family-friendly hotel Helmond

You have three different family-friendly hotels in Helmond, where they have family rooms for families of four. We list these family-friendly hotels in Helmond below.

Fletcher Wellness Hotel Helmond: at this family hotel in Helmond there is a whole wellness area with a swimming pool and sauna, and you can also use the bowling alley as a family at this hotel. Families rate this hotel with an 8.1 overall score and the family rooms offered by the hotel are 30m2 in size and have a double bed for the parents and two twin beds for the kids. For more information about the Fletcher Wellness Hotel Helmond, take a look here.

Hush Bed & Breakfast: this B&B is also definitely suitable for families with children, and in summer, kids can enjoy swimming here in the B&B’s outdoor pool. You can book a Deluxe Family Suite for four people here, and the overall score of this B&B is a 9.2. The B&B also rents bicycles, which of course is also a great way to explore the Helmond area. For more information about the Hush Bed&Breakfast, take a look here.

Golden Tulip Hotel West-Ende: The third hotel in this list of family-friendly hotels in Helmond is the Golden Tulip hotel and at this hotel they offer family rooms for families of as many as six people. In this 30m2 family room, parents sleep in a double bed and kids can sleep on two sofa beds. This hotel receives an 8.2 overall rating and for more information about the Golden Tulip Hotel West-Ende, take a look here.

This blog was created in part through a collaboration with the marketing department of Gemeente de Peel.

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