Switzerland with kids

Traveling with kids is an adventure in itself, and Switzerland is a fantastic destination for this. In this series of blogs, I’ll take you along the most beautiful cities of Switzerland, and show you how to best explore these places with your family.

We start in Lucerne, a city surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Here, you’ll find activities that are fun for the whole family, especially outside the city. From boating on the lake to exploring the mountains, Lucerne is a playground for both young and old.

Then there’s Lausanne, a city perfect for a weekend getaway. With its charming streets and a range of activities for kids, from museums to outdoor adventures, Lausanne offers fun for the entire family.

Geneva is known for its beautiful lake and is more than just a city of diplomats. Here, you can enjoy the water, visit interesting museums, and experience the local culture, all in a family-friendly way.

Basel might seem less suitable for a long trip at first glance, but this city has surprisingly a lot to offer for families. Whether it’s visiting the zoo or exploring historical sites, there’s plenty to do for a short visit.

Finally, there’s Bern, the capital, where a short city trip with kids can be a unique experience. While a longer stay might be too much, Bern has enough to offer for a few days of fun.

Follow this series for tips, tricks, and recommendations to get the most out of your family vacation in Switzerland!

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