Cheap flying with kids

Flying cheap with kids: 9 super good tips

Flying cheap with kids: how exactly do you do it? Where is the best place to look to book an airline ticket? What things should I consider when booking airline tickets for the family? What is the cost of airfare? All questions families may have when booking air travel. In this travel blog, we give you some golden tips so that you never pay too much for an airline ticket again. We list them here for you.

Cheap flying with kids#1 Let the price determine the destination

When we were booking our world trip, we had certain destinations in our minds beforehand that we wanted to fly to. We were sure we wanted to start in Dubai and at least travel to New Zealand .

The website where we often look first for airline tickets is the search engine Skyscanner and this search engine allows you to enter the outbound destination (Dubai in our case) and enter anywhere as the final destination.

When we did the search we found that we could fly from Dubai to Sri Lanka for less than 100 euros. We started looking up some information about Sri Lanka and were immediately excited.

From Sri Lanka we did a similar search and there it turned out that we could fly to the Maldives for less than 100 euros. We thought that was absolutely fantastic too and nothing could be further from the truth

So we ended up flying from Dubai to Sri Lanka, to the Maldives, to Singapore, to fly from there to New Zealand for very little money. Be flexible and be surprised by the results of the search engine.

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Cheap flying with kids

Cheap flying with kids #2 Look at multiple airports nearby

It can be much cheaper not to fly from the Netherlands, but from Belgium or Germany. We ourselves live in Brabant and for us the airports of Brussels and Düsseldorf are as close as Schiphol.

This expands our search area and allows us to search through multiple airlines for the cheapest ticket. Even at the final destination, you often have several cities, which are flown to.

Look at your travel itinerary in the country in question and determine which destinations you can all fly to.

Cheap flying with kids #3 See a layover as an enrichment and not a burden

When we looked to see if we could fly directly from the Maldives to New Zealand, we found that it could only be done cheaply via Singapore.

We had never been to Singapore, so we attached a week of Singapore to visit this country with our daughter as well.

As a result, we still had two direct flights without a transfer and were given an additional destination on our trip as a gift.

Of course, this can only be done if you have enough time so that it does not detract from the final destination you wanted to go to.

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Cheap flying with kids #4 The timing of booking

Many studies have been done on this and research shows that tickets are cheapest if you book about six weeks in advance.

If you are very flexible and do not necessarily want to go to a particular destination, then you can stick to this rule, but if you are planning a world trip, for example, then you will want to book your airline tickets a long time in advance.

With most airlines, though, the rule is that it’s better to book far in advance than very short notice.

Do keep in mind with your searches that most airlines don’t start selling airline tickets until 10 months in advance, so if you start searching as early as a year in advance, not all tickets may already be available. For a long trip, six to eight months in advance is an excellent time.

Cheap flying with kids #5 Enter all family members in the search right away

To get the right price for a family airline ticket right away, it is smart to enter the whole family in the search right away and not on just 1 adult.

Several airlines give kids a discount on a seat, so that can change the total price.

Suppose you are looking for a plane ticket to Dubai and search on 1 adults then KLM may charge 500 euros for a plane ticket and Emirates may charge 520 euros. If it turns out that Emirates offers a 50% discount on a seat for kids, you’ll spend 1560 euros on Emirates for two adults and two kids and 2000 euros on KLM.

Therefore, make sure you get right to the right family members including ages in the search engines.

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Cheap flying with kids #6 Don’t always trust the search engine

Don’t blindly rely on the search engine that checks the prices of different airlines, but do your own research.

For example, you can use the English Wikepedia to see which airlines all fly to a particular destination by entering the airport in Wikepedia.

Some airlines may not be named through the search engine, but may have a better price.

Cheap flying with kids #7 Be creative with search

Flights from certain Caribbean places to the Netherlands are often quite pricey. If we enter the tropical island of Dominica with final destination Amsterdam, the search engine indicates that no flight connections are possible.

From Dominica, however, you can take a cheap boat to cross to neighboring Guadeloupe and Martinique in a few hours. From these two countries we can fly to Paris for 200 euros per person and for an additional 50 euros to Amsterdam with a transfer in Paris.

You can also attach another weekend in Paris to this and take the train from Paris back to the Netherlands. Let your creativity run wild and you will see that many more options are possible, than you think of beforehand.

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Cheap flying with kids #8 Set a price alert from a search engine

Of course, you don’t feel like scouring the Internet every day looking for cheap tickets, which is why search engines like Skyscanner have a price alert feature.

You can set these up for a particular flight and then you’ll be notified by them when the prices have dropped (by one of the airlines).

So if KLM just announced its worlddeal weeks and as a result your intended ticket suddenly drops by a few hundred euros, you don’t have to keep an eye on this yourself and you will receive an instant notification,

Cheap flying with kids #9 Compare a whole vacation with single tickets and a single hotel booking

If you are only traveling to one destination, it may be cheaper to book an entire vacation with one of the travel providers than to book everything separately.

Travel companies generally purchase thousands of seats at a time from an airline and also thousands of rooms from a hotel chain and, of course, receive a large discount for doing so.

So it may be that an entire vacation is therefore cheaper, than booking everything separately. Therefore, compare the total price of both options.

Cheap flying with kids: provider airfare

If you end up seeing a cheap ticket, you can always check a Dutch provider like to see if the price is much higher there. Are there problems with your airline tickets you have better customer service with a Dutch provider, than if you have to call a foreign airline.

Because of the corona virus, several of our flights were canceled and then it’s more difficult to get the money back quickly. If the price difference is not too big, you may then better choose to book your flight through this Dutch provider.

Check here for the best website to book airline tickets!

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