Sightseeing Madrid with kids

Is it fun to visit Madrid with kids? Madrid certainly has plenty to offer parents with kids, and you can certainly have a few days of fun with kids here. We have visited the city ourselves several times and thoroughly enjoy each time. The city is located in the middle of the country and in summer it can get very hot. The advantage is that as early as March it is fine weather to visit the city. We list the 26 best activities and attractions in Madrid with kids for you below.

Madrid with kids
Madrid with kids

Family-friendly hotel Madrid

You have plenty of family-friendly hotels to stay at in Madrid if you book a city break to this city. We have listed family-friendly hotels in the city in every price range!

Budget hotel: Woohoo Rooms Hortaleza

Mid-range hotel: Catalonia Atocha

Luxury hotel: Catalonia Plaza Mayor

To search for other hotels in Madrid with kids click here the whole list.

Madrid with kids
Madrid with kids

Madrid with kids: amusement parks and zoos

Madrid has quite a few amusement parks in and around the city and we will list for you the best amusement parks in Madrid with kids.

#1 Parque de Atracciones: this amusement park in Madrid has quite a few attractions for young and old (more than 30 rides). Among them are very spectacular roller coasters where you can go over 100 kilometers per hour on a track. Do note that a lot of attractions have a minimum height requirement, so check in advance which attractions your kids are all allowed in. For young kids, they have Nickelodeonland, where they have 12 quieter attractions.

The park also has shows from the likes of Spongebob and The Walking Dead. A fun amusement park where you can easily spend a day in Madrid with kids. The amusement park is located on the outskirts of the city and subway line 10 will get you to the amusement park in about 25 minutes (get off at metro stop Batan). Check the website for opening hours and ticket prices.

#2 Zoo Aquarium Madrid: this large zoo has not only the well-known African animals (Elephant, Rhino, Lion and Monkey), but also special animals such as the giant panda and the koala bear. There is also a large aquarium with sharks and turtles. An electric train also runs through the park.

There are plenty of restaurants in the park, but the zoo also has picnic tables set up where you can eat your own brought food. The zoo also features several shows with dolphins and sea lions, for example. The zoo is next to the Parque de Attraciones, so you can combine the two but then you will have a very busy schedule in one day.

You have another somewhat smaller zoo in Madrid: Faunia, but here they have mostly smaller animals and it is also fairly outside the center. By subway, it takes almost an hour to get there. In terms of price, the zoos do not differ that much from each other, which is why we would always choose Zoo Aquarium Madrid.

#3 Micropolis: for small kids, this is a very fun option when the weather is not so good in Madrid, for example. Inside, Micropolis looks great and it looks a bit like the several times we’ve been to Kidzania in different places around the world. It is actually a kind of city recreated for kids. Kids can ride in electric cars and do all kinds of jobs.

For example, there is a whole store with all kinds of products where kids can shop or just sit behind the cash register. One disadvantage of Micropolix is that it is located on the outskirts of the city and the subway will take you up to an hour to get there. If you have a car you can get there within half an hour from the center of Madrid. Only disadvantage of this type of park is that the guidance of the groups is Spanish-speaking, so your kid will not always understand what the intention is.

#4 Aquapolis water park: if you want to spend a day in Madrid with kids going to a water park, this is definitely a must. The water park is just outside the city and it takes an hour to get there by public transportation. By car you can get there in half an hour. It’s not a super big water park, but it certainly has plenty of fun slides for the kids. Check the website for the water park’s prices and hours of operation.

#5 Warner Amusement Park: located south of Madrid, this amusement park is about a half-hour drive from the center of Madrid by car. By public transportation, you must first take the subway for a bit and then take bus 412 that drops you off in front of the park. This Warner Bross theme park has several themed areas. For example, you have the themed areas: Hollywood Boulevard, Cartoon Village, Old West Territory, DC Super Heroes World and Movie World Studios.

This is an amusement park with more to do for big kids, though, than for little kids. Most attractions require a minimum height. So before you go to the park, check the website to see which attractions your kids are all allowed in. Of course, in this amusement park, in addition to attractions, you also have several shows for the kids. Despite the park is not super large, you can easily spend a day here entertaining Madrid with kids.

#6 Parc Europe: Several famous landmarks from Europe such as London Bridge and the Eiffel Tower have been recreated in this park. Apart from viewing 18 monuments from Europe here, there are also activities for kids such as boating, climbing, trampolines, playground and children’s boats.

Madrid with kids
Madrid with kids

Madrid with kids: Fun parks

We always find it nice in a city to go to a park with our daughter and leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind us. In Madrid with kids, you have a number of parks that are recommended. We list the best three parks.

#7 Retiro Park: this is the most famous park in Madrid and, as far as we are concerned, the most fun park. We have been there several times and for kids there is plenty to do. For example, you can sail on the park’s lake with rowboats with your family. There are also several fun playgrounds in the park and picnic benches, where you can enjoy lunch with the family!

#8 Parc Casa de Campo: this is the largest city park in Madrid and you can get there by using the cable car (we will come back to it later). The park is also home to Parc de Attracines amusement park and Zoo Aquarium Madrid. The huge park also has a large lake where you can rent boats and go boating with your kids. This park is suitable for beautiful walks. From Lake Casa de Campo, it is a nice walk of about half an hour to the Palace of Madrid.

#9 Park Madrid Rio: this is a large city park on the banks of the Manzanares River. The park can be reached by subway line 5 from Fuente De La Mora to Villalba. Get off at two stops (Pirámides or Marqués de Vadillo).

The park has several fun playgrounds for kids. What is also nice in this park is that there are sections where water comes out of sprinklers (sorry for the bad description ;)) and kids are playing en masse in them, while parents are sunbathing on the grass. In the park you will find small tents with cozy terraces where you can have a drink and an ice cream.

Madrid with kids
Madrid with kids

Madrid with kids: Family-friendly museums.

Madrid has dozens of museums in the city, but of course most of them are not very interesting for kids. We have listed the most family-friendly museums.

#10 Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales: you have to love this kind of museum. You have a lot of stuffed animals in display cases here. For kids, the most interesting thing about the museum is the skeletons (including replicas of dinosaurs) they can view. Also impressive is the large stuffed elephant in the museum. The museum consists of two buildings. The disadvantage of the museum is that the exhibits have mostly Spanish-language explanations.

#11 Railway Museum: this is not a super big museum and it has a great historical collections of steam and electric trains. You can learn a bit about the history of the Spanish railroad in this museum, and you can look inside some of the compartments. For the kids, there is a little train running around outside, which kids can take a tour with. Do not compare the museum to the railroad museum in Utrecht, as you will be quite disappointed. This museum is really a lot smaller and a lot less extensive.

#12 Maritime Museum: this museum is located next to the world-famous Museo del Prado. The halls look beautiful with beautiful model ships in display cases. It’s a shame that museums like this are not super geared toward kids, like the Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam, for example. However, a big advantage is that admission is basically free and at the entrance they ask for a small contribution of a few euros for the museum. If you and your kids are absolutely crazy about ships then this museum in Madrid with kids is a fun option.

#13 Aircraft Museum: spread over 7 hangars and an outdoor area is a collection of historic aircraft. Again, it’s mostly looking at the planes and you can’t really get into the cockpit of a plane. If you love airplanes then this museum is definitely an option. The disadvantage of the museum is that it is difficult to reach the museum by public transportation (by bus, you have to change buses once). By car you can get there in 20 minutes from downtown. Please note that the museum is only open four hours a day from 10 am – 2 pm.

#14 Casita-Museo de Ratón Perez: This is a small museum that sits near Sol metro station. The story is about a mouse who saves kids’ teeth when they fall out. If you read the stories on Tripadvisor about this museum then you can clearly see that foreign tourists are not super positive about this museum in Madrid with kids. This is because the entire museum and tour is in Spanish, which makes it quite difficult for foreign kids to follow.

#15 Museo de Cera: This museum can be compared to Madame Tussauds in the Netherlands, so if you want to be in Madrid with kids among celebrities like Christiaan Ronaldo, Rafael Nadal and President Obama, so this museum is a good option. The museum’s entrance fee is on the high side though (but so is Amsterdam). There is also a mentalist show at the museum, though it is only in Spanish.

#16 Museum of Science and Technology: this is Madrid’s science museum and kids can do experiments here, but it is not nearly as interactive and family-friendly as, say, the science museum in Amsterdam (NEMO). If you are by car, you will be there in 20 minutes and by subway it is a little over an hour away.

#17 Museo del Padro: we put this museum in the list anyway because it is one of the most famous museums in the world, but for kids this museum will not be super interesting or they must like art a lot. The museum houses several paintings by world-famous painters. The museum is near the Retiro Park, so perhaps you can combine the two.

Madrid with kids
Madrid with kids

Madrid with kids: discovering the city

#18 Hop on Hop off buses: Madrid is also home to the famous red hop on hop off buses. They ride two different routes through the city. One route is centered on modern Madrid and the other is centered on historic Madrid. We always find it a very pleasant way to get to know a city quickly.

You sit at the top of the bus enjoying the sunshine while enjoying all the things you see in the city. Of course, the disadvantage of the buses is that they come with a price tag and sometimes you only want to see one or two sights in that day and then it is unnecessary to ride these buses. But if you only have a short time in Madrid with kids and want to see a lot then these buses are ideal.

#19 Cycling through the city: of course, it is also fun to discover Madrid by bike with kids. The Dutch company Baja Bikes organizes bike tours in Madrid for families with kids. You will do this under the guidance of a Dutch guide. They have children’s bikes for kids as young as four years old, and free child seats are also available, so your kids can ride on the back with you.

A bike tour of the city of Madrid with kids takes about 3 hours. For a list of all bike tours in Madrid with kids, take a look here.

#20 Cable car: you can also see the city of Madrid with kids from the air. For example, the Teleriferico goes from the Parque del Oeste to the aforementioned city park Casa de Campo. Here the 2.5-kilometer cable car takes about 10 minutes. You float about 40 meters above the ground and in the gondola, during the ride, you get information about what you see all around you. The cable car costs a few euros per person for a return trip.

Madrid with kids
Madrid with kids

Madrid with kids : other kids activities Madrid

#21 Madrid Soccer Stadiums: if you are totally soccer crazy, then Madrid with kids is the place to be. You obviously have two major soccer clubs located here: Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. At Real Madrid’s stadium, you can take a tour almost every day.

We did this tour at the Bernabéu and we certainly enjoyed it. It’s kind of like the usual stadium tour that takes you around the locker rooms, the field, the trophy case and the press room. You can also tour the stadium of Atletico Madrid.

Of course, it is even more fun to actually attend a game of one of the clubs. We attended an Atletico Madrid game once when visiting the city and it was very cool. Tickets we could just buy at the stadium, so that generally won’t be the problem. Before going to Madrid with kids, check the playing schedule of both clubs if they have to play soccer at home and see if you can buy tickets online in advance. Usually, tickets at Spanish soccer clubs are easily arranged online!

#22 Royal Palace: this is one of the best visited sights in Madrid. We also visited the palace and, in itself, it is nice to have seen once, but not really spectacular (especially for kids). The ticket price was not too bad, so if you enjoy seeing the Royal Palace of Madrid with kids, you can be done in an hour. The palace is centrally located so you spend little time in travel time.

#23 nice squares: Madrid has a number of nice squares, with us finding Plaza Mayor the most pleasant. Here, on several visits to Madrid, we have spent many hours on the terraces of the square. What is nice about this square is that it is quite lively and there are plenty of street performers performing, so you will not get bored in this square.

Another famous square is Puerta del Sol and this is the most central square. Several subway lines depart from this square to other places in the city. This is also a lively square, but you have fewer sidewalk cafes and the like here.

#24 Viewing Tower Faco de Moclox: For a great view of Madrid, you must visit this 110-meter high observation tower. The elevator takes you 90 meters into the air in less than a minute. For a few euros, you have a great view of the city behind glass. We always find this less so that it’s behind the window, because then taking pictures is a lot harder, because the windows often have smudges on them.

#25 Streetart through the city: there is also plenty of street art to admire in Madrid’s streets and you can book a tour where an English-speaking guide will take you around the city’s most important street art in two hours with explanations included, of course.

#26 Day trip to other cities: if you have longer time in Madrid with kids, you can easily explore some fun cities nearby by train. We also explored some of these cities by train and will describe the nicest ones below:

  • Segovia: By train, it’s just under an hour to this ancient Spanish city. We visited the historic downtown when we didn’t have our daughter Sophie yet and it was definitely worth it, but with kids you have to weigh whether it’s worth taking the train all the way here from Madrid.
  • Toledo: this beautiful city is 1.5 hours by train from Madrid and here too you have a beautiful old town. We also visited this city and keep in mind that you have to walk up and down quite a lot in the center and this can be a bit more difficult with small kids. For train times and train ticket prices, check the Spanish Railways website.
Madrid with kids
Madrid with kids

Where to eat in Madrid with kids

You can obviously eat well in Madrid with kids. All international restaurants can be found in the city. It’s fun to check out Mercado San Miguel, which is a covered market hall where you can taste all kinds of delicious things. What we always recommend in Spanish cities and therefore in Madrid with kids are the restaurants 100 Montaditos Cerveceriá, where you can eat all kinds of small tasty sandwiches and drink cheap beers for very little money. The sandwiches are not large and therefore perfect for kids.

Madrid with kids

Package tour Madrid

You can of course arrange a trip to Madrid with kids just fine on your own, but sometimes it can also be easy to book a package tour. Here you book the flight including hotel right away. You can then often choose which airport you want to fly from in the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium. For more information on a package tour to Madrid, take a look here.

Madrid with kids
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