Sightseeing Seville with kids

Is Seville worth visiting with kids? Seville is the capital of Andalusia and is well worth visiting with kids. You have enough sights here to keep you entertained with kids for at least two days. The advantage of the city is that it is compact and most attractions can be reached on foot. In addition, Seville has a wonderful climate, allowing you to visit the city all year round. We list for you the 15 best attractions in Seville with kids!

Seville with kids
Seville with kids

Not-to-be-missed attractions in Seville with kids

#1 Palace Real Alcazar: The most famous landmark of the city of Seville is its magnificent palace. We really loved the palace with its beautiful gardens and all that mosaic. Even with kids, this palace is well worth a visit. You can also take wonderful photos of your family here. The palace also has a garden, where you can have a drink in the shade. In fact, there is a small cafe in the palace garden. Advantageously, the palace is free to visit for kids under 16.

#2 Cathedral of Seville: this cathedral is really right in the center, so you can’t avoid the cathedral when visiting the city. By the way, the cathedral is next to the palace, so it is easy to do these two sights in Seville with kids in one day. The cathedral impressed us when we visited it.

The cathedral is very tall and looks really impressive from the inside. A fun thing to do with kids at this cathedral is to climb the tower Giralda. You don’t have to climb stairs here, but an ascending road up to the top. Eventually, you walk to a vantage point 70 meters high. From this tower you have a great view of Seville.

#3 Metrosol Parasol: A ten-minute walk from Seville Cathedral, this wooden building is located. The building looks very special and it is the largest wooden structure in the world. You can take your kids up the elevator for a view of the city. On the building you can take a short walk, seeing the city from all sides. Below this structure is another small playground, but it is really only fun for very small kids.

#4 Plaza de Espana: This crescent-shaped square is beautiful to visit. The government building that the square is built against looks like a palace and you can see beautiful nooks and crannies with, again, lots of mosaic everywhere. In the middle of the square is a fountain and there is also a moat around the square, where you can row in a boat with your kids.

In addition, the square is quite lively. All sorts of things are sold and you also often see the famous Spanish dance the Flamenco being danced in the square. The square is an 8-minute walk away from the Real Alcazar Palace.

Seville with kids
Seville with kids

Fun parks in Seville with kids

Whereas normal cities have quite a few nice city parks, we found only one truly family-friendly park during our visit to the city.

#5 Maria Luisa Park: this large city park is adjacent to the plaza de Espana, so it is easy to combine. This delightful park has plenty of playgrounds for kids, and there is an option to rent a family bike for four to explore the park by bike. The park is full of fountains and it has plenty of shaded areas to sit on a bench out of the sun. There are also plenty of grassy areas in the park for family picnics at noon.

Seville with kids
Seville with kids

Family-friendly museums in Seville with kids

In terms of family-friendly museums, the city of Seville doesn’t have super much to offer either. We have listed three options for you if you are visiting the city of Seville with kids.

#6 Maritime Museum: this is the most family-friendly museum in Seville. The museum has quite a few interactive displays (though only in English and Spanish, so parents will have to translate with small kids) and at the end of the museum visit you can visit the museum’s tower with a great view of the city. Because the museum is only a few euros in terms of admission, it is worth visiting the museum just for the view.

#7 Casa de la Cienca: This museum has various exhibits on such topics as mammals and insects. However, don’t expect a lot of interactive displays for kids like the museums in the Netherlands. Another disadvantage is that most of the displays are in Spanish and only a few are in English. For the entrance fee, you don’t have to miss out, as it is only a few euros.

#8 Plaza de Toros Sevilla: this is the largest bullfighting arena in Spain. Do you have to go here? That, of course, is the question you have to ask yourself. It is part of the culture of Spain, but of course it is a very animal-unfriendly activity that takes place in the arena. On a guided tour, you’ll learn about the history of bullfighting in Spain and see the bullring from the inside.

Seville with kids
Seville with kids

Moving you around Seville with kids

There are several ways to explore the city of Seville with kids. We have listed the best options for you!

#9 Horse and carriage: if you walk near Seville’s Cathedral, you will almost trip over the many horse and carriages that stand here to lead tourists around the city. Most guides offer a one-hour tour of the city, and the cost is a few dollars. It’s another way of getting yourself around a city with the family.

#10 Hop on Hop off buses: the famous red buses also run through the city of Seville. The bus makes a grand tour of the city and, of course, passes most of the sights. We always do find it an enjoyable way to get to know the city quickly in a short time. Buses pass each stop every 20 to 30 minutes to pick up tourists to the next destination. On the bus, it is possible to choose a Dutch audio as your guide.

#11 Cycling: you can also explore Seville with kids by bike, and as in most Spanish cities, Bajabikes organizes bike tours for Dutch families. They offer several bike tours with a Dutch guide, and the bike tour where you visit all the highlights of the city of Seville takes a total of three hours. For children as young as four, they have children’s bikes, but they also have bike seats so your kids can sit on the back with you.

This allows your kids to ride along for free. In total, the distance to be biked is between 6 and 7 kilometers, so for most kids this will be doable to cycle by themselves. Look here for a list of all bike tours in Seville with kids.

#12 Tour boat: you can also view the city’s skyline from the water with a tour boat. Do realize that most of the sights are not along the waterfront, so you cannot admire them from the outside. For sportier families, there is also an opportunity to explore the Guadalquivir River by kayak.

Seville with kids
Seville with kids

Other activities in Seville with kids

#13 Isla Magica: The city of Seville also has a fun amusement park in the city center. This large amusement park has six different themed areas and is a combination of an amusement park and water park. The amusement park has more than 20 rides and there are attractions for young and older kids.

Be sure to check the website in advance to see what attractions your kids are all allowed in, as some attractions operate with a minimum height. The water park has several slides and a landscaped beach. The amusement park has enough entertainment to easily keep you entertained for a day in Seville with kids.

#14 Aquarium Sevilla: located in Maria Luisa Park, this aquarium has the largest water tank in Europe. The building has two floors and cool are the tunnels you can walk through and that there is aquarium above and beside you. You will find sharks, turtles, rays, caimans and lots of tropical fish. This is an ideal activity if the weather is not so good in Seville and you still want to do something with your kids.

#15 Aquapolis Water Park: this water park is located in the east on the outskirts of the city and you can get there by bus in about 45 minutes from the center of Seville (line 22 or 27). They have several slides and some slides require you to be a minimum height. Ticket prices are also determined based on the height of your kids. So check carefully in advance which slides your kids are all allowed to go down.

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Seville with kids
Seville with kids

Seville with kids: car rental

If you are going to do the Seville activities described above with kids, then a car will come in handy. Basically, there is public transportation in the city, but we still really like having our own car. We actually find the cars from Sunny Cars are always top notch!

You actually have all costs included in the price here and are insured for most things (including your deductible). We have had problems with this in the past, because all kinds of costs are added at the destination. With Sunny Cars, you know that’s not the case and that’s a nice feeling. You can additionally cancel the car 1 hour before your reservation free of charge. You can also rent a car on Seville with kids from Sunny Cars.

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Where to sleep in Seville with kids

Budget hotel: Eurostars Seville Boutique

Mid-range hotel: Hotel Don Paco

Luxury hotel: Palacio Pinello

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Seville with kids
Seville with kids

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