Singapore with kids: mini guide

Singapore is a place, for many travelers, where they make a stopover on their way to other Asian destinations. For us, Singapore was the stopover on our world trip from the Maldives to New Zealand and since we were curious about this smallest country in Asia, we stayed there for a week with our family. Even as a city break with kids, Singapore is a cool destination. Below we provide the necessary information about visiting this city with kids.

free activities in Singapore with kids
Gardens by the Bay with kids Singapore

Singapore with kids: Transportation from the airport to the city

The MRT train departs from Changi Airport MRT station, which is located below Terminal 2 and 3. Trains run from 5:30 a.m. to midnight, and the ride takes about 27 minutes. The cost of this ride is very low, about $2 per person, with kids under 7 being free.

There is also an airport shuttle service that connects the airport, the city center and most hotels in Singapore. Buses leave when all seats are occupied, or every 15-30 minutes. The price is about SGD 9 per adult and SGD 6 per kid.

Cabs to downtown Singapore are available outside at the arrival halls of both terminals. The fare to the city center is about SGD 20 (about €13) to SGD 50 (€32) with a travel time of about 30 minutes. Bookings can be made at the airport shuttle counters.

Singapore with kids: Transportation in the city

The metro in Singapore is cheap and super well organized. We therefore mainly used the subway system in Singapore. A ride costs about 1.5 euros each way, and you can get to most places in the city by subway.

In addition, the subways run on a regular basis, so you never have to wait long for the next subway. Since everything is clearly displayed in English, you won’t easily get off at the wrong stop or take the wrong subway. For kids under 7, the subway is free!

Singapore with kids
Singapore with kids

Where to stay in singapore with kids

Since Singapore is not a cheap country, hotel prices are a lot higher than in other Asian countries. Under 50 euros a night, you will find virtually no hotel rooms for your family here. Because everything is easily accessible by subway and most neighborhoods are safe, it doesn’t matter so much which neighborhood you have your hotel in, as long as it is near a subway station. That in turn ensures that the choice is greater.

We ourselves were in the Robinson Condo apartment in the Central business district of the city and had a fantastic view of the city from our room. This apartment had a full kitchen, balcony and private bathroom and was 100 meters away from Lau Pa Sat, the food court, where we had a great outdoor meal every night at the various international joints.

There were several metro stations here just a few minutes’ walk from this apartment. In addition, you could use the facilities of the building and that meant we had an outdoor pool on two different floors with a beautiful view of the city. Unfortunately, this apartment is not currently offered through (where we had booked the apartment), but we did see
this apartment
in the same building.

If you have a slightly smaller budget, you can have an excellent room between 50 and 100 euros. Check websites such as to see what the ratings are for certain rooms and if there are enough reviews. If a hotel has already had more than 100 reviews and those reviews are good, then at least you already have a bit more of an indication of whether the hotel is something. A great option in this price range, is the Wink
Capsule Hostel@Chinatown

Surely Singapore’s most famous hotel is the
Marina Bay Sands
and we hesitated for a long time to book at least 1 night at this hotel. This hotel was really on our bucket list to stay there once. The hotel has a swimming pool with fantastic views of Singapore. Unfortunately, the price at the time was a little too high for our world trip, since we were traveling for 6 months. Had we visited Singapore on a shorter trip, we definitely would have wanted to experience the luxury of this hotel.

Singapore with kids
Singapore with kids

Eating in Singapore with kids

Like most world cities, the food choices in Singapore are vast. Most shopping malls have a food court with the well-known fast food chains, and downtown Singapore has many so-called Hawker Centers. This is also a kind of food court, but mainly with Asian cuisine.

Lau Pa Sat, which we described above in this blog is highly recommended and here you can eat delicious food for a low price. In all neighborhoods of the city you have this kind of Hawker Centers where you can eat fine food. Even in the expensive neighborhoods around Marina Bay Sands, you can eat for little money (Makansutra Glutton’s Bay, overlooking Marina Bay. Ideal if you’re going to see the light shows at Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay afterwards).

Also in Chinatown, Little India and the Arab neighborhood of Kampong Glam.

Kidzania Singapore with family and kid
Kidzania with family Singapore

What to do in singapore with kids?

There is a huge amount for kids to do in Singapore. You can easily spend two weeks entertaining your kids with activities. Read our separate blog about
all the activities you can do with your kids in Singapore
. In addition, we wrote another blog about
several free activities in Singapore with kids
that you can undertake. In short, you will not be bored with your kids in this city.

Singapore with kids
free activities in Singapore with kids

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