Tallinn with kids

Tallinn with kids: 17 family activities!

A city trip to Tallinn with kids is fun! This capital of Estonia has enough to offer for families with kids to have a great time for several days during a city break. In addition, you can combine a city break to Tallinn with a city break to Finland’s capital Helsinki. We ourselves also combined these two cities in one trip. After all, it is only a short distance by boat. In this blog we list all the fun activities you can do in Tallinn with kids.

Tallinn with kids #1: Old town

During a city break to Tallinn with kids, you can’t escape also taking a look at Tallinn’s historic city center. And that is certainly not a punishment! In the well-preserved medieval center you will find a large and cozy square with the old town hall. You have outdoor cafes all over this square where you can get something to eat and drink for not too much money.

A beautiful landmark in the old town is the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. From the main square you can walk here in eight minutes. This Russian Orthodox church you can also see inside. Don’t expect any tourist information here, as the church is still simply in service as a church. Therefore, you can visit the church for free.

Near the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is also the Kiek in the Kök Tower. You can climb this tower with kids and from the tower you have a beautiful view of the city of Tallinn. Near the tower is also a small museum with all kinds of weaponry and cannons from earlier times.

If you want to take your kids back to earlier times, you might also like to have some dinner at Olde Hansa restaurant in the center. The decor looks really cool and you drink your beer from very distinct medieval pitchers. We found this a nice restaurant to have some food and get a bit of the atmosphere of days gone by.

Tallinn with kids
Tallinn with kids

Tallinn with kids: Parks for kids

You can take kids to a number of parks in Tallinn that are specifically for kids. We list the nicest parks in town.

#2 Nomme Adventure Park: You can go to a climbing park a little outside the center of Tallinn with kids. The Nomme Adventure Park is just under a 20-minute drive from the city center (it takes 40 minutes by public transportation). This climbing park is open during the summer months from April through October, and the park is accessible to kids as young as two years old.

For example, you have a children’s park for kids who are not yet 1.20 meters tall, and this children’s park has two trails and three ziplines that the kids can do. For older kids, they distinguish between two different lengths. Kids taller than 1.20 meters but not taller than 1.40 meters can do three courses between the trees and kids taller than 1.40 meters can do all six different courses between the trees. If you want to do all six of the courses, count on spending about three hours.

#3 Pirita Adventure Park: this is another climbing park located a little closer to the city center. You can reach this climbing park by car in ten minutes and by public transport it takes about twenty minutes. Actually, this park can be compared to the Nomme Adventure Park. Again, the park is open to children as young as two years old and they have their own kid’s park with two courses for this purpose.

Again, for the slightly older children, they make the distinction between 1.20 meters tall and 1.40 meters tall, where kids between 1.20 and 1.40 meters may do five courses and the kids taller than 1.40 meters can climb six courses between the trees.

#4 Vimka – Viimsi Mäepark: This park is a twenty-minute drive from Tallinn and in the winter months you can take the kids down the mountain here on skis, a snowboard or with an inflatable tire. Because of the artificial snow they spray on the mountain, snow is guaranteed. In the summer months, they also have bouncy castles here and some climbing equipment for the kids.

Tallinn with kids
Tallinn with kids

Tallinn with kids: Water Fun

Especially in the summer months, it can be hot in Tallinn and then it can be nice to cool off. You have a number of options in town for this, which we list below.

#5 Atlantis H20 Water Park: you can also go to a water park in Tallinn with kids. This water park is a 15-minute drive from downtown Tallinn and has several spectacular slides. Because this water park is indoors, you can visit the water park throughout the year.

Just keep in mind that for many slides, you must be at least 5 feet or 6 feet tall. So check the water park’s website in advance to make sure the water park is suitable for your kids. Of course, this water park is also a good option if the weather in Tallinn is a bit cooler and you still want to do something with the kids.

#6 Kalev Spa & Water Park: this pool is located right in the center and therefore you can easily walk to it. You can buy several tickets for this water park for a number of hours. The pool has a total of three different slides and is a fun activity to do with kids at the end of the day.

#7 Day at the beach: you can also go to the beach in Tallinn with kids in summer. Pirita beach can be reached in 25 minutes by public transport, and this beach is spacious and has a playground for kids. This is also a great beach to bike to from downtown in the summer months, for example.

Tallinn with kids
Tallinn with kids

Tallinn with kids: Nature

If you are nature lovers, then in Tallinn with kids you can go to a number of places where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a while. We briefly name them below. 

#8 Tallinn Botanic Garden: these gardens are located slightly outside the city center about 15 minutes away by car. Especially in summer, you can have a nice walk here among the beautiful rose bushes and other special plants. You pay a few euros entrance fee, and for families with kids, they have special discounted family tickets. 

#9 Kadriorg Park: this is one of the largest city parks in Tallinn and from the old town you can walk to this park in about 25 minutes. You can take a lovely walk in this beautifully landscaped park. In the middle of the park you have a huge playground that is sure to please kids. Near the park you also have a palace and a Japanese garden. This park is especially nice to visit in the summer months when everything is in bloom and there is life in the park. 

#10 Tallinn Zoo: You can also go to the zoo in Tallinn with kids. You can reach this zoo by public transportation in just over 15 minutes and the zoo has several large animals you can admire such as the elephant, lion, rhino, polar bear and several monkeys. The zoo is quite large and the entrance fee is quite low (especially if you compare it to zoo prices in the Netherlands). You can easily spend half a day entertaining the family here!

Tallinn with kids
Tallinn with kids

Tallinn with kids: Other activities

In addition to the activities mentioned above, there are a number of activities you can do in Tallinn with kids. We briefly name them below.

#11 Skywheel of Tallinn: you can also see the city of Tallinn with kids from a Ferris wheel. The Skywheel of Tallinn is 120 meters high and stands just outside the city center. By public transportation, you can get there in just under twenty minutes. You step into one of the 27 weatherproof gondolas and take three laps on the Ferris wheel. The Ferris wheel is on the roof of a shopping mall.

#12 Day in Helsinki: when we visited the city of Tallinn for a city break, we also took a day boat trip to Helsinki. The ferry that runs regularly between the two cities takes about two hours, so we left early and were back late. Incidentally, many Finns visit Tallinn because of the cheap booze they can buy there. You therefore see many Finns on the boat with pushcarts with drinks on them. Helsinki is the capital of Finland, and there is plenty for kids to do here, too. For all the activities in this Finnish city, take a look here.

#13 TV Tower Tallinn: There is another opportunity to see the city of Tallinn from a great height with kids. Outside the city is a large TV tower you can enter. You can get to the tower by public transportation in just under half an hour. There is also a playground near the TV tower, which you can enter for free, and there is also plenty to do inside the tower.

So, of course, you have a viewpoint with 360-degree views of the city. Also, in the TV tower you have a VR experience and also a glass floor that you can stand on. There are also several exhibits in the tower as well as a ball pit for younger kids.

#14 Lennusedam museum: this museum is located on the water and from the center you can walk to it in about 25 minutes. In several large halls here you have various exhibits about shipping. For kids, there’s plenty to do here at the museum, too. The museum is fairly interactive. However, entrance tickets are quite pricey for what you get to see. Assume about two hours of entertainment here. Outside the museum you also have a playground for kids.

#15 Energy Discovery Centre: you can also go to a science museum in Tallinn with kids. It is similar to the science museums we know in the Netherlands and Belgium, and they have several fun experiments here about sound, electricity and light, sometimes using optical illusions. They also give several demonstrations in the two-story building.

#16 BajaBikes Tallinn: You can also explore the city of Tallinn with kids from a bike. The Dutch company BajaBikes organizes tours of downtown Tallinn led by an English guide. Kids can also easily join these bike tours. They have children’s bikes available for children as young as 4 years old, and kids younger than four can ride on a child seat on the back of the bike with the parents. For more information on these tours, check out BajaBikes’ website and enter Tallinn under destination.

17 Hop on Hop off bus: this is a quick way to see much of the city of Tallinn with kids. These familiar red double-decker open-roof buses run two different routes through the city and give an excellent first impression of the city. You have a red route and a green route, and the red route runs mainly through the old city center and stops at nine different places (full bus ride takes 50 minutes).

The green route stops at 15 places in the city and enters places in the city that are outside the city center. In total, this route takes 75 minutes if you stay seated for the entire ride. You buy a ticket for 24 hours and you can get in and out as often as you want. If you buy a ticket for your kids, you get a discount.

Tallinn with kids
Tallinn with kids

Where to stay in Tallinn with kids?

You can stay in Tallinn with kids just fine. There are plenty of accommodations that offer rooms for families with kids. Obviously, you want to be in the center of town with your hotel and you want a hotel that gets at least an 8 in terms of rating from many reviews. That way, you can be almost certain that a hotel will not disappoint. In each price range, therefore, we list the best options. Click on the blue link for more information about the respective hotel.

Budget hotel: Hotel Meltzer Apartments

Mid-range hotel: Revelton Suites Tallinn

Luxury hotel: Metropol Spa Hotel

For a list of all hotels in Tallinn, take a look here.

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