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Tokyo DisneySea: all the information at a glance!

Tokyo DisneySea we found to be a super fun park. During our ten-day stay in Tokyo, we went to Disneyland Tokyo for two days and Tokyo DisneySea for two days and visiting Tokyo DisneySea was definitely one of the highlights of our trip! We visited the DisneySea theme park for two days, but if you use the full day in the park, you can see most of this park in one day. Following our visit, we give you all the information you need to visit Tokyo DisneySea.

Tickets Tokyo DIsneySea

We bought tickets through the Klook website a few days before we went to Tokyo DisneySea. Through this website, we actually bought most of our amusement park tickets in Japan and South Korea. Prices are often the same or lower than the official websites of the parks, and you can easily pay with various (European) payment methods here.

In addition, you get everything right in your email or via Klook’s app, and you can often enter the park right away with the tickets. For Tokyo DisneySea, you get a QR code that you can scan in the official Disney Tokyo App and link the tickets to a name. That way, you can do all sorts of things in Disney Tokyo’s app (we’ll go into this in a bit more detail).

With the QR code then in the app, you can scan it at the entrance to Tokyo DisneySea and then you can go right in. So you don’t have to change anything else. As far as we are concerned, a very easy system.

Tokyo DisneySea
Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea App

You should definitely download the Tokyo Disneyapp in advance if you are going to visit Tokyo DisneySea. The app contains all kinds of things you will need during your visit to the amusement park. It includes a map of the park and also shows you with a blue dot where you yourself are in the park. This makes it very easy to navigate through the amusement park.

It also lists the wait times for each attraction. This is very convenient because that way you don’t have to walk all the way to a specific attraction to see that there is a wait of, say, 120 minutes. In addition, you need the app to request entry requests for certain shows. This can only be done through the app.

When we were there with the 40th anniversary of the theme park, there was also a priority pass available (kind of like fastpass), but it was temporary. Certainly this priority pass offered many advantages for us. One disadvantage of the Disney theme park in Tokyo is that there is almost no WIFI in the park, so you can’t use the app then.

We purchased an 8 day subscription through Mobal for a few tens of dollars and that way we had unlimited internet in the park. This sim card worked very easily in my Iphone. Card in it and it worked.

Disney Tokyo amusement park
Disney Tokyo amusement park

General information Tokyo DisneySea

When you visit the Tokyo DisneySea theme park, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Official amusement park times are a guideline, but usually the park opens earlier. They say the park opens at 9 o’clock, for example, but it is often earlier as in our case, for example, at quarter to 9. Incidentally, hotel guests at the Disney parks may enter the amusement park 15 minutes earlier (i.e., at 8:30 a.m.). This allows them to be the first to walk to the popular attractions, where there are many wait times during the day.
  • So make sure you are at the park entrance at least an hour to an hour and a half before the official time of the amusement park. For us, that meant getting up at 5:30 in the morning every day. Then keep in mind that there are already hundreds of other Japanese people at the entrance, but then you will be fairly in the front. If you then walk straight to a popular attraction with a lot of waiting time, you save a lot of time right away.
  • Make a plan in advance. It sounds silly but that’s how you get the most out of your day. Review the map in advance, decide in advance which attractions you definitely want to do, and see in the app the days in advance where the longest wait times are. Then decide in advance which attractions you will go to first.
  • Tokyo DisneySea is a much larger park than Disneyland Tokyo, so you will walk a lot more than in the other park. So plan a bit of the attractions you want to visit together. For example, we visited the Tower of Terror and the Toystory attraction one after the other.
  • Try using the app right when you are inside to make an entry request for the Tokyo DisneySea shows. You can make this request when your tickets are scanned at the box office. At Tokyo Disney Sea, we were able to arrange tickets for the show in no time.
  • Keep in mind that the evening parade is very popular and people sit along the waterfront here as early as an hour and a half beforehand. During the day at the parades it is not super crowded, so we were mistaken about how crowded it was in the evening. For the evening parade, it is definitely a good idea to get a good spot as it is beautiful.
  • Be sure to bring plenty of snacks. You are not allowed to bring food, but snacks are not a problem. The definition of snack is a little tricky, but we included cookies, nuts and also sandwiches with cheese. We did put those cheese sandwiches in a side pocket of our bag, so they were not easily checked. We do have to say that at the DisneySea theme park they did firmly check the bags, but randomly. Some people were checked and some were not checked at all. We fortunately twice did not.
  • Spend your full day. If the park opens at quarter to nine in the morning and does not close until 9 in the evening, use this time fully. Especially in the early morning and late evening, wait times at the various attractions are a lot shorter.
  • If you have enough money to spend, you can also request premier access for the most popular attractions and shows. Then you pay a fee and have to stand in line for a lot less time. We found this way too expensive, but if you have enough money or little time you can save a lot of time.

Tokyo DisneySea
Tokyo DisneySea

Attractions Tokyo DisneySea

In total, Tokyo DisneySea has just over 20 attractions and this divided into 7 themed areas. We will briefly discuss the various attractions below.

Mediterranean Harbor:

  • Venetian Gondolas: you sail through the canals in a gondola. They have built up this area very nicely and you really do feel like you are somewhere in Italy. Please note that during the parades, the Gondola temporarily does not run.
  • Steamer Line: here you take a big boat out on the water and sail around.
  • Fortress Explorations: you can visit an old fort and an old ship here and there seem to be some interactive elements in the fort.
  • The Leonardo Challenge: This is an interactive game in the Japanese language. We did not do this game because we assumed that we would not understand much of the game if it is in Japanese.
  • Soaring: Fantastic Flight: This is the park’s most popular attraction. This is one of the attractions that most of the visitors walk or run to at the beginning of the day. We did the same and stood in line for about half an hour/forty minutes. The average queue is often 120 minutes. You take a flight over several continents. It is a beautiful attraction, using scent and wind and really making you feel like you are flying.

American Waterfront:

  • Turtle Talk: We had already seen this attraction in Orlando and we thought it was funny then. A turtle seeking interaction with the audience. In Orlando, of course, the turtle’s colloquial language was English, so we understood the jokes. Here at Tokyo DisneySea, this is Japanese, which is why we did not visit this attraction, feeling that we would not understand much of the interaction anyway.
  • Tower of Terror: one of our favorite attractions in the Disney parks. We have visited the Tower of Terror many times in Orlando and Paris. At Tokyo DisneySea also twice. The story is different here, though. It’s about an explorer who brings home a cursed figurine on one of his many journeys, and this figurine does something to the elevator that keeps falling down. It did seem that the elevator dropped down less often and was less violent than in the parks in Orlando and Paris.
  • Electric Railway: you can take a streetcar to another area. From the top you have a nice view of the park.
  • Toy Story Mania: You are in a cart and you have to shoot as many targets as possible to collect points. After Soarin, this is the park’s second most popular attraction. This is where we walked to first on Day 1.
  • Big City Vehicles: drive around the park in a big car.

Port Discovery:

  • Aquatopia: in boats you go across the water and the boats seem uncontrollable. Each boat also seems to take a different route. Several times you feel like you’re going to get wet, but it just doesn’t happen.
  • Nemo & Friends Searider: this is a 4d cinema where you encounter all kinds of sea creatures in an underwater world, leading to different situations. They use water here, for example, which you feel in your face when they dive into the water, for example. Definitely fun to visit this attraction once.

Lost River Delta:

  • Indiana Jones Adventure: we found this to be the most fun attraction at Tokyo DisneySea (we do really like roller coasters). You ride in a car in a cave and have all kinds of adventures together with Indiana Jones. Along the way, they use various special effects which really makes the attraction a hit. Take advantage of the Singel Rider here and you’ll be up and running in 5 minutes.
  • Raging Spirits: an overhead roller coaster located next to the Indiana Jones attraction. Again, they have a singel rider that nobody uses and which puts you in the attraction in 5 minutes. We thus did both attractions within half an hour, while the waiting time at both attractions was at least an hour. The singel rider queue is not indicated, but you just have to address a staff member at the fastpass entrance that you want to use the singel rider queue and you walk right past the crowd to the roller coaster.

Arabian Coast:

  • Caravan Carousel: a carousel with all kinds of characters from the fairy tale of Aladdin.
  • Jasmine’s Flying Carpets: spinning attraction where you spin around on a mat (I think we are explaining the attraction very badly now ;)). A great attraction to do once during your stay at Tokyo DisneySea theme park, but if you have little time you can skip it.
  • Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage: one of the park’s biggest positive surprises! No waiting and a fantastically beautiful indoor ride. You sit in a boat and the story of Sindbad’s fairy tale is told. You also sit in this attraction for quite a long time. Highly recommended! We did this attraction twice and saw new things each time.
  • The Magic Lamp Theater: despite the show being in Japanese, we were able to follow it reasonably well. Nice combination of drama and special effects.

Mermaid Lagoon:

  • Ariel’s Playground: playground in the world of Ariel. We did find the playground quite cluttered and had to keep a close eye on our daughter.
  • Jumpin Jellyfish: not a spectacular attraction, but fun to be in once. You slowly go up and down in a trolley and you have a beautiful view of the Mermaid Lagoon.
  • Scuttie’s Scooters: this is a fairground attraction where you spin around and around in a cart on a disk. Sometimes forward and sometimes backward. Our daughter found this a very fun attraction.
  • Founder’s Flying Fish Coaster: small roller coaster for small kids. Still, there were mostly Japanese adults on this roller coaster.
  • Blowfish Balloon Race: In a hot air balloon you swing around. The attraction is a bit like a carousel, but you are not sitting on a chair, but in a hot air balloon.
  • The Wirlpool: the familiar teacups that spin in circles on a disk all the time.
  • Mermaid Lagoon Theater: there is normally an Ariel musical here, but unfortunately when we were there, this theater was closed. Therefore, we cannot tell anything about this musical.

Mysterious Island:

  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: unfortunately, when we visited the park, this attraction was closed. We found that quite a few attractions were still secretly closed during our four-day visit, which is unfortunate for a park like Disney.
  • Journey of the Center of the Earth: a cool attraction! You sit in a car and drive through the middle of the earth and encounter all kinds of beautiful and scary beasts. The end of the attraction is mostly where the action is. This is another attraction where the queue is often long.

Disney Tokyo amusement park
Disney Tokyo amusement park

Parades Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea’s parades are all on the water. We found the parades during the day actually not much. There is a boat with all kinds of Disney characters dancing to music and that’s it. You could also stand along the water’s edge just fine fifteen minutes in advance, because people were not lined up in rows along the shore.

Because of this, we made the mistake of thinking it would not be crowded in the evening either. But this parade was really cool. The Believe Sea of Dreams consisted of many boats and many different Disney characters and fairy tales. The houses in the harbor were all lit up in the theme and the volcano also had all kinds of lighting effects. Really a very cool show to watch and also definitely one where you can look for a spot at least an hour in advance. 

For example, you could lay out a dress and have someone from the family sit on the dress and then the other family members get food in the meantime and you then dine on your dress while waiting for the show. Then you will have eaten right away and a good spot for this spectacular parade. 

Parade DisneySea Tokyo
Parade DisneySea Tokyo

Shows Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea only had 2 shows when we were there and they were Big Band Treat and Jamboree Mickey! Lets Dance! We had already seen the latter show at Disneyland Tokyo and this is mainly a dance show for small kids and of course we did attend the first show at Tokyo Disney Sea.

This Big Band Treat show is a very musical show with lots of music and dancing. Of course, many Disney characters also appear in the performance and Mickey Mouse plays another bit on the drums. For this show, you must make an Entry request in the app in advance.

There is also a fireworks show at the end of the day and it is the same for both amusement parks. Fireworks are also set off between parks. We honestly didn’t think this was super much.

Shows DisneySea
Shows DisneySea

Food and drink Tokyo DisneySea

Of course, you can eat fine food at the Tokyo DisneySea park. There are plenty of different restaurants with different types of cuisine. Check the app in advance to see what kind of restaurant you would like to eat at, so you know where to go in the park. At some restaurants, especially in the evening, the queue for a restaurant can be long.

We had enough snacks with us for the day and we ate at the restaurants in the evening. We certainly found the prices in the amusement park for food and drinks to be reasonable.

Where to stay in Tokyo?

Of course, the Disney parks have their own hotels where you can stay during your visit to the Disney Tokyo theme parks. Of course, you then have the advantage of being allowed into the park 15 minutes earlier than the rest of the visitors. Of course, you then also have to leave a little less early in the morning to get to the amusement park because you are already sleeping at the park. We ourselves chose a cheaper option.

We ourselves slept in Tokyo at Hotel Lumiere Kasai. This hotel was a 20-minute bus ride away from the amusement park. We could take the bus almost in front of the hotel, so that was great. Otherwise, we had a fine room, with nice beds and a bathroom with a bathtub. We also had an excellent breakfast with it in the morning. For more information about the Hotel Lumiere Kasai, take a look here.

Of course, there are plenty of other hotels near the Disney theme parks. For a list of all hotels in Tokyo, take a look here.

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