Buchara with kids

Buchara with kids: 6 activities in a row!

Buchara with kids is just fine! Of course, it is not a city with a huge number of children’s activities, but if your kids are adventurous, you as a family will certainly have a great time for a few days in the city. Indeed, the city is beautiful and has magnificent buildings. We list the best sights we visited in the city with our eight-year-old daughter.

Buchara with kids
Buchara with kids

Buchara General

Buchara, compared to Tashkent, is like a village. Consequently, it is home to “only” about 200,000 people compared to several million in Tashkent. Consequently, traffic is a lot less busy here. In Buchara, the old city is car-free which makes it super peaceful to visit the old city. All of Buchara’s highlights are within walking distance of each other in the old town.

There are many beautiful mosques with many mosaics in blue and green colors. Really beautiful to see and walk through. Some mosques require you to pay a small entrance fee, usually less than half a euro per person. We were there in low season (July) and it was not crowded at all. At most, there were a few other tourists walking around.

Instead of cars, there are tuktuks in the old city that you can use as a mode of transportation. We found it very pleasant to be transported this way for a few euros and feel the wind through your hair. This was no luxury as the temperature here was over 40 degrees.

There are plenty of restaurants in the old town. We ate at Old Buchara and Minzifa, among others, because they also had some vegetarian dishes on the menu there. It’s nice sitting by the water in Old Town at Lyabi Hauz restaurant.

#1 Po-i Kalyan complex and Kalyan mosque

This complex is perhaps the most beautiful and largest complex in Buchara. It is located right in the center of Buchara in the pedestrian area. It is a beautiful complex with a large courtyard. It’s nice to walk around here and also be able to seek shade for a while.

For a small fee you can enter this complex. Women must wear clothing up to the ankles and cover their shoulders. If you don’t have one, you can borrow a skirt and/or scarf at the entrance. Men must also wear clothing up to the ankles. If you don’t have this, you can borrow pants at the entrance.

Buchara with kids
Nadir Divonbegi Madrasah

#2 Nadir Divonbegi Madrasah

This is a beautiful mosque on the edge of a park with a beautiful pond. This mosque is also beautifully decorated with beautiful mosaics in blue and green colors. You can easily combine a visit to this complex with a cooling drink by the pond at Lyabi Hauz.

#3 Kalyan minaret

This minaret also belongs to the Po-i Kalyan complex. It is a beautiful, brick tower. Unlike the other minarets, this one is not colorfully decorated, but no less impressive for that. Detail: this tower used to be used to execute criminals by throwing them off the tower or.

#4 Abdullaziz Khan

Also a beautifully decorated complex and well worth a visit! Opposite this complex is a Muslim school that is still operational. So you can’t enter here either, but you can walk around and admire the various, small souvenir shops.

Buchara with kids
Buchara with kids

#5 Ark of Buchara

This is the old city wall of Buchara. When you walk in through the entrance, you come to a museum about the city. The entrance is on a large square where there are also all kinds of tuktuks to transport you through downtown. Unlike other complexes in the city, the ark is not decorated with blue/green mosaic, but has a brick appearance with white details.

#6 Chor Minor mosque

We found this to be the cutest structure in Buchara. It is a small mosque with four minarets. You can enter here and then find a small souvenir shop. If you pay a small fee, you can also climb to the roof to see the minarets even closer.

Buchara with kids
Buchara with kids

Where to stay in Buchara with kids?

We slept at the Sahid Zarafshon hotel. This hotel is more than a kilometer outside the old center and therefore away from most of the sights. You can of course easily walk this distance, but since it was so hot we opted to take an Uber to the center. This costs about half a euro one way.

The hotel is nicely sized and has a spacious indoor and outdoor pool with plenty of sunbeds. It also has a spa that includes a sauna and a steam room. We booked a Deluxe room but were upgraded to a suite upon check-in. As a result, we had a very spacious room with a bathtub. Breakfast is also very extensive.

We did have an unpleasant experience with the hotel at check-out. Suddenly it turned out that in our room there was damage to a book (there was a tear in a leaf in a kind of Yellow Pages of Uzbekistan, which we had not had in our hands) and they wanted an amount for it. We had read about this beforehand in reviews about the hotel and of course we did not pay for it. For more information about the hotel, take a look here.

For a complete list of all family-friendly hotels in Buchara, take a look here.

Buchara with kids
Buchara with kids

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