Friesland with kids

Discover the charms of Friesland with kids, a province that offers a unique blend of culture, nature, and adventure. With its historical cities, beautiful islands, and family-friendly activities, Friesland is an ideal destination for families.

Start your exploration in Leeuwarden, the lively capital of Friesland. This city offers plenty of activities for families, from museums and parks to interactive workshops and events. A weekend in Leeuwarden with kids guarantees fun, learning, and discovery.

For a true island experience, visit Terschelling. This island not only offers stunning nature but also a variety of activities such as cycling, hiking, and beach explorations. With 19 activities specially tailored for families, Terschelling is a perfect destination for a short vacation.

Vlieland, another beautiful Wadden Island, is an oasis of tranquility and nature. With 14 fun activities, the island is ideal for a weekend getaway. Enjoy the peaceful beaches, explore the dunes, or take part in one of the many family-friendly activities the island offers.

Schiermonnikoog and Ameland are also excellent choices for a family outing. Both islands offer a unique experience with their pristine nature and numerous family-friendly activities. From cycling and hiking to discovering the local culture, these islands will enchant both young and old.

In Friesland with kids, you’ll have an adventurous and educational vacation. The province offers a range of experiences, from urban explorations to the serene beauty of the Wadden Islands. Be inspired by our tips and discover the wonders of Friesland together!

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