Family-friendly hotel Schiermonnikoog

In this blog family-friendly hotel Schiermonnikoog, we are going to show the different options you have as parents with kids to stay on the island of Schiermonnikoog. Schiermonnikoog is a small island, but well worth a visit. We visited the island and had a great time here with our daughter. We wrote the blog Schiermonnikoog with kids about this before.

In this blog we look at family-friendly hotels on Schiermonnikoog, and unfortunately there are not super many of them. You really only have two accommodations suitable for families of four. Of course, we are going to discuss these two accommodations in this blog.

1. Hotel Cafe Restaurant Duinzicht

The first hotel in this list of family-friendly hotels on Schiermonnikoog is Hotel Cafe Restaurant Duinzicht. This is actually the only hotel on Schiermonnikoog that offers rooms for families of four. Because you cannot be on the island by car (without a waiver), you can walk to the hotel from the ferry docking point. This is just over a 15-minute walk.

The family rooms offered by this family hotel on Schiermonnikoog are 28m2 in size and have four single beds for the four family members. In addition, this family room has a seating area in the room and also a seating area outside. This is obviously very nice if you have young children, for example, and you can have a drink when the kids are asleep.

As the name suggests, the hotel also includes a cafe and restaurant, where you can go for a bite to eat and a drink. Near the terrace outside is also a playground for the kids. It is also possible to use the sauna and solarium at this hotel. You walk from the hotel to the beach in about 15 minutes.

For more information about Hotel Cafe Restaurant Duinzicht, take a look here.

Hotel Cafe Restaurant Duinzicht Review

This family-friendly hotel on Schiermonnikoog receives an 8.2 overall rating from over 800 guest reviews. Families with kids give the hotel a 9.1 overall score. More than 90 families with kids have rated the hotel. Based on the reviews of these families with kids, we list some of the positives and negatives of the hotel.

Positives Hotel Cafe Restaurant Duinzicht: the clean family room, location, friendly staff and breakfast are the positives most mentioned by families with kids.

Negative points Hotel Cafe Restaurant Duinzicht: few negative points of the hotel are often mentioned by families with kids, but a few families indicated that they found the family room a bit dated.

For more information about Hotel Cafe Restaurant Duinzicht, take a look here.

Family-friendly hotel Schiermonnikoog
Family-friendly hotel Schiermonnikoog

2. Landal Vitamaris

The second accommodation in our list of family-friendly hotels on Schiermonnikoog is not really a hotel, but a vacation park owned by Landal. This resort also has several apartments for families. Certainly for families larger than four, they also have apartments here (for families of eight, for example).

For kids, there is plenty to do at this vacation park. Thus, there is a play corner, a playground, an air trampoline, a recreation room and also a swimming pool. This pool is quite large and also has a paddling pool for the smallest kids. Also sitting by the pool is a spa with a sauna for parents.

The resort has a breakfast service and it is also possible to order groceries in advance and have them delivered to the apartment. Of course, it is also possible to bring your own from home. If you are looking for a place where the kids have space to play and a place that is a good starting point to explore the rest of the island then Landal Vitamaris is a very good option!

For more information about Landal Vitamaris, take a look here.

Landal Maris Review

This resort receives an 8.4 overall rating from more than 430 reviews.

Positives Landal Vitamaris: especially the apartments and the facilities such as the swimming pool are highly appreciated by families with kids. The location, friendly staff and wellness are also cited as positives.

Negative points Landal Vitamaris: Few negative points are mentioned, but a few families found the apartments too hot in the summer months. Now it helps that there is always a decent breeze on the island, which certainly provides cooling.

For more information about Landal Vitamaris, take a look here.

Alternative options in Groningen

Unfortunately, there are not so many options on Schiermonnikoog to stay overnight with the family. We ourselves therefore chose to stay overnight in the city of Groningen and visit the island of Schiermonnikoog in a day trip. From the center of the city of Groningen, it is about a 40-minute drive to the boarding point (Lauwersoog) of the boat. 

Because the island is not super big, we rented bikes right upon arrival and biked around the island. In the evening, we then took the boat back to the mainland. This can be an option, of course, and the city of Groningen is certainly a fun city to visit with kids. We already wrote the blog Groningen with kids about this, in which we listed all the activities for families with kids. 

If you are looking for a nice family hotel in Groningen, you have more choices than on Schiermonnikoog. We list some options below. Press the blue link for more information!

  1. City Hotel Groningen
  2. Best Western Apartments Groningen Centre
  3. Best Western Plus Hotel Groningen Plaza
  4. Suite at the A
  5. Hotel Miss Blanche

Hotel Groningen with swimming pool.

  1. Best Western Hotel Plus Hotel Groningen Plaza
  2. Fletcher Family Hotel Paterswolde
  3. Hotel Waddengenot

Family-friendly hotel Schiermonnikoog
Family-friendly hotel Schiermonnikoog

Hotel Schiermonnikoog with swimming pool

Families with kids often search for a hotel in Schiermonnikoog with a swimming pool, but unfortunately there are no hotels in Schiermonnikoog that offer family rooms and that also have a swimming pool. You do have a swimming pool at the vacation park Landal Vitamaris. Here you have an excellent pool and also nice apartments for large families.

For more information about Landal Vitamaris, take a look here.

Family Hotel Schiermonnikoog

If you are looking for a family hotel on Schiermonnikoog, unfortunately there are few options. We have listed two accommodations on Schiermonnikoog that are suitable for families with kids. We list them briefly below. Click on the blue link for more information.

  1. Hotel Cafe Restaurant Duinzicht
  2. Landal Vitamaris
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