Drenthe with kids

Discover Drenthe with kids, a province that offers both adventure and relaxation for the whole family. Drenthe is home to some of the most exciting and family-friendly destinations in the Netherlands, perfect for families looking for both education and fun.

One of the top attractions in Drenthe is Wildlands Emmen. This modern zoo takes you on a journey around the world through different habitats, where you can not only see a variety of animals but also experience interactive adventures. Wildlands Emmen is more than just a zoo; it’s an adventurous exploration that will fascinate both kids and adults.

For the little ones, Plopsa Indoor Coevorden is an absolute must-visit. This indoor theme park, located near Coevorden, offers a range of attractions, shows, and play areas, perfect for a day of fun regardless of the weather. In addition to the well-known Plopsa characters, there are plenty of activities to burn off your kids energy.

Emmen itself is a family-friendly city that has much more to offer than just Wildlands. There are various activities that are perfect for a day out with the family. From parks and playgrounds to cultural attractions, Emmen offers plenty to fill a day or weekend with fun and discoveries.

On this page, we will take you through the best activities and attractions in Drenthe for families. Discover with us how you can experience a time full of fun and adventure with your kids in Drenthe!

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