Seoul with kids

Seoul with kids: 13 fun kids’ activities in a row!

Seoul with kids is fun! We stayed in this capital of South Korea for nine days with our eight-year-old daughter and had a great time every day. You have enough fun kids activities in Seoul to easily entertain yourself for five to seven days, and you also really have some activities you can do in Seoul with kids that are not that expensive at all. Do check in advance to see if the activity you want to go to is open, as many are closed on Mondays, for example. Following our visit to Seoul, we list the best children’s activities in Seoul.

Seoul with kids
Seoul with kids

#1 Lotte world amusement park

You can go to several amusement parks in Seoul with kids (you have three major amusement parks in Seoul), but we found Lotte World Amusement Park to be the most fun amusement park we visited. In fact, we visited this amusement park for two days because we had not done everything after the first day.

We bought tickets through Klook’s website, since that is where the tickets were the cheapest for the amusement park. In addition, we went to the amusement park both days on a weekday, so it was a little less crowded. Yet on a weekday in September, the amusement park was still quite busy. You can take the subway to the amusement park just fine. The subway stops almost in front of the theme park.

Lotte World’s theme park is also sometimes compared to Disney’s theme parks. This may also be because, for example, they have a big castle in the middle of the amusement park and they also have a parade twice a day. We thought the amusement park looked super nice and the rides you can do here with kids are very fun and of high quality. The amusement park also has an app, but we couldn’t really make much sense of it.

In addition, the Lotte World amusement park has the great advantage of being both indoors and outdoors, with very many attractions inside as well. You can easily spend an entire day entertaining yourself in the indoor section of the amusement park even on a rainy day in Seoul. In all, there are about 50 attractions for young and old, and most of the attractions are indoors.

You can also go to this amusement park just fine with adolescents, as they also have some spectacular rides. The parade that passes by in the afternoon and evening (with lights) is also great fun to watch. What we often did was go with the three of us in the single line, since you have these at many attractions and then you are often in the attraction very quickly. The disadvantage, of course, is that your kids won’t be sitting next to you, but our daughter doesn’t mind ;).

If you as a family love amusement parks, then a visit to Lotte World cannot be missing from your list of children’s activities in Seoul. For a list of all the park’s attractions, check out the Lotte World Seoul website .

Seoul with kids
Seoul with kids

#2 Seoul Zoo

Another fun activity to do with the family in Seoul is the Seoul Zoo. This large zoo is located in Seoul Grand Park and admission costs only a few dollars. We bought a kind of combination ticket at the ticket office, where we had a ride on the cable car, a ride on the elephant car and the entrance to the zoo.

The Seoul Zoo is quite large and the distances between animals is quite long. The zoo has very many animals and the famous African animals such as the elephant, the giraffe and the lion can all be found in the zoo. Because the zoo is quite hilly, a good way to explore the zoo is to first take the cable car all the way up and then walk so slowly down. You’ll have a nice overview of the zoo right away.

You can have a great time for half a day at this zoo in Seoul. There is no need to purchase tickets in advance through the website. The website is mostly in Korean and at the ticket office you can buy tickets to the zoo just fine. If you are looking for a budget activity in Seoul, the Seoul Zoo is definitely a fun option.

Seoul Zoo with kids
Seoul Zoo with kids

#3 Seoul Land

The second amusement park we visited in Seoul was Seoul Land. This amusement park, like Seoul Zoo, is also located in Seoul Grand Park. This amusement park is a lot cheaper than Lotte World and we spent just over ten euros per person to visit this amusement park. Unfortunately, when we visited Seoul Land, it rained all day. This is a bit of a disadvantage when you have pre-ordered tickets.

Still, despite the rain, we got a good impression of this amusement park. There are enough attractions in this amusement park to keep you well entertained for an entire day. There are also a number of spectacular attractions at this amusement park that will appeal to older kids. We had a great time for an entire day. However, there are mostly outdoor attractions here, so the amusement park is less suitable when the weather is not so good. With us, not all attractions were open either.

You can combine a visit to Seoul Land amusement park with a visit to the zoo, but you will have a very busy day. The advantage is that the amusement park is open until quite late.

Amusement park in Seoul
Amusement park in Seoul

#4 Childrens Grand Park

Perhaps one of Seoul’s biggest surprises was the Childrens Grand Park. We didn’t have super high hopes for this beforehand (partly because there was also little information about it online), but this is highly recommended if you are visiting Seoul with kids.

For example, for young kids (our eight-year-old daughter also really enjoyed it) you have a children’s museum, where everything is about discovery. Kids can get creative here and, above all, explore a lot. Not really a science museum, but there is a lot to do. Admission was only a few euros per person, so we took the gamble to explore the museum, which was a very good idea. We spent at least a few hours here.

Besides the children’s museum, you have a free zoo here in the park with quite a few animals. We did find that the animals were not in extremely large enclosures, but if you are looking for a free activity, then obviously a visit to this zoo is a must. In addition, in the park you have several playgrounds and also a kind of amusement park.

We also really enjoyed visiting this amusement park. Entrance to this amusement park is free and you pay per attraction. You can also buy a ticket here, which allows you to visit all the attractions without restriction. For our daughter, we only bought this ticket, but she doesn’t mind going into an attraction alone either.

We enjoyed ourselves in this part of the park for the rest of the afternoon. All in all, we had a full day of fun at Childrens Grand Park and really recommend this park to visit if you are in Seoul with the family.

Family-friendly park in Seoul
Family-friendly park in Seoul

#5 Bukchon Village

Another activity you can do with the family in Seoul is to visit the Bukchon Village neighborhood. This is a neighborhood where things still look like they used to. You have a number of alleys here that are very photogenic. We rented a dress here for our daughter as they used to wear, as she had already seen this on our visit to the palace and was eager to put on a dress like this then.

You can rent a dress for two or four hours and pay a few euros for it. Be sure to check with the different stores, as prices vary quite a bit (and can sometimes be as much as triple that). There are only a few photogenic streets, so count on spending an hour here. There are also some nice stores and eateries in the neighborhood, making it definitely fun to visit.

Bukchon Village
Bukchon Village

#6 Cycling along the Han River

What we also found to be a really fun kids’ outing in Seoul is biking along the Han River in the city. If you get off at Yeouinaru subway station and walk to the river, you will come out in a nice park and there you can rent all kinds of bikes, such as children’s bikes, as well as tandem bikes. So very fun to bike with kids.

In this section, there is miles of bike path along the river and you pass all kinds of parks. We love riding our bikes like this and leaving the hustle and bustle of the city behind us. You have a great view of the Seoul skyline from the river, and along the way you will occasionally (not many) encounter a playground.

We cycled quite a bit along the river, had a drink and then cycled back. We rented three bikes for a total of three hours and spent about 20 euros for three bikes. At the park at Yeouinaru metro station, you can also enjoy your feet in the water and have a cold drink or ice cream.

Cycling in Seoul
Cycling in Seoul

#7 Palaces in Seoul

You can go to several palaces in Seoul with kids. We visited the Gyeongbokgung Palace ourselves. Admission to this palace is only a few euros per person and the complex is very extensive. Again, it is possible to rent traditional clothing and plenty of it is done.

Because this complex is very extensive and there is quite a lot to see, it will take you about two to three hours. Especially if you want to take the necessary photos with the family. Other temples and palaces you can visit are the Jogyesa Temple and the Changdeokgung Palace. We only visited one palace because it is not the most enjoyable activity for our daughter, and we certainly found the second one mentioned a bit similar.

Other children’s activities in Seoul

Of course, we only spent nine days in Seoul, so we did not get to do all the children’s activities this city has to offer. Therefore, below briefly some more children’s activities in Seoul that you can do.

#8 Everland Amusement Park: this is another amusement park located near Seoul and is the most famous amusement park in the city after Lotte World. The disadvantage of this amusement park is that ticket prices are quite high and the amusement park is quite a distance from the city, so in terms of travel you will be on the road for a while. This is the reason we did not visit this amusement park either. Everland Amusement Park is a bit of a combination between an amusement park and a zoo.

#9 Iwha Mural Village: in this neighborhood you have many different murals. Nice to walk through and also near this area is the Seoul City Wall Walk, where you can walk on the walls of the city. We had just come from Malaysia before visiting Seoul with our daughter, and we had seen many murals there, so we did not visit this area.

#10 Trick Eye museum: in this museum they also have all kinds of paintings on the wall, where you can take all kinds of crazy pictures. This also really typically fits a country like South Korea, where people are super into taking crazy photos. You can take pictures here that look like the kids are in all kinds of weird situations or upside down.

#11 Alive Museum: this is another museum for crazy pictures with weird objects. Here, too, you can take all kinds of crazy pictures.

#12 N Seoul Tower: if you want a nice view of Seoul with the family, this tower is a fun activity. You can get to this tower by cable car or by bus (which is the cheaper option) and from the base of the tower you already have a great view of the city. Of course, you can also enter the tower and then you will have a view of the city of Seoul at an even higher altitude.

#13 Namdaemum market: you can shop well in several neighborhoods of Seoul (of course if your kids like this). What we ourselves did find a nice market to walk about was the Namdaemum market. In this market they sell all kinds of things and you can also go in certain places and then you have a corridor with all kinds of stalls with all kinds of products. Very funny to see some Koreans sitting in a very cramped stall and having the whole stall filled with all kinds of goodies.

Family-friendly hotel in Seoul!

Of course, you have lots of family-friendly hotels in Seoul. We ourselves were at the ENA Suite hotel in Seoul and we had a very nice room there. The room was not super big (but that’s often the case in South Korea ;)), but there was a double bed and single bed and then also something like a sofa bed. The beds slept really super nice and the shower was very good and hot.

For us, though, two very important things when we book a room. The location of the hotel was also very good. It was very close to the City Hall subway station and from there we could easily visit the whole city. In addition, there were plenty of joints nearby for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For more information about the ENA suite hotel, take a look here.

For a list of all family-friendly hotels in Seoul, take a look here.

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