Tashkent with kids

Tashkent with kids: 5 kids’ activities in a row!

Tashkent with kids is fun! Tashkent is the largest city in Uzbekistan and its airport is located just outside the city. Note that getting Uzbek sum can sometimes be difficult. Some ATMs are off or empty. At the airport, for example, when we arrived, it was not possible to use debit cards. Fortunately, there are plenty of ATMs in the center where you can withdraw money. The people are very friendly and helpful though. We list the best children’s activities in Tashkent!

How to get around in Tashkent and Uzbekistan?

We always used cabs in Uzbekistan within the cities to get around and ordered them using the Yango app. To use the Yango app (a kind of Uber app for Uzbekistan), you need an Uzbek phone number. Getting around Tashkent without this app is difficult because the distances between sights are great.

We therefore bought an Uzbek sim card with 7 GB of credit for less than 10 Euro. This works super and you are not dependent on locals to arrange a cab for you because of this. For a 15-minute ride, you pay about 1.50 Euros.

#1 Chorsu Bazaar

The Chorsu Bazar is a big market where they really sell all kinds of things. Chickens, vegetables, meat, fish, spices, toys, furniture and gold. We super enjoyed visiting this market and smelling the scents of fresh fruits and vegetables. Moreover, the market is very photogenic because of the many colors of the merchandise and people walking around.

We walked around for about 1 hour and certainly did not see everything. So you can have fun here for much longer.

Tashkent with kids
Tashkent with kids

#2 Television tower of Tashkent

The city’s television tower is next to Tashkentland (an amusement park with water park). On the 8th floor of the television tower (the highest floor accessible to visitors) is a restaurant where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the city while having a drink.

The restaurant looks very fancy but the prices are not too bad for European standards. The tables are on a turntable that allows you to admire the view from all sides. On the 6th floor is the viewing platform where you can also get a nice view and possibly buy some drinks.

Admission to the television tower costs only a few euros, so it is well worth visiting with the family.

TV tower Tashkent
TV tower Tashkent

#3 Water parks in Tashkent

You can go to several water parks in Tashkent with kids. We visited two water parks in the city. You have about five of them. For example, we visited the water parks Tashkentland and Aqualand.

Tashkentland is an amusement park that includes a roller coaster and a Ferris wheel. When we were there (in summer and during the day), the amusement park itself was closed. We only visited the adjacent water park. Entrance to the park costs a few euros.

You have several pools there, including one wave pool. In addition, there are slides for both adults and kids. Sophie was 8 years old and was allowed to go down all the slides (the two highest white slides were closed). We found this water park very nice to visit and cool off for a while and we enjoyed ourselves here for a few hours.

There are plenty of shaded areas in the park and there are also sunbeds that you can use for free. The options for something to eat are quite limited (hamburgers with fries), though. Drinks do come in all kinds and chilled.

In addition, we visited Aqualand in Tashkent. This is another great water park to go to for a few hours. This water park is slightly smaller than Tashkentland and therefore a bit more manageable. For a few hours of cooling off, we definitely recommend both water parks if, again, you don’t expect too much.

Tashkent water park
Tashkent water park

#4 Magic City

Magic City is a kind of Disney-style mall. You have several stores there, both clothing stores and toy stores, for example. There are also very many terraces and restaurants where you can have something to eat or drink. There are also lots of ice cream parlors with delicious ice cream.

In the Magic Park (a hall inside) there are all kinds of attractions that you can enter for a fee. Consider a small roller coaster, bumper cars and a haunted house. Sophie and Joep visited the haunted house which Sophie found very scary 😉 . Magic City is super fun to walk through for a while.

It is very modern and well maintained. You also have an “up side down” house there. In this house, you can take fun, Instagram-worthy, photos where it looks like you’re upside down. At night, there are also shows you can go to. Magic City itself is free to enter.

Magic City Tashkent
Magic City Tashkent

#5 Khast Imam Complex

This is a distinctive complex with mosaic stones. It looks super beautiful and is definitely worth visiting. Unfortunately, the complex was being renovated at the time of our visit and we were unable to visit it. Of course, most travelers in Uzbekistan visit the cities of Samarkand and Bukhara, and you’ll come across plenty of these kinds of beautiful mosaic buildings.

If you are only visiting the capital city in Uzbekistan, then it is definitely a must-see.

Where to stay in Tashkent with kids?

We slept at the Old Tashkent hotel and spa just outside the city center. In 10 minutes, you can be in the city center with an Uber. The restaurant has a nice outdoor pool for cooling off after a day in the city.

There is also an indoor pool(s) and a sauna and steam room that you can use for a fee. We had booked a suite. This was a very spacious and modern room with a separate bedroom for the parents and a sofa bed (very comfortable and spacious) for Sophie.

Breakfast at the hotel is very good and very extensive. We honestly did not expect such a good breakfast at this hotel.

For more information on the Old Tashkent hotel, take a look here.

For a list of all family-friendly hotels in Tashkent, take a look here.

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