Hiroshima with kids

Hiroshima with kids: 6 sights to see!

Hiroshima with kids is fun! We visited the city of Hiroshima for two days with our eight-year-old daughter and found it a very nice city to visit. If you want to see the city and its surroundings properly, you really do need two days. We list the most fun (kid) activities of the city of Hiroshima in this blog.

#1 Peace Memorial Park

When you think of the city of Hiroshima, you think of the tragedy that took place here in World War II. The Americans dropped an atomic bomb on the city as a result of the war with Japan, and that obviously had enormous consequences for the city. We obviously wanted to give our daughter some of the tragedy that took place in this city.

One of the best places to learn more about this is at the Peace Memorial Park. This is a museum dedicated entirely to the atomic bomb that fell on the city. We visited the museum first in the park, which was impressive, but also very crowded. Hundreds of school children were there during our museum visit, making it difficult at times to take in all the information properly.

Therefore, if you want to visit the museum at your leisure, we would try to go there right when the museum opens. That’s a better time than at two in the afternoon that we visited the museum. After the museum, we walked to A-Bomb Dome. This building stood near the impact of the atomic bomb and was almost the only building still standing in the area. We found this an impressive sight.

We find it difficult to determine if our daughter got much out of it. While the pictures in the museum are very explicit and impressive, we find it difficult to determine whether it really enters a kid of eight.

Hiroshima with kids
Hiroshima with kids

#2 Miyajima Island

Another thing we found very cool to visit was Miyajima Island. From Hiroshima you first take a train to the port which takes about half an hour and then it’s another 10 minutes by boat. The island is quite touristy though, but that is also because of the world-famous arch (torii) that stands in the water there.

This arch can be found on lots of pictures if you search on the search term Japan. When you arrive on the island, you also see several deer right away. These deer are mainly looking for food and are quite bold. Also, be sure not to give your kids food in their hands, as the deer are quite aggressive about this.

What’s fun is on the island to go up by cable car. You take two cable cars all the way up the mountain and from the mountain you have a beautiful view of the surrounding area. At the top, you can then take a scenic hike to the top of the mountain, passing several little temples.

We did not walk the entire route with our daughter, but a portion of the route, as it was quite hot with us and the climb up is quite tough. Expect to spend at least half a day on the road with this activity. Especially also with traveling to and from the island.

Hiroshima with kids
Hiroshima sights

#3 Hiroshima Castle

Near the Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima Castle is within walking distance. This is a castle that actually looks like a castle and you can also see the inside of the castle. Basically, you can visit the first part of the castle for free, but if you want to visit the tower you will pay a small fee.

From this tower you have a view of the city, but we found the tower a bit disappointing from the inside. The castle was completely destroyed by the atomic bomb in the city, but was then completely rebuilt. Is the castle a must-see attraction? No we don’t think so, but if you’re in the neighborhood anyway, it’s fine to drop in.

Hiroshima sights
Hiroshima sights

#4 Childrens museum

What is also near the Peace Memorial Park is the Children’s museum. We visited the Children’s museum in Seoul and had quite high hopes for this museum, but it was a bit disappointing. The museum is very dated and many of the “experiments” you can do that are displayed only in the Japanese language.

What is an advantage of the museum is that it has free admission. Because it is close to the Peace Memorial Park, we then went to this museum for a little lightheartedness. In total, we spent about an hour inside this museum. Despite being dated, there are some trains, you can launch a rocket and there is also some kind of playground equipment, where kids can go down a slide.

Children's activities Hiroshima
Children's activities Hiroshima

Other children’s activities Hiroshima

Of course, we did not do everything in the two days we were in Hiroshima with our daughter and there is still more to experience in the city. We briefly list some other children’s activities below.

#5 Hiroshima Orizuru Tower: you can also view the city of Hiroshima from a great height. At the Hiroshima Orizuru Tower, you can view the city from a height of 50 meters. The tower is also near the Peace Memorial Park and you also have a view from the tower of this park. There is also an interactive section in the tower.

#6 Asa Zoo: you can also go to the zoo in Hiroshima with kids. The zoo has several large animals such as tigers, elephants, lions and various birds. We have not visited the zoo itself, so can say pretty little else about how the zoo is and whether the animals are somewhat in large enclosures.

Children's activities Hiroshima
Children's activities Hiroshima

Where to stay in Hiroshima with kids?

We stayed in Hiroshima with our daughter at The Knot Hiroshima hotel. We found this to be a very nice hotel. The hotel is a few minutes’ walk from Peace Memorial Park and has quite spacious and nice rooms. In addition, you have a great view of the city from the reception desk. Here you also have a café sitting, where you can have a drink on the roof terrace.

What our daughter really liked is that the hotel gives you some tokens per night, which you can turn in at the front desk for all kinds of goodies. As a result, the two nights we stayed at the hotel we had several jars in the room with goodies in them. In addition, we liked the breakfast at the hotel very much. For more information on The Knot Hiroshima, take a look here.

Of course, there are several family-friendly hotels in Hiroshima that you can book. For a list of all family-friendly hotels in Hiroshima, take a look here.

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