Top 5 family-friendly restaurants Arnhem

Family-friendly restaurant Arnhem: our top 5 restaurants!

In this blog family-friendly restaurant Arnhem we list the best restaurants in Arnhem. Arnhem is a big city with plenty to do for families with kids. We previously wrote the blog Arnhem with kids, in which we listed all the city’s children’s activities. In this blog, we list the best family restaurants in Arnhem!

#1 Restaurant Trix

This is a family-friendly restaurant in Arnhem that offers great food but also plenty to do for kids. In the summer you can eat outside on the terrace and inside in the winter. What makes this restaurant so family-friendly is the restaurant’s large play area. For example, this play corner has a foosball table, two playstations, all kinds of toys and puzzles to solve.

Here kids can have a great time while you are still enjoying a snack and a drink. This restaurant also has a menu especially for kids. For more information on this menu and also the play area, take a look at Restaurant Trix‘s website.

#2 Pancake house den Strooper

If you are going to make a list of family-friendly restaurants in Arnhem, a pancake house should not be missing from the list. At Pancake House den Strooper you can eat delicious pancakes, of course, and after eating, kids get to dig in the treasure chest.

The Pancake House also has a large terrace at the back of the restaurant where you can sit outside. In addition to pancakes, the restaurant has sandwiches, salads and also soups. For the restaurant’s menu, check out the Pancake House den Strooper website.

#3 Atlantis World Restaurant

This is a buffet restaurant in Arnhem that is also definitely a family-friendly restaurant. You can sample all kinds of dishes here, and for kids, they are sure to have food that they will like such as fries, croquettes and a chocolate fountain. Also, this restaurant also has a play corner for the kids with game consoles and a theater.

However, this is a restaurant you have to love. What we ourselves always find less so is that you always have to leave the table to scoop up food again, so you are not at the table with the family the whole time. For more information about this family-friendly restaurant in Arnhem, check out Atlantis World Restaurant‘s website.

#4 Roadhouse Arnhem

If you are looking for a family-friendly restaurant in Arnhem with a large play corner, then this restaurant is also definitely a good option. This is an American restaurant where you can eat all kinds of dishes, and this restaurant has a huge play area suitable for kids from three to 16 years old.

In this play area, they have air field hockey and pinball machines, kids can climb and there is a children’s theater. Kids are given a buzzer, where the kitchen lets kids know when dinner is ready. A very cool restaurant to eat in Arnhem with kids!

#5 Brasserie Angerenstein

Located between the city parks of Angerenstein and Klarenbeek, this restaurant has a large terrace, where you can enjoy the sunshine in the summer. You can eat sandwiches, pancakes and salads at this restaurant, and kids can play in the restaurant’s play corner or outside on the bouncy castle.

You can park your car at the restaurant just fine, as there are plenty of parking spaces near the restaurant. For more information about the menu and restaurant, take a look at the Brasserie Angerenstein website.

Family-friendly restaurant Arnhem
Family-friendly restaurant Arnhem

Where to stay in Arnhem with kids?

Arnhem is a family-friendly city, with enough to do to keep you entertained for a whole weekend with kids. If you make it a city trip to Arnhem, then you must also stay overnight somewhere in Arnhem. We looked at all the hotels in the Arnhem area and listed all the great options.

In fact, we have gone through the hundreds of reviews from families and listed the positives and negatives of each hotel so that you as a family can make a good choice regarding a family-friendly hotel. You can find this overview in our blog family-friendly hotel Arnhem.

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