La Fortuna with kids

Visiting La Fortuna with kids is fun! This village in the mountains of Costa Rica has enough fun activities to keep you entertained for a few days with the family. We stayed in La Fortuna for three days and were not bored for a moment. You can spot animals in La Fortuna, go into nature, as well as do all kinds of activities that are fun for kids. In addition, the center of La Fortuna is very cozy and certainly not an unpleasant place to eat and drink. In this blog, we list the different activities you can do in La Fortuna with kids.

#1 Bogarin trail

A fun trail you can run near downtown La Fortuna is the Bogarin Trail. This trail is a short route you can walk and spot various animals, including the sloth. This trail is located downtown and you can choose to walk it with or without a guide. We chose to go out without a guide because we found everything in Costa Rica quite expensive anyway.

With a guide, of course, you do see a lot more animals, and the guides often carry large binoculars as well, where you can get an even closer look at the animals. From the other side, there are often enough guides walking around with tourists and if a group of tourists is standing somewhere you can always ask what exactly they see. That way, you can still often spot many animals (we ourselves must say that we did not see many animals).

For example, on this trail we spotted three sloths, an owl and a green frog. We also saw another toucan at the park entrance, but it was very high up in the trees unfortunately. We also saw several beautiful colored little birds, because they had put rotten bananas at the entrance of the park where the little birds flocked.

You will be given a band where you can come back throughout the day. This gives you the option to come back at a later time that day. Because there are many sloths in the section, the chances of spotting one here are enormous.

La Fortuna with kids
La Fortuna with kids

#2 Mistico National Park

The park with perhaps the most beautiful suspension bridges in Costa Rica is Mistico National Park. Therefore, you visit this park mainly for the suspension bridges and less for the animals. Again, many groups walk through the park with a guide and through one group we did see a small snake. Other than that, in terms of animals, we didn’t see much here.

What we did regret about the park was the crowds. We visited the park around 10 in the morning and by then it was quite crowded. This created traffic jams of people at the various bridges. As a result, at times we were waiting for up to 15 minutes before we could enter the bridge, because people obviously wanted to take pictures on the bridge.

We had pre-ordered tickets on the Mystico National Park website. Do this several days in advance as it may otherwise sell out. In doing so, you must choose a time slot. Try to go as early as possible so you don’t end up like us in line with other tourists to go up the various bridges.

Mystico with kids
Mystico with kids

#3 Kalambu Hot Spring

You have lots of different beautiful spas in La Fortuna that also come with quite a price tag. You also have a “free spa” near The Tabacon Resort. You can then park your car on the side of the road (for a fee, as there are all the little men asking for money) and then you can sit in the heated river. So you have plenty of choices.

We did not want to go to an expensive spa with our 8-year-old daughter, nor to the free spa, but after a long search we ended up at the Kalambu Hot Spring. Located a few minutes’ drive from downtown La Fortuna, this spa is part water park and part spa. In addition, the price was not too high.

The water park section consists of several water slides and the spa also consists of several hot tubs. We spent a whole afternoon there and had a great time here with our daughter. In addition, the park is very nicely located in nature, which also makes it very photogenic. For more information, check out the Kalambu Hot Spring website.

Hot Spring La Fortuna
Hot Spring La Fortuna

#4 El Salto

A fun activity to do near downtown La Fortuna is El Salto. This place is near a bridge, which you actually use to drive into the village of La Fortuna. Once again, you can park your car here paid near the river and you can then descend to the river.

You can jump off the rocks at the waterfall here by the river and you can slide into the river with a rope. When we were there, there were quite a few tourists in the water. Our daughter did jump off the rocks, but we thought it was too dangerous that she also jumped into the river with the rope.

We stayed a total of about an hour at El Salto. It is also not a place where you will spend an entire afternoon lying down or swimming, but it is certainly adventurous to take a dip in the water there. And it is (aside from parking the car) a free activity you can do in La Fortuna.

El Salto La Fortuna
Family-friendly hotel La Fortuna

Other children’s activities La Fortuna

Of course, we did not do everything in La Fortuna. For example, with us the weather was not super good and, for example, all days the volcano Arenal was not visible. We put below some other activities you can do near La Fortuna.

#5 La Fortuna Waterfall: near the village of La Fortuna is a waterfall. You walk to this waterfall in about half an hour and it is said to be a beautiful waterfall. We found the entrance fee to the waterfall quite high, so we did not visit this waterfall with our daughter.

#6 El Arenal National Park: it is also possible to take several walks with the family near the Arenal volcano. You have several hikes you can do here, and several hikes will take you to a viewpoint where you can see the volcano. Of course, this requires clear weather. Like the other national parks, you can book tickets to the park online.

#7 Outdoor activities: you can do all kinds of outdoor activities around La Fortuna such as rafting, ziplining, tubing (in a big tire in the river) and Canyoning (jumping through the river, sliding, walking etc). In the center of La Fortuna you have all kinds of bureaus where you can book these activities. For kids, of course, awesome activities.

Where to stay in LA Fortuna with kids?

We stayed overnight during our visit to La Fortuna at the Villas Vilma hotel. Located a little outside the center of La Fortuna, this hotel has all cottages on the property. The scenery here is beautiful and the hotel also has a swimming pool with an indoor jacuzzi. We found it a nice place to spend the night.

Our daughter was totally a fan of the hammock we had at our cottage. For more information about the Villas Vilma hotel, take a look here.

Of course, there are plenty of other family-friendly accommodations in La Fortuna. For the full list of family-friendly hotels in La Fortuna, take a look here.

Organized trip Costa Rica

Of course it is possible to arrange everything yourself for a trip through Costa Rica with the family, but of course you can also book an individual tour or a group trip to this beautiful country. Then most of the trip will be arranged for you. For more information on an organized tour of Costa Rica, check out TUI’ s website here.

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