Baku with kids: 6 kids’ activities

Baku with kids is fun! Baku is a very modern city. When you drive from the airport to downtown you immediately see all the modern, beautiful buildings. It really looks a bit like Dubai and the people are very proud of the city. Baku has an old downtown and a waterfront boulevard that is a lot more modern. The people are very friendly and all ask where you are from and what you think of the city. We list six fun kids’ activities in Baku in this blog!

Baku with kids
Baku with kids

#1 The boulevard of Baku

One of the biggest attractions to visit in Baku with kids is Baku’s mile-long boulevard. This is a very wide boulevard overlooking the sea and the skyline of Baku.

To explore this boulevard, it is best to rent a bicycle. For a few euros you can rent a bicycle to see the entire promenade. The boulevard is very wide and on some parts you are not allowed to cycle ( the parts directly bordering the sea) but there is always another “lane” where you can cycle.

Don’t expect the bikes to be of high quality. Before we found one on which we could cycle reasonably we had tried about 10. They also have children’s bikes so Sophie could ride her own. With very small kids, renting a bike is not convenient because they don’t have child seats.

On the promenade you pass a lot of different buildings that are all very beautiful and modern. You pass several malls and by a Ferris wheel which is the eye-catcher of the promenade.

Along the promenade there are also several restaurants with terraces where you can have something to eat or drink. There are also several parks with playgrounds and/or small attractions that you can enter for a fee. We also saw some inflatable bouncy castles.

Children's activities Baku
Children's activities Baku

#2 The Deniz Mall

This is a large mall on Baku’s boulevard. It is a super modern building and also very beautiful inside. Moreover, it is wonderfully cool so also nice to go inside to escape the heat (we were there in summer and it was over 35 degrees).

Aside from stores and restaurants, the mall also features a go-kart track, a gamehall and the very family-friendly Kinderland. There is also a slide where you can slide all the way down from the top floor (this costs 2 euros).

The highest slide is for adults only, but the slide that goes from the3rd floor may also be used by kids. Sophie really enjoyed going down this slide with a mat like this.

Children's activities Baku
Baku with kids

#3 Kinderland

The Deniz Mall is also home to Kinderland. This is an amusement park where kids can play all kinds of occupations.

We pay about 30 euros for 3 people to enter. You can play in an airplane, bakery, perfumery, hospital, police station, fire station, supermarket, pit stop, hamburger joint and many more such businesses. There is also a climbing wall and a climbing course.

Please note that kids must do the activities themselves and parents are not allowed into the rooms with them. Sophie does not yet speak English very well, so for her it was sometimes difficult to follow the explanations. At some of the activities where it was less crowded, we were allowed in to translate with them.

Sophie really super enjoyed doing this and we had a whole day of fun here. In some professions, kids can earn money, which they can spend in other professions. Usually when they start baking or making something it costs money. This way they also learn how to handle money through play.

Kinderland Baku
Kinderland Baku

#4 Kart track Baku

In the Deniz Mall, there is also a go-kart track. You have two different jobs. One for adults and one especially for kids on the second floor of the mall. Kids as young as 7 years old and 1.30 meters tall may go-karting. The children’s track is not very big so we opt for a 7-minute session, which is more than enough for Sophie. She gets to wear a special suit, which she thinks is super cool.

Children's activities Baku
Children's activities Baku

#5 The old city

Baku’s old city is adjacent to the boulevard, so it is also easy to visit from the boulevard. You can see ancient walls and there is an old castle that you can visit for a fee. We didn’t think this old town was much so we just walked through it. Upstairs in the old town it is possible to have a drink on the terrace.

Old city of Baku
Old city of Baku

#6 The three flame tower

On top of the mountain, you can see the three flame towers from the promenade. Here you can go by streetcar that will take you up in a few minutes for a small fee. At the top, there is not much to see. You can see the towers up close but there is no good vantage point (or we didn’t discover it) over the city.

It was very hot when we were there so we quickly decided to take the little train back down. In the evening hours there does seem to be some kind of light show here, so perhaps it would be better to visit these towers then. Every two minutes, a different image is then created on the towers with light.

Where to stay in Baku with kids?

We slept at the Wyndham Baku hotel. This hotel is outside the center and in 20 minutes you can get to the center by Uber cab. Since an Uber to downtown is a few euros, it is not a problem that the hotel is not downtown.

The room we had was super big so there was plenty of room for the suitcases and the extra bed for Sophie.

At this hotel you have a large indoor pool (which is 1.80 meters deep though so for kids who can’t swim it’s not ideal). You also have a steam room and a sauna that you can use for free. Breakfast is included and is extensive and good.

For more information on the Wyndham Baku hotel, take a look here.

Of course, there are many other family-friendly hotels in Baku. For the entire list of family-friendly hotels in Baku, take a look here.

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