Budapest with kids: 11x things to do with the family

A city break to Budapest with kids is fun! At first glance, the city seems a bit boring and not immediately super interesting for kids, but there are still plenty of fun family-friendly activities you can do in the city. This Hungarian city actually consists of two parts: Buda and Pest. We visited Budapest in winter many years ago and listed the best activities in Budapest with kids.

Budapest with kids
Budapest with kids

Budapest with kids #1: Discovering the city

As we mentioned in the intro, Budapest actually consists of two parts. You have Buda and you have Pest. Both parts are worth visiting if you are taking a city trip to Budapest with kids. In doing so, it is already fun to walk around the city. The Buda district is on a hill and the Pest district is fairly flat.

The old town part of Buddha is fun to visit and at several places here you have a nice view of the rest of the city. You can walk around here and see the Castle Palace. You can also descend the 50 meters from the Castle Palace (by tramway) and take a look at the city’s oldest bridge: the Chain Bridge.

From this bridge you can walk to the largest Synagogue in Europe in just over 15 minutes. Along the way you will also come across St. Stephen’s Church, where you can climb the tower and get a nice view of the city. Basically, of course, you already have enough views of the city from downtown Buddha.

Also nearby is the city’s big Ferris wheel, which is fun to take a spin in. In the Pest district of the city, there is also the large Heroes’ Square, with beautiful statues and statues in the middle of the square. Nice to go here and take a photo with the family.

Budapest with kids
Budapest with kids

If you are with small kids or are not particularly fond of walking, here are two other ways to get a first impression of the city. For example, you can explore Budapest with kids on the hop on hop off bus. This bus runs a fixed route through the city and stops at the various attractions in the city.

There are different routes that the buses take through the city and these are indicated by colors. You can buy tickets for 24, 48 or 72 hours, with unlimited use of the buses during this time period. During the route, you can listen via audio to information given about the various sights.

Another way to get a quick impression of the city is a bike tour with the Dutch company BajaBikes. They offer 2.5-hour bike tours led by a Dutch guide. The company has children’s bikes and bike seats, making it easy for kids to participate in this bike ride as well.

Budapest with kids
Budapest with kids

Budapest with kids #2: Budapest Zoo

You can also go to the zoo in Budapest with kids. Right in the center of the city is this city zoo. It is not a super-sized zoo, but it still has several of the great famous African animals such as the elephant, lion, rhinoceros, hippo, zebra, giraffe and several species of monkeys.

Besides viewing the many different animals, you can also watch different shows (with seals, for example) and there are times during the day when you can be at the feeding of the animals. There is also a petting zoo and the zoo has an aquarium with marine animals. In addition, there are several playgrounds for kids throughout the zoo.

At the zoo, you have plenty of catering establishments to get something to eat and drink. You can have a great half day here with your kids at the zoo. For more information on opening hours, entrance fees and different animals, take a look at the Budapest Zoo website.

Budapest with kids: family-friendly museums

You have some nice family-friendly museums in Budapest. We list the museums most suitable for kids below.

#3 Science Museum: this museum is located slightly outside the city center and by public transport you can get there in half an hour. Count on having about an hour or two of entertainment here. Kids can do all kinds of experiments here (which are also explained in English). The museum also has a 5d and 9d cinema. There are also more playful elements in the museum such as a foosball table and an escaperoom.

#4 Museum of Sweets and Selfies: they are becoming increasingly popular among young people: the Instagram museums. In the Netherlands we have visited most of the museums in this area, and in fact it is always a fun activity to do with your kids. You can also take the family to such a museum in Budapest. They have two of these museums in downtown Pest: No1 Origin and No2 Bubbles. At both museums you have different areas, where you can take fun photos with kids. These types of museums are fun for young kids as well as adolescents.

#5 3D Gallery: this museum is also a few minutes’ walk away from the other two Instagram museums, and here too the focus is on taking crazy photos. The background they use at this museum makes you feel as if you’ve walked into a particular situation.

#6 House of terror: If you are visiting Budapest with kids who are already of adolescent age, then visiting this museum may be an option. The museum tells the story of the time of communism and it was the headquarters of the Nazis. The building was used as a prison and here many people died of torture. These atrocities are dwelt upon in this museum.

By the way, by River Danube, you also have an impressive monument of the shoes on the Danube Quay. There are sixty pairs of shoes in memory of the Jews who were mass murdered at this site.

Budapest with kids
Budapest with kids

Budapest with kids #7: Hot baths

You can also go to several hot water baths in Budapest with kids. The city is known for this and we too visited one of the bathhouses during our visit. We visited the most famous bathhouse in Budapest: Széchenyi. This bathhouse is also suitable for kids, as things are loose here.

Of course, with these hot tubs, you should not imagine yourself going to a pool, but rather it is really for relaxing. Therefore, an hour or two in these hot water baths is also totally fine. You can visit these bathhouses in both summer and winter, as the baths are nice and warm. We were there in the winter and loved the pools outside then too.

Another bathhouse to visit in Budapest with kids is the Gellert Bathhouse. This is one of the most beautiful bath houses in Budapest and even has a wave pool. By the way, bathhouse Gellert is located on a hill and on that hill you have a nice view of the city (where not you would almost say) and also has near the bathhouse a very cool playground with many different slides and other playground equipment.

Budapest with kids
Budapest with kids

Budapest with kids: other activities

In addition to the activities listed above, you have other activities you can do in Budapest with kids. We briefly list the best activities below.

#8 Margaret Island: this is a nice island (in the middle of the Danube River) to visit. The island is really just a big park where you can walk and where there are several playgrounds here and there. There is also a water tower on the island that you can visit and climb.

In addition, on this island you also have a petting zoo to visit and a swimming pool (Palatinus Strand Bath) with several slides. Especially in the summer months, this is a great place to spend a half to full day in Budapest. The island also has music fountains that give away a show every hour to music by the Rolling Stones.

#9 Orczy Adventure Park: you have a fun climbing park just outside the center of Budapest. It takes half an hour to get to this climbing park by public transportation. The climbing park is not super big and kids can climb as low as a meter here. The park also has a playground for kids.

#10 Tropicarium: this animal park is located slightly outside the center of the city of Budapest, but by public transport you can get there in about twenty minutes. It does resemble the famous establishments of SeaLife with several aquariums with all kinds of fish including sharks. They also have an underwater tunnel here, where you can see the underwater world above your head. Tropicarium is located in a shopping mall and in addition to all the sea creatures, you will also find snakes, crocodiles and monkeys.

#11 Budapest Childrens Railway: half an hour from downtown Budapest, you can take a train ride driven by kids. Like any railroad, there are ticket offices, diesel locomotives, signals, switches and a timetable here. Only here it is run by kids. Of course, adults are around to make sure everything is going well. You also have a playground and an observation tower in the forest.

Budapest with kids

Package tour Budapest

You can of course arrange a trip to Budapest with kids just fine on your own, but sometimes it can also be easy to book a package tour. Here you book the flight including hotel right away. You can then often choose which airport you want to fly from in the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium. For more information on a package tour to Budapest, take a look here.

Budapest with kids

Budapest with kids: Budapest map

As in many other major cities, in Budapest you have a card, which allows you to take public transportation for free for a certain period of time and gives you access to various attractions in the city. You can purchase the card for 24, 48 or 72 hours and that way you can save money.

Our advice is always to do a little planning in advance of what all you want to see in Budapest with kids and then see what the entrance fees are for all these activities. Then see which activities benefit from the card and thus whether it is worthwhile to purchase such a card. For more information, check out the official Budapest map website.

Budapest with kids
Budapest with kids

Where to stay in Budapest with kids?

You can stay in Budapest with kids just fine. There are plenty of accommodations suitable for families with kids. We have listed the top rated options in each price range below.

Budget hotel: Corvin Center Suites

Mid-range hotel: Anna Hotel

Luxury hotel: D8 Hotel

For a list of all accommodations in Budapest, take a look here.

Budapest with kids
Budapest with kids
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