Carlton square haarlem with kids

Haarlem is a beautiful city and we have been there several times now. For example, we also spent a weekend in Haarlem this past Christmas vacation and slept at the Carlton Square Haarlem with our daughter. As a result of this overnight stay, we are writing a comprehensive review of the hotel here.

Carlton Square Haarlem with kids
Carlton Square Haarlem with kids

The hotel

Located near the Frederikspark in Haarlem, the hotel is a ten-minute walk from Haarlem’s shopping area. This is definitely not a punishment, as you will pass through all kinds of nice streets during this walk and also encounter the famous courtyards of Haarlem during this walk. This will allow you to see part of this beautiful city right away during this walk!

Parking is very easy at the hotel. You can park under the hotel and also in Frederick Park you have parking garage de Dreef, where you can park for 24 hours for just over 10 euros. We parked the car here and then it is a few minutes walk to the hotel. In that regard, this option was not too expensive and very walkable with our suitcase.

Upon entering the hotel, you immediately enter the attractive lobby, and the Bar and Kitchen Zocher restaurant is also in this building. As a result, there are plenty of opportunities on the first floor of the hotel to have a drink with your kids, play a game or grab a bite to eat.

Carlton Square Haarlem with kids
Carlton Square Haarlem with kids

The room

We had booked the family room (The Family One) at this hotel and this room is for a family of up to 4 people and is 29m2 in size. This is also one of the largest rooms in the hotel.

The room is fully equipped and also contains all the things we consider important for a hotel room. The room was clean, it had a very nice and large bed (luxury box spring), a very nice rain shower (there are also rooms with a bathtub), refrigerator, TV and the room was spacious enough for the three of us. That’s basically all we need in a room.

An additional benefit of the room was that the minibar was included and bathrobes and slippers were provided for all family members. Surely that is a wonderful feeling of luxury we always find.

Nice detail in the room is that there was a monopoly board game, which of course we played for a while. We ourselves have a version for very young kids, but the principle of course remains the same. We ourselves and our daughter all really enjoy playing and are also all quite fanatical ;).

Carlton Square Haarlem with kids
Carlton Square Haarlem with kids

bike hire

What is definitely a big plus of the hotel is that you can rent bikes. In fact, you can cycle a very nice route in the area through the South-Kennemerland National Park. As you can see from the photo below, there are plenty of bikes in front of the hotel and the bikes are in good condition.

We rented the bikes for a whole day and cycled more than 30 kilometers through this nature park and through the center of Haarlem. For us, always a very fun and active way to be on the road with our daughter. As you can see, they also have a bike seat for bicycles.

We do recommend contacting the hotel in advance that you want to rent bikes with your kids, so you can be sure everything is there when you visit the hotel. We had also reserved the bikes (including bike seat) the day before.

Family-friendly hotel Haarlem
Carlton Square Haarlem with kids

Food and drink in hotel

Attached to the hotel is the Bar and Kitchen Zocher restaurant, which basically means you don’t have to go out the door to eat. The restaurant also looks really super atmospheric. For kids, it is possible to order, for example, a hamburger with fries. The entire menu list can be found here.

Of course, there are plenty of dining options in the area. As we mentioned, downtown is a ten-minute walk away, so there are plenty of restaurants and eateries near the hotel.

Family-friendly hotel Haarlem
Carlton Square Haarlem with kids


We have now been to three different hotels of the Carlton and we found all three to be really top notch. The hotels are luxurious, you can eat delicious and cozy food everywhere and at all three hotels we were able to relax with the family. This hotel in Haarlem is also highly recommended! It may sound very exaggerated, but we can list few disadvantages of the hotel. We will definitely return to this hotel when we are near Haarlem!

For more information on rooms and how to book a room, check out the hotel’s own website.




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