Vaduz sights with kids: 12x things to do!

Does Vaduz have any sights? What to do in Vaduz with a kid? We came so close to Liechtenstein when we were on our way to Italy with our daughter that we found Vaduz an ideal stopover on our trip. In this travel blog, we list the sights of Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein for you.

Vaduz sights
Vaduz sights

Vaduz sights with kids #1: getting your passport stamped

Yep, you can even leave a stamp in your passport. In Vaduz’s tourist office, you can get a stamp in your passport for a few euros, showing that you have ever visited the country.

Vaduz sights with kids #2: Fürstensteig trail

This famous hike to the Three Sisters is via two different trails and has spectacular views. The hike is 12 kilometers long and takes about 5 hours. The highest point is at 2052 meters. It is recommended that kids be attached to a rope during this hike, but for very small children I think this hike is a little too strenuous.

For adults, this hike does look spectacular and had we had more time, I would have loved to walk this trail. You can take a bus from Vaduz that takes about half an hour to the starting point.

For more information about this cool hike click here.

Vaduz sights with kids #3 Paragliding in Liechtenstein

A 7-minute drive from the center of Vaduz is a place where you can paraglide. We ourselves have done this once in Italy and we found this to be a very cool activity.

You can jump off the mountain from various heights with an instructor, and prices start at just over 150 euros per jump per person.

For more information about paragliding look here.

Vaduz sights
Vaduz sights
Vaduz sights
Vaduz sights

Vaduz sights with kids #4 Post Museum Vaduz

At the postal museum, you can find everything related to mail delivery. It is a small museum with various postal carts and stamps.

It is Vaduz’s most popular attraction because it is located right in the center of Vaduz , is open every day and is free to enter.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to expect much from it.

Vaduz sights
Vaduz sights

Vaduz sights with kids #5: Landesmuseum

In this museum you can find all kinds of things about the origins of Liechtenstein. The museum begins with Liechtenstein in the Stone Age, and during your tour of the museum you will come more and more toward the present day.

Admission to this museum is 10 Swiss Francs (about 9 euros) and for kids up to 16 years old, admission is free.

We found the sign with faces in front of the museum especially interesting. For more information about this museum, click here.

Vaduz sights
Vaduz sights

Vaduz sights with kids #6: The Vaduz Castle

The Vaduz Castle is located on the mountain and can be easily viewed from the center of Vaduz. It’s too bad you can’t see inside the lock, because from the outside the lock looks impressive.

However, you can walk to the castle from the center. This hike takes about 15 minutes up the mountain. As you hike this trail, you will encounter several hiking trails.

Another hiking trail that takes about an hour is to the ruins of another castle. Much more than just the walls is not there, but you can take great pictures here at the ruins. For parents with small kids, though, this hike is quite steep.

If you can’t get enough of castles, you can visit the Gutenberg chateau a 15-minute drive from Vaduz. This castle is located on a hill near the village of Balzers. For more information about this Chateau visit the chateau’s German-language website here.

Vaduz sights
Vaduz sights

Vaduz sights with kids #7: Art Museum of Vaduz

Vaduz also has an art museum, where several temporary exhibitions are on display. If you are interested in art and want to know what exhibit is currently on display click here.

In general, there is an extraordinary amount of art to be found in downtown Vaduz. Our daughter found these works of art interesting because she enjoyed climbing in them.

By the way, there is a playground in the center of Vaduz. In the center is a small playground with a few pieces of equipment with a beautiful view of the castle. This is also the only playground we were able to find downtown.

Vaduz sights
Vaduz sights

Vaduz sights with kids #8:Cathedral of Vaduz

Built in 1874, Vaduz Cathedral is also located right in the center, as are most of Vaduz’s landmarks. The cathedral is free to enter and has beautiful stained glass windows.

Vaduz sights with kids #9: the red house

Located on the edge of downtown, the red house has a familiar red facade that is striking. At the house is also a kind of press for making wine. You can only view the red house from the outside, as the medieval structure is not open to tourists.

Vaduz sights
Vaduz sights

Vaduz sights with kids #10: Little train running through Vaduz

A little train runs through the center in Vaduz, showing all the city’s sights in 35 minutes. The little train runs daily from April 15 through Sept. 30. For less than 10 euros, you can pre-book this little train online here.

Also, check out the spectacular video they made of this train adventure here 😉.

Vaduz sights with kids #11: Malbin ski resort

Liechtenstein is also popular among tourists in winter. There is a ski resort in Malbun. It is close to the Saminatal Valley and the snow here is said to be one of the best in Europe.

Malbun is also very family-friendly. Here is the Malbi Park which has several attractions for kids such as a playground and a children’s carousel. There are also several ski runs for kids.

Malbun is a 20-minute drive from the capital Vaduz.

Vaduz sights
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Vaduz sights with kids #12: Wine tasting from the prince.

Liechtenstein’s climate is ideally suited to wine, and the Prince of Liechtenstein has his own vineyard here that is openly accessible to tourists. You can take a walk through the vineyards and, of course, taste wine.

These vineyards are fairly downtown and are a few minutes’ walk away. For more information about this wine region , click here.

Are the Vaduz sights worth seeing with kids?

We found it a fine afternoon to walk around here and as a break before our trip to Italy, but a city trip to this place is unnecessary. The town itself is easy to see, but there are a number of cool activities you can do in the area, with Vaduz being the base.

Liechtenstein also has no airport, so the car is the only option for visiting the country. It is a good 8-hour drive from the Netherlands to Liechtenstein.

So to Liechtenstein and Vaduz you should not go for the city, but more for the activities. So there are as many as 145 hiking trails through this hilly area and if you want to know more about all the hiking you can do in Liechtenstein click here.

Vaduz sights
Vaduz sights

Where to sleep in Vaduz with kids?

The hotels in Vaduz itself are extremely pricey, so we ended up sleeping in a hotel in a village near Vaduz: Triesen. The Hotel Schlosswald in Triesen is a 15-minute walk from the center, and you can even take the bus to the center.

It includes an excellent buffet breakfast and we were able to park the car for free at the hotel. That’s another difference from downtown hotels, where it was often paid parking. The hotel is located a bit on a hill.

For more information about this hotel, click here.

Vaduz sights
Vaduz sights
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