Benidorm with kids

Benidorm with kids: 5 fun activities to do with the family!

A vacation to Benidorm with kids is definitely fun if you love the sun, beach and fun as a family. Most families with kids go to Benidorm in the summer vacations, when it is wonderful to be at this Spanish resort on the Costa Blanca. Of course, it is also possible to go and do things with the family. In this blog, we list the best activities you can do in Benidorm with kids.

Benidorm with kids
Benidorm with kids

How do I get to Benidorm with kids?

There are several ways to get around Benidorm with kids. We list some of the options below.

By car: a number of Dutch families drive their own cars to Benidorm, but keep in mind that you will be on the road for at least twenty hours. This means several days on the road to Benidorm with kids. One advantage is that you do have a car at your disposal on vacation!

By train: by train is a possibility, but it will take you more than thirty hours, making it quite a long trip to arrive in Benidorm. In addition, you have to change trains several times.

By plane: most Dutch tourists fly to Benidorm with kids. You cannot fly directly to Benidorm, as the resort has no airport, but you will fly to the town of Alicante. From Alicante, it is another half-hour drive to Benidorm. The plane ride itself takes about 2.5 hours from the Netherlands. If you are looking for a flight ticket to Alicante, we always search through the website Skyscanner, as we find it a very convenient website.

For all flights from the Netherlands to Alicante, take a look here.

A large part of the Dutch families who book vacations to Benidorm with kids and come by plane also rent a car at Alicante airport. That way, you have the freedom to explore the region of Benidorm as well, driving your own car from the airport to your accommodation. We actually always rent a car through Sunny Cars because they have a super package of insurance and service and we really like that when we rent a car abroad with our daughter.

For a rental car in Benidorm, take a look here.

Family-friendly hotel in Benidorm

You can stay in Benidorm with kids just fine. There are plenty of hotels that offer rooms for families with kids and are also very focused on kids in terms of entertainment and pools. We list the best three family-friendly hotels in Benidorm below.

  • Poseidon Playa: This hotel is very popular among Dutch families with kids and the hotel has a pool especially for kids. There is also a kids’ club for two age groups of kids, where they are entertained during the day. For example, there is a mini-club for children aged four to 11, and kids aged 12 and older can join a maxi-club. You can book this hotel as a package tour with all-inclusive care. Press the blue link for more information!
  • Princesa hotel Benidorm: this hotel also has pools especially for kids. For example, the Princesa Hotel Benidorm has a pool with two children’s slides and there is also a park where the youngest kids can play with water. There are also several air cushions around the hotel for the kids. This hotel can also be booked in a package and you can also book all inclusive here! For more information on the Princesa hotel, take a look here.
  • Presidente hotel Benidorm: at this hotel that is close to the beach, you cannot book all inclusive, but you can book full board (that is, including the three meals a day). In addition, the hotel has a swimming pool and also a playground for kids. For more information about this hotel, take a look here.

#1 Terra Natura and Aqua Natura

You can take kids to the zoo in Benidorm. About a ten-minute drive from the center of Benidorm is Terra Natura. The zoo is fairly large and has several large animals that you can admire such as the elephant, tiger, water buffalo and different types of monkeys. The zoo is beautifully laid out and you walk along different continents on winding paths through the zoo. If you follow the walking trail in the park, you will pass all the animals in the zoo.

You can easily entertain yourself for half a day at this zoo. You can then spend the other half of the day having fun at the water park located on the same property. This water park has enough fun slides for both young and older kids to keep you entertained as a family for at least half a day. You also have shows with sea lions at the water park.

It is possible to buy single tickets for both parks as well as a joint ticket for both parks together. For more information on opening hours, entrance fees and the park’s various animals and attractions, take a look at the Terra Natura and Aqua Natura websites.

#2 Aqualandia Benidorm

You can go to a fun water park in Benidorm with kids. You have several spectacular slides at this water park. This water park is for both young and older kids. For younger kids, there are two separate pools with different play equipment and several small slides in the pool.

The water park also has a lazyriver, where you can take a tour of the water park in an inflatable tire. There is also a pool that produces artificial waves. In addition to these slides for younger kids, there are also several slides for older kids. You have about ten different spectacular slides that you can go down in this water park.

Just keep in mind that during the summer months when the water park is open, it can be very crowded and there can be long lines at the various slides. Sometimes the queue can be more than an hour. For more information on opening hours, entrance fees and the different slides, take a look at Aqualandia Benidorm’s website.

#3 Old center Benidorm

Although Benidorm is primarily known as a seaside resort, the old town center is certainly fun to walk through at the end of the day when temperatures have dropped a bit. You have several nice little streets and squares here, with plenty of nice places to eat and drink with the family.

In addition, in the old center it is possible to visit Església de Sant Jaume i Santa Anna, an old church. You also have a covered market in the old center where you can go and see and where they sell food items. If you want to walk to a nice viewpoint from the Old Town, Balcón del Mediterraneo is a great option. You walk up the stairs and at the top of the platform you have a beautiful view of Benidorm’s two beaches.

You can also explore the city of Benidorm by bike with kids. For example, the Dutch company Baja Bikes organizes bike tours of Benidorm, where you cycle past the city’s sights in four hours with a Dutch guide. Here it is possible to rent children’s bikes or have the kids ride on the back of a child seat. For more information on these bike tours, check out the Baja Bikes website.

#4 Levante beach

Most families go to Benidorm with kids because of the climate and beaches. The beaches are beautiful and have fine golden sand, where it is good to stay during the summer months. In Benidorm, Levante beach is the most famous beach in this resort town.

Along the beach is a pleasant promenade with plenty of nice restaurants and cafes for a bite to eat and a drink. You will also find live entertainment in the cafes during the day already. The beach itself also has plenty of facilities for families with kids. For example, you can rent beds and an umbrella, and it is possible for kids to go to the toilet. 

In the summer months there are also lifeguards walking around keeping an eye on the sea, and it is also possible to do various water sports on the beach, such as water skiing. If you are looking for a quieter beach, Playa Poniente is an option. This beach is located a bit more west of Benidorm. The old town of Benidorm sits between these two beaches. 

#5 Terra Mitica

In the same area as the zoo and water park of Terra Natura and Aqua Natura, it is also possible to go to an amusement park in Benidorm with kids. You have more than 20 different attractions to visit in this amusement park. You can easily spend a day at this amusement park in Benidorm with kids. It does depend a bit on how busy it is, as you can have long lines in certain attractions in the summer.

The amusement park has three different worlds: Greece, Egypt and Rome. Please note that several attractions have a height restriction for kids. The amusement park can be reached by bus number 1 from the center of Benidorm.

In addition to the various attractions of this amusement park, it is also possible to swim with kids in this amusement park in Benidorm. Of course, this is nice and cooling in the summer months. For more information on opening hours, entrance fees and the various attractions, take a look at Terra Mitica’s website.

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