North Brabant with kids

This beautiful province in the south of the Netherlands offers a wealth of activities that are both fun and educational for kids of all ages. We, as lifelong residents of North Brabant and proud parents, have explored numerous fantastic places in the region with our daughter. We are excited to share our experiences and the best activities and attractions in North Brabant with you.

Whether you are looking for exciting adventures in climbing parks like Klimpark Uden or Klimrijk Brabant, or a more relaxed day out at play forests and hiking trails like those in the Oisterwijkse forests and fens, North Brabant has it all. For the little animal lovers, Dierenrijk in Mierlo offers a great experience. And if the weather doesn’t cooperate, there are plenty of indoor playgrounds in Breda and other cities to keep the kids entertained.

A visit to educational attractions like the Philips Museum in Eindhoven can be both entertaining and educational. And of course, the classic amusement parks like Efteling and Beekse Bergen are always a hit with the little ones. In addition to the well-known attractions, there are also plenty of hidden gems in cities like Den Bosch, Tilburg, and Roosendaal waiting to be discovered.

On this page, we share our personal experiences and provide tips for a fantastic stay in North Brabant with kids. From thrilling attractions to peaceful nature walks, we have something for everyone. Keep reading and discover the most enjoyable activities for an unforgettable family outing in beautiful North Brabant!

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