Arnhem with kids

You can have a great weekend in Arnhem with kids. The city has one of the most beautiful zoos in the Netherlands and around the city there is enough beautiful nature to have a good time with the family for at least two days! In addition, you also have a number of fun things to do in the city center. Following our visits to the city and its surroundings, we list the best children’s activities in Arnhem.

1. Burgers Zoo

You can go to the zoo in Arnhem. Burgers Zoo is the reason for most families to visit the city of Arnhem. This zoo is also considered the most beautiful zoo in the Netherlands. The area is very wooded, they have most of the great known African animals and they also have several large playgrounds.

The zoo is not super big and is divided into different themes. You have in the zoo the themes of Safari, Mangrove, Desert, Bush, Rimba, Ocean and Park. In general, the animals are in large enclosures and the zoo has a number of eco-systems. So you have an underwater world, you can walk through the desert, you have the largest covered mangrove area in the world and also there is a section where you walk through the rainforest (with waterfalls, lianas and birds flying around).

There are several places in the zoo where you can get something to eat. You can also play a lot at this zoo in Arnhem with kids. For example, the zoo has a playground in three different places, one of which is an indoor playground. These are located near the restaurants, so you can have lunch at the zoo at your leisure while your kids are playing.

If you are looking for a fun children’s activity in Arnhem then Burgers Zoo is definitely a very nice option! So you can easily spend a half to full day here entertaining yourself at this zoo. For more information on opening hours, entrance fees and different animals, take a look at the zoo’s website.

Arnhem with kids
Arnhem with kids

2. Outdoor museum

You can also take the family to a nice museum in Arnhem. This museum, as the name will suggest, is mostly outdoors and kids can experience how people lived in the past. The village is quite large and a streetcar runs around to take you through the park. Kids can do various children’s activities in the village in Arnhem such as baking bread, archery and helping on the farm.

The museum also has an indoor section, where kids can learn things about the past in an interactive way. Kids as young as seven/eight years old can play a variety of games here, where they have to drive a boat and act or guess what time period certain objects are from.

You can also play with kids at this museum in Arnhem. In fact, the open-air museum has a large playground, where kids can have fun for a while. In addition, the museum has several restaurants throughout the museum park. There is a grand café, an ice cream parlor, an inn where you can eat poffertjes, a poffertjeskraam, a Brabant old-fashioned café, a bakery and a fries bakery. For more information on opening hours, admission prices and activities, check out the museum’s website.

Eindhoven with kids
Eindhoven with kids

3. The Hoge Veluwe

A fun free children’s activity in Arnhem is a visit to the Hoge Veluwe! Fifteen minutes from downtown Arnhem by car is the national park De Hoge Veluwe. This national park is one of the most beautiful national parks the Netherlands has. So a good reason to pay the park a visit. Located between the cities of Ede, Apeldoorn and Arnhem, the park also has three different entrances.

It is possible to visit the park by car, but most park visitors explore the park by bicycle. There are hundreds of bikes at each entrance to the park that you can grab for free and use to explore the park. Most bikes come with a high chair, but there are also kids’ bikes if kids want to ride by themselves.

We visited the park in winter when it was quite cold, but we can imagine that the park is even more beautiful in summer (when everything is in bloom) and more pleasant for kids to play. You can see much of this park in Arnhem with kids in a few hours by bike, so set aside at least half a day if you want to see much of the park.

Arnhem with kids
Family-friendly hotel Ede

In the National Park, it is also possible to have something to eat and drink. They have a restaurant and two teahouses in the park that you can visit. Near the restaurant is also a nice playground, where they can have fun and parents can have a quiet meal and drink. There are also two museums in the park (Kröller-Müller museum and Museonder), but they were closed when we were there. You can visit Museonder for free based on your purchased entrance ticket to the park.

We ended up spending about four hours in the park and biking a big lap around the park. We enjoyed seeing the different types of natural areas and can imagine we would have stayed much longer in the summer, as our daughter would have been able to play in the sand and trees in several places just fine.

Gelderland with kids
Arnhem with kids

4. Veluwezoom

Another national park what you can visit with kids in the Arnhem area (just over 20 minutes away by car from the center of Arnhem) is national park Veluwezoom. At the national park visitor center, you can park your car for free. Near the national park’s visitor center is also right by a nice playground and a brasserie where you can get something to eat and drink. Most of the playground equipment is wooden, and you can keep an eye on your kids from the brasserie terrace.

From this visitor center, you can walk several trails through the national park, including a short trail to a lookout point. During the short hike to this lookout point, you will also come across several pieces of playground equipment in the forest, and a number of gnome houses can also be spotted along the route. Of course, this is a free children’s activity in Arnhem.

At the viewpoint (where you can also get to by wheelchair on a paved path) you can walk down and kids can have a great time playing here, building huts and climbing in the trees.

When we visited the Veluwezoom, the weather was not the best, so we only stayed in the park for 1.5 hours. Had the weather been a lot better we definitely would have hiked more through the national park. Especially in summer (we were there in winter), the area must look a lot more beautiful. You have many beautiful places to hike in this area of the Veluwe anyway.

Arnhem with kids
Arnhem with kids

Other children’s activities Arnhem

Besides the four activities mentioned above, there are other things you can do in Arnhem with kids. We briefly name the other children’s activities in Arnhem below.

#5 Eusebius Church: if you want a nice view of Arnhem then you must go to this church in the city center. They themselves call the activity the Eusebius Experience. Apart from the view, you also have exhibits here about the Battle of Arnhem and they show how the tower was destroyed and rebuilt in World War II. The advantage with small kids is that you don’t have to climb the tower, but you can take an elevator to the top.

#6 Speelaardvarken: This large eye-catching playground equipment was donated by Burgers Zoo to the city of Arnhem and has always had a place near the center. In 2021, the playard pig will be back at the zoo for a short time for renovations, and it is still being considered where to put the eye-catching playground equipment back in town. Definitely a fun toy for kids to climb.

#7 Sonsbeek Park: within walking distance of the city center is this city park. A great place to walk to after a city visit to Arnhem with kids to walk or play.

#8 Stadsboerderij Presikhaaf: You can also go to a petting zoo in Arnhem. A visit to this petting zoo is also a free children’s activity in Arnhem, as you do not have to pay for entrance to the petting zoo. Besides being able to cuddle with goats, sheep and bunnies here, children’s activities are also organized regularly. In addition, kids can also have fun at the farm in the playground and in the play forest.

#9 Water Museum: you can go to another museum in Arnhem with kids and that is the Water Museum. Kids here can learn how everything works regarding our groundwater. This is an interactive museum, where kids can do and see many things. Kids can also take a scavenger hunt through the museum.

Expect to be entertained here for an hour or two at this Arnhem museum with kids. If you are looking for an educational children’s activity in Arnhem, then this is definitely a fun option!

#10 Open Air Pool Klarenbeek: if you are in Arnhem with kids in the summer and the weather is nice, it is always fun to go to the pool for a few hours. Buitenzwembad Klarenbeek is the only outdoor swimming pool in Arnhem and has a small slide and two pools. A pool especially for the smaller kids and a pool for the bigger kids.

#11 Bouldercentrum Arnhem: A children’s activity on the rise in more and more cities is bouldering. This is that you climb up against a wall via all kinds of holds on a wall. You can do this in Arnhem with kids at Bouldercentrum Arnhem. This children’s activity in Arnhem is suitable for kids ages four and up. However, kids up to and including 11 years of age must still be accompanied by an adult.

#12 De Spelerij & De Uitvinderij: You can also do all kinds of things in the Arnhem area with kids. For example, this playground and workshop is located in Dieren which is about a 25-minute drive from the center of Arnhem. Kids here get creative with all kinds of materials and discover all kinds of things that way.

#13 Speelbos Lingezegen: if you want to go into the woods in Arnhem with kids, this is a fun option. This play forest has several bridges over the water and also has a water pump. Kids can build huts and have fun in nature here. Of course, this play forest is freely accessible, making this a free children’s activity in Arnhem.

#14 Airborne museum: this museum is located in Oosterbeek, which is a few minutes’ drive from the center of Arnhem. This museum tells the story of the Allied who wanted to end World War II with a special operation. To make it more appealing to kids, they have created several scavenger hunts that you can do at the museum.

So you have a family scavenger hunt and there is a scavenger hunt for kids both for the indoor and outdoor space. This museum is only suitable for older kids, though. The museum includes an experience, which recreates the war that is suitable for kids as young as 11/twelve years old.

#15 Koepelgevangenis: you can also go to a prison in Arnhem with kids. This will appeal to most kids. Various children’s activities are organized at this prison. For example, you can book a tour of the prison with a former prison guard and it is also possible to play several escaperooms here with kids. If you are looking for an exciting children’s activity in Arnhem, this can definitely be a fun option.

Children's activities Arnhem
Children's activities Arnhem

Indoor playground Arnhem

You have several indoor playgrounds located in Arnhem that you can visit if, for example, the weather is less and you still want to do something in Arnhem with kids. We list the best indoor playgrounds in Arnhem below!

#16 Ballorig Arnhem: at this indoor playground in Arnhem you only pay admission for the kids and this indoor playground in Arnhem is no different from the indoor playgrounds that are actually located throughout the Netherlands. You have several climbing devices and slides, and there is also an area for young kids. These can play in the ball pit, for example, or with large blocks.

You visit this indoor playground in Arnhem with kids up to about twelve years old, and for your kids, don’t forget to bring socks, as they are required inside.

#17 Monkey Town Arnhem: this is the other indoor playground in Arnhem. We have been to many branches of Monkey Town and our daughter always enjoys herself here with the playground equipment, trampolines and slides. Again, you only pay admission for the kids and you can also park your car for free at the facility. This indoor playground in Arnhem is also suitable for kids up to 12 years old, and there is also the option of laser gaming for the kids at this establishment.

#18 Jumpsquare Arnhem: this is a children’s activity in Arnhem that is suitable for slightly older kids. It’s not quite an indoor playground in Arnhem, but kids can really expend their energy here. Our daughter always loves to jump like this for an hour (or two). Especially if the weather is not so good then this is a great activity to do in Arnhem with kids.

Family-friendly restaurant Arnhem

You can have a great family meal in Arnhem. Of course, in the city center you have dozens of eateries where you can go for a bite to eat and a drink. However, there are some restaurants that are also just a bit more suitable for families with kids, by having a play corner or playground near the restaurant, for example. We have listed some great options for restaurants in our blog family-friendly restaurant Arnhem.

Children's activities Arnhem
Arnhem with kids

Where to stay in Arnhem with kids?

You have great options for accommodation in Arnhem with kids. Several hotels have family rooms. We list a few options.

Budget hotel: Stayokay Arnhem

Mid-range hotel: Hotel Haarhuis

Luxury hotel: Landgoed Groot Warnsborn

For the entire list of family-friendly hotels in Arnhem with kids click here.

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