Most beautiful places Malta

Most beautiful places Malta: 10 places not to miss!

Last summer we visited beautiful Malta and spent two weeks driving a rental car around the most beautiful places in Malta. We were really surprised by the beauty of the country and the nice sights we encountered on the island. Even with our seven-year-old daughter, it was very doable here in Malta. Following our tour of Malta, we write the blog most beautiful places Malta.

Most beautiful places Malta #1: Blue Lagoon

The No. 1 attraction in Malta is a visit to the beautiful Blue Lagoon. Unfortunately, this beautiful place is going down a bit by its own popularity. As a result, opinions are very mixed about visiting this place, and we think we know why this is. In fact, it is very important when you visit this place.

In fact, you really have to take the very first boat at 8:30 a.m. to the Blue Lagoon, because if you go an hour later it’s not really fun anymore. In fact, boats come to the Blue Lagoon from all over the island, which means that around ten o’clock there are really hundreds of tourists at this place and it just isn’t fun anymore.

We drove our rental car to Cirkewwa, where we could park the car for free in this part of the harbor. We took the boat at 8:30 with several tourists and then had the entire Blue Lagoon to ourselves a little before 9:00 (the boat ride takes about 25 minutes). It’s nice to stay here for an hour and then take the boat back. That’s when it gets really busy and stays that way for the rest of the day. Look here for all information about the ferry.

Most beautiful places Malta
Most beautiful places Malta

Most beautiful places Malta #2: Blue Grotto

Another famous landmark is the Blue Grotto. These are several caves that you can take a boat to and where the water (actually like the Blue Lagoon) is very clear and especially very blue in color. Again, we drove the rental car to the south of the island early in the morning. The advantage of Malta is that the travel distances are quite short and you often don’t spend more than half an hour in the car.

When you drive to the south of the island it is marked exactly where you should be for the Blue Grotto. It seems like the locals here arrange everything around this landmark. You pay cash for a ticket at a ticket office and then you take a boat ride of about half an hour to these caves. If, like us, you don’t have cash with you, there is an ATM 100 meters from the box office.

Because we were also here early, it was not at all crowded here either. The caves are very beautiful and the water is indeed very blue in many places. Afterwards, we had a drink at the restaurant located at this landmark, where you have a nice view of the surroundings.

Most beautiful places Malta
Most beautiful places Malta

Most beautiful places Malta #3: Valetta

Of course, a visit to Malta’s beautiful capital city should not be missed during your vacation. We actually visited all the sights described here in the morning and then went to the pool in the afternoon. We can imagine, though, that a visit to the capital is also fine in the afternoon, when temperatures are a lot lower.

The old town of Valetta is very beautiful! Don’t make the mistake like us of just driving downtown by car, because it’s almost impossible to find a parking spot there. Check in advance where outside the center the big parking lots are and you’ll pay a few euros for a whole day’s parking.

In Valetta, we toured the city center and visited the Upper and Lower Barrakka Gardens. From the Upper Barrakka Gardens you have a nice view and can watch every day at noon when the cannon is fired. We happened to be there at that time, but it’s also not a super special ritual that you really have to take into account in terms of time.

In addition, we took a boat ride to one of the three cities located near the city. From the Upper Barrakka Garden you take the elevator down and there you have several boats you can take to these cities. Always fun to take a quick look at the city from the water. By the way, it is also possible to explore the city by tourist train.

Most beautiful places Malta
Most beautiful places Malta

Most beautiful places Malta #4: Medina

Another beautiful city to visit during a vacation to Malta is Medina. Medina is not very big, but has a very nice old center. You can easily spend an hour walking around here and taking great pictures at the various photogenic spots in the city. You can also have a great lunch there, as we did.

Medina is located in the middle of the country and is a ten-minute drive from the capital. Because of the short distances, you can therefore see many of these list most beautiful places Malta in just a few days. Besides, you are not allowed to drive super fast anywhere, so you can drive around the country quite relaxed. It does take some getting used to having to drive on the left side of the road.

We spent a little over two hours here in total, combining it with a visit to one of Malta’s beautiful beaches. We had lunch at Fontanelle Tea Garden, which offers great lunch at an affordable price with a very nice view of the area.

Most beautiful places Malta
Most beautiful places Malta

Most beautiful places Malta #5: St. Peters Pool

Another wonderful place to visit is St. John’s Cathedral. Peters Pool. Like many of the other spots, though, it’s important to get here a little early in the morning so you really still have the place to yourself. To the St. Peters Pool you can drive by car (the last bit is very narrow and you have to watch carefully if there is no traffic coming in the oncoming direction), but you can also reach this pool by boat from Marsaxlokk.

Apart from being a beautiful place with very nice blue water, it is also the place where you can jump into the water from a considerable height. This is from a few feet up, though, which makes it a very fun activity to do (especially with kids). There are also stairs in the water so you can easily get out of the water again.

At the St. Peters Pool also has a small tent where you can get a drink. We spent a total of about 2 hours there. We were there around nine and it wasn’t super busy then, but it did get busier and busier during the time. You can also lay down your towel by the rocks just fine.

Most beautiful places Malta
Most beautiful places Malta

Most beautiful places Malta #6: Popeye Village

Another attraction we like to include in our list of most beautiful places Malta is Popeye Village. Popeye Village is an old movie set, where the movie Popeye was shot and where they opened the movie set to the public. This village is beautifully situated in a bay and is beautiful to see.

In doing so, it is possible to take a picture of the village from the rocks, but of course you can also go here for a day for some water fun. Especially for families with kids, it is very nice to visit this village for a day. In the village there is plenty to do for kids. For example, there are various games everywhere, you can play miniature golf and it is possible to swim.

And especially that swimming we did for much of the day. Popeye Village has both a pool and a sort of inflatable water section in the sea, so we had a great time for a whole day. There are sunbeds everywhere, making it a relaxing day. In addition, there are several shows throughout the day that you can watch and there is even a movie being shot that you can play in yourself! For more information, check out Popeye Village‘s website.

Most beautiful places Malta
Most beautiful places Malta

Most beautiful places Malta #7: island GOZO

You can also take a trip on Malta to the country’s second island, Gozo. This island is twenty-five minutes away by ferry and you can also drive around here in a rental car. However, we do have to say that many of the roads on this island are not as good and it is not very pleasant driving.

We visited several sights on this island. So we visited the beautiful beach of Rambla with its golden sand, we visited the Wied il-Ghasri valley (although very difficult to reach by car) where you can swim between the mountains and we visited the towns of Xlendi and Victoria.

We also visited the Inland Sea, where the sea flows in through the rocks. Here you can also see the Azure Window, but we didn’t think that was much of a deal. All in all, we spent a whole day here on the island and you can see very beautiful things here.

Most beautiful places Malta
Most beautiful places Malta

Most beautiful places Malta #8: Marsaxlokk

The place Marsaxlokk is also well worth a visit if you are on vacation in Malta. Major attraction in this town is the harbor with its various colored boats. Definitely fun to walk around here and have lunch at one of the restaurants located on the waterfront.

When we were there on Sunday it was also market and it was nice to take a walk around the market. They then sell a lot of fish, vegetables and other products (such as souvenirs, for example) here. We visited this place in conjunction with the Blue Grotto and it was fine for a morning. These two attractions are just over ten minutes apart.

Most beautiful places Malta
Most beautiful places Malta

Most beautiful places Malta #9: Golden Beach

You also have some really nice beaches in Malta. When we started reading up on Malta beforehand, we read that you shouldn’t visit this country for the beaches, but we were surprised to find some really nice beaches. The most famous of these is without a doubt the Golden Beach beach.

Near Golden Beach is also the Radisson Blu hotel and this beach has a beautiful golden sand. Actually, here are a few beaches in this area together, of which we found Ghajn Tuffieba to be the most beautiful beach. This beach looks the same as Golden Beach, only with less construction and fewer tourists, making the beach look more beautiful. However, on the day we visited the beach here the waves were very high and they even had to rescue several people from the sea.

Another nice beach is Mellieha Beach. This is a large oblong beach with plenty of facilities for tourists. They have an area here with all kinds of inflatable play equipment and we had a great time here for a whole morning. Big advantage of the beaches is (but that applies almost to all of Malta) that in most places you can just park your car for free.

Most beautiful places Malta
Most beautiful places Malta

Most beautiful places Malta #10: Splash and Fun Waterpark

Ok, the last activity may not belong in the list of most beautiful places Malta, but it is especially fun to visit with kids. Water park Splash and Fun is the only water park on the entire island and you can have a great time here with the family for a whole day. You have several spectacular slides to slide down here.

There are also very cool high diving boards, there is a lazy river and there is a pool with artificial waves. There are sunbeds all over the grounds, making this a great place to spend an entire day with the family. For more information, check out the Splash and Fun website.

Most beautiful places Malta
Most beautiful places Malta

Where to stay in Malta?

Because the distances on Malta are not super great, it doesn’t really matter much where you stay on the island for the various sights. We ourselves had two hotels in two different places and it was fine. We liked the first hotel of these two best because of where we were (St. Pauls Bay). A nice seaside resort with several nice restaurants. We ourselves found this to be a very pleasant place for our family. We slept here at the beautiful Mayflower hotel. 

At the second place, we slept in the town of St. Louis. Julian’s and that is really known for going out, so there were also a lot of young people and it was less suitable for us as a family. We hadn’t thought about this very much beforehand and in retrospect we would have been better off staying in beautiful Sliema. By the way, we did have an excellent apartment here through Antoniel Suites

See below for a list of all accommodations in the three resorts mentioned:


St. Pauls Bay

Saint Julian’s

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