Hotel ibis Utrecht: family-friendly hotel

Last weekend, we visited Utrecht once again for a city trip to this family-friendly city. We visited the city several times and wrote about the city in the blog Utrecht with kids, in which we listed all of the city’s children’s activities. During this city trip to Utrecht, we stayed overnight at Hotel Ibis Utrecht and as a result of this overnight stay, we are writing this comprehensive review about the hotel.

IBIS Utrecht with kids
Hotel IBIS Utrecht

The hotel

And so we drive to the hotel on Friday afternoon, when we have spent the entire day exploring the surroundings of Utrecht with our daughter. We park the car for free in the parking lot in front of the hotel, and thus within a minute we are at the hotel reception with our suitcase.

Hotel Ibis Utrecht is located just outside the center of Utrecht, and by car you can be in the city center within 15 minutes. From the hotel you can walk to Utrecht’s Dom Tower in just under forty minutes and it is also possible to take the bus to the city center, as there is a bus stop right in front of the hotel.

This three-star hotel has a common area, where it is great to play games with kids or let the kids color or read a book. Near the elevator is a board with crayons where the kids can mess around.

Hotel IBIS Utrecht
Hotel IBIS Utrecht

The room

In total, the hotel has 84 rooms and we had two double rooms that were linked together. So we had two rooms that were identical to each other and connected by a door. Our daughter loved that, of course, because this way she had her own room.

Big advantage of this system, of course, is that you therefore also have two bathrooms in the room and can therefore shower with several people at the same time, for example. Both rooms had a double bed and a flat-screen TV on the wall. There was also a small desk in the room, where our daughter spent some time coloring. Furthermore, the room has WIFI, air conditioning and a telephone at its disposal.

Hotel IBIS Utrecht
Hotel IBIS Utrecht

Food and drink in hotel

Hotel Ibis Utrecht has a restaurant attached to the hotel, where we ate both in the evening and in the morning. For dinner, we ordered several dishes from the menu, where you can also order fries with a burger or pasta with sauce for the kids.

In the morning we took advantage of the hotel’s breakfast buffet, which was very tasty and very extensive. In this they had different types of sandwiches, toppings, fruit, yogurt with cereal, juices, egg dishes, pancakes and then we probably forget more than half. In that regard, the hotel’s breakfast is definitely recommended.

Hotel IBIS Utrecht
Hotel IBIS Utrecht


We enjoyed our overnight stay at hotel Ibis Utrecht. We visited the Utrecht area this time, so we did not have to be in the city center. We were able to park the car in front of the door for free and had at our disposal two double rooms connected by a door. In addition, we had delicious meals there both in the evening and in the morning. For more information on the hotel’s location, rooms and restaurant, check out the Hotel Ibis Utrecht website.

This blog was created through a collaboration with the hotel in question.

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