Seychelles with kids

Seychelles with kids: mini travel guide for families!

You can visit the Seychelles islands with kids just fine during one of the school vacations. The beaches are beautiful, there is little time difference with Holland and it is also a very safe destination. In that regard, it is an ideal vacation destination for families who love adventure and want a wonderful beach vacation away from Europe. We visited several islands of Seychelles during the Christmas vacations and based on this trip, we list below all the information about Seychelles for families.

Seychelles with kids
Seychelles with kids

Seychelles with kids: Flying to the islands.

You don’t have direct flights flying to Seychelles from the Netherlands, unfortunately. You can fly with a stopover from Amsterdam on major carriers such as Emirates, Kenya Airlines and Qatar Airlines and it will take you about 13 to 15 hours to fly from Amsterdam to Mahé. We ourselves flew from Düsseldorf on Turkish Airlines and took 14 hours.

From Düsseldorf to Istanbul it was just under 3 hours of flying, then we had a transfer where we spent three hours at Istanbul Airport, then from Istanbul we flew to the Seychelles in 7.5 hours. Both of our flights were at night so it felt like a fairly short flight. In the process, Sophie actually slept on the long flight from Istanbul to Mahé at a stretch.

Seychelles with kids
Seychelles with kids

Seychelles with kids: what to consider?

If you are traveling to Seychelles with kids, there are a few things to consider. We briefly name them below.

  • Time difference with the Netherlands is three hours. In Seychelles, it is three hours later than in the Netherlands. Because of this, we also did not have a very big jet lag when we arrived. Because of the flight, we were obviously fairly tired, so it was no problem to go to sleep a few hours early the first night on Mahé.
  • The facilities in Seychelles are not yet super developed, making it not comparable to a vacation to Italy or to Spain. For example, you will find few facilities on most beaches, which means that especially with lunch, you need to watch carefully where you go for lunch. Also, on the islands there are not really big supermarkets and you have mostly small stores with a limited assortment.
  • Arrange your transportation from Mahé airport in advance. We had not arranged this in advance because we had seen in advance that the ride from the airport to the hotel was only a few minutes. Still, we had to pay 40 euros for a cab. So, since there is no public transportation leaving from the airport, we were forced to take this cab. Later we rented a car on the same island for 50 euros for a whole day. We thought that was a very big difference.

Seychelles with kids
Seychelles with kids

  • Seychelles is definitely not a budget destination. You soon pay quite a bit of money at the supermarket for groceries or for a meal at a restaurant. So you can’t compare the country in terms of prices with countries in Asia, for example, where the price level is much lower.
  • Seychelles is a safe destination. In that respect, while on vacation to Seychelles with kids, you don’t have to be very afraid of becoming a victim of crime. We did not feel unsafe for a single moment on all three islands, which is always very nice when you are traveling with your kids.
  • Bring water shoes. In the sea of the various beaches there are many stones and coral and after a week we had our feet quite open in several places. Coral can be really sharp and can make a cut in your foot like that if you step on it. Therefore, water shoes are not a luxury on your trip to Seychelles with kids.

Seychelles with kids
Seychelles with kids

Seychelles with kids: which islands to visit?

Seychelles has a total of 115 unique islands, but most tourists visit the three major islands: Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. Mahé is actually visited by every tourist, since the airport is located here, and on the other two islands you will find the most beautiful beaches in the country. From these islands you can also book day trips to several other smaller islands.

We visited Mahé Island for a total of two days, Praslin Island for three days and la Digue Island for no less than ten days. In retrospect, we would have liked to stay less on La Digue and a little longer on the island of Mahé. A good ratio might be for these islands: Mahé three days, Praslin three days and La Digue 4 or 5 days. Then you’re down to about ten days and if you’re going for two weeks, make sure you book a hotel with a pool on one of the islands as well, so you can spend a few more days relaxing with your kids by the pool.

Seychelles with kids
Seychelles with kids

Seychelles with kids: transportation between islands

Transportation between the islands of the Seychelles is by boat for most tourists (you can also go by helicopter, but that comes with a price tag that most tourists cannot afford). Several times a day, the Cat Cocos ferry sails between the three different islands. Here, the ferry sails from Mahé to Praslin and then on to the island of La Digue.

The ferry takes just over an hour from Mahé to Praslin and from Praslin to La Digue the sailing time is about 15 minutes. Since it stops in between at Praslin and tourists have to get out at this destination including luggage, you should expect the boat to be idle in Praslin port for fifteen minutes to half an hour.

We booked the tickets for the three crossings online through the Cat Cocos website. It is also possible to buy tickets at the port itself, but especially during the busy Christmas period, you are likely to find tickets sold out by then.

Seychelles with kids
Seychelles with kids

Seychelles with kids: island of Mahé

The island of Mahé is the largest island in the Seychelles and you also land here by plane. It is possible to go from the airport directly to the boat terminal and then sail directly to the other islands, but you must not be delayed from your plane. We chose to drive straight to a hotel with pool on Mahé after our flight.

We also took the local bus from the hotel to the capital Victoria the first day for a few euros, but it is not a very fast means of transportation. After all, you don’t know when the next bus will come by, and there are quite a few bus routes across this island. It is best to rent a car on this island. The island is not super big and in one day you can make quite a nice tour of the island.

If you want to stop at several beaches in Seychelles with kids, then it is wise to spend several days on this island. We visited five different beaches on this island and list the main attractions below.

Seychelles with kids
Seychelles with kids

#1 Capital Victoria: This is one of the smallest capitals in the world and it feels like a village. You can visit the local market here in Seychelles with kids and walk around the streets lined with stores. They have some kind of Big Ben lookalike, but we didn’t think that was a big deal. You don’t have to take a lot of time to visit Victoria, and you can quickly see this capital city.

#2 Beau Vallon: This is perhaps the most touristy place on the island and is also where most of the hotels and restaurants are located. You have an excellent beach here and enough facilities to start your vacation on this island here. You also have plenty of tours here at the beach that you can book with different organizations. In retrospect, we ourselves would have preferred to book a hotel in this place for the first day, since you are right on the beach.

Seychelles with kids
Seychelles with kids

#3 Eden Island: this is an artificial island built in the north of the island where you can rent very luxurious villas. Here you also have plenty of shops and restaurants, despite the prices being quite high. If you have a rental car, it may be an option to stop here for an ice cream during your trip to Seychelles with kids.

#4 Petite Ans: On this beach is the Four Seasons hotel, where an overnight stay in the simplest room starts at 1700 euros per night. You can just visit this beach and you just need to sign in at the entrance gate of the hotel. It does take quite a long walk down the mountain (and later up) to the beach, but the beach is beautiful.

You can also snorkel very well here and we saw many different fish here. Near the beach is also the hotel’s swimming pool and we also took a dip in it (despite the fact that we probably weren’t supposed to ;)).

#5 Anse Intendance: when we talked to some locals about which beach to visit on island Mahé, this beach in the south of the island came up. Also online, this beach is listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in Seychelles. In our opinion, some of the beaches on the islands of Praslin and La Digue are more beautiful, but nevertheless, it is certainly a very nice beach.

Actually, you have plenty of beautiful beaches all over the island, and many of them are very quiet. For example, we also visited Grande Anse, where almost no one was when we were there. Just keep in mind that there are not many amenities on the beaches themselves and you often have to go to the villages around the beaches for your food.

Seychelles with kids
Seychelles with kids

Seychelles with kids: island of Praslin

The second island we visited is Praslin Island. Also on this island, the biggest attractions are the beaches. Therefore, it’s safe to say that visiting Seychelles with kids is only fun if your family loves the beach. There is one bus line on Praslin, with the buses making a round trip around the island, so it is certainly possible to be transported around the island this way.

This is, of course, a tremendously inexpensive option, but sometimes you will be waiting a long time at the bus stop. We wanted to rent a car last minute, but nothing was available anymore. We therefore visited part of the island by cab and part by local bus. There is only one traffic light on the island and that is at the island’s local airport. If a plane wants to land or take off, the traffic light is temporarily red.

The most touristic place on this island is around Anse Volbert (Côte D’Or). Here you will find most of the accommodations and restaurants and this is a great place to stay for a few days. We visited most of the sights on this island and we briefly list them below. 

Seychelles with kids
Seychelles with kids

#1 Anse Lazio: we think this is the most beautiful beach to visit in Seychelles with kids. Very nice white beach, not too crowded and beautiful big stones, which you do know from the pictures if you search Seychelles on the Internet. Anse Lazio is in the north of the island and you can park your car at the beach. There are two restaurants at this beach, but both of them were closed when we visited the beach.

#2 Curieuse Island: this is an island that is about 15 minutes by boat from Praslin Island and here you will find quite a lot of giant turtles on the island. We took a boat to this island from Anse Volbert through Sagittarius Taxi Boat Excursions (they only have a Facebook page) and stayed there for a total of about three hours. That is also enough, because then you have seen it too.

First you enter the area where dozens of turtles walk and then we walked a route across the island to the other side of the island. Here we were picked up again by the boat after three hours. We found it a fun half-day trip, but it is a pricey ferry crossing. If during your vacation in Seychelles with kids you also visit island La Digue, you’re bound to encounter the giant turtles.

Seychelles with kids
Seychelles with kids

#3 Anse Georgette: This beach is also listed as the most beautiful beach in Seychelles. Again, you have to walk quite a bit before you get to the beach, and you have to ask permission in advance from the Constance Lumeria resort. This resort allows only a limited number of tourists through each day on the property in addition to its own guests. Another option to reach this beach is all the way through the mountains, but with kids this is not really an option.

We had the owner of our guesthouse call and by then it was already full, but if you indicate that you just want to take a picture at the front desk, they usually just let you in. We too went there and the reception did not make a big deal. Beautiful beach, but again few amenities. So bring food and drink in advance when you visit this beautiful beach.

#4 Vallee de Mai National Park: you can also hike through nature on the island of Praslin in Seychelles with kids. You walk a route through the dense vegetation here after paying admission at the entrance and along the way you will encounter all kinds of information about nature. You can also visit the park with a guide, but our daughter usually doesn’t have the attention span for that.

The park is known for its large coconut coco de mer. We thought it was fine to walk around this national park, but didn’t find it super spectacular. But that, of course, is each person’s own opinion. By the way, on the island of Praslin you have another national park where you can see the coco de mer. This is Fond Ferdinand park. Here the entrance fee is half as much as the Vallee de Mai park entrance fee.

Seychelles with kids
Seychelles with kids

Seychelles with kids: island of La Digue

The most fun island to visit during your vacation to Seychelles with kids is the island of La Digue. This is a small island, with bicycles being the main mode of transportation. We stayed on this island for only 11 days, which in retrospect may have been a little too long, but we really did find this to be the most relaxing island. The distances on this small island are not great and the greatest cycling distance is about half an hour.

Throughout the island, you have plenty of bike rental companies and most accommodations also rent bikes. We rented three bikes from our accommodation for eleven days and paid about 200 euros for them. Just keep in mind that it can be quite uphill and downhill, and with small kids it’s best to rent a bike with a child seat. We frequently had to push our daughter up the mountain.

Again, of course, the beaches are the biggest attractions. We list the best sights to do here on this Seychelles island with kids below.

#1 The beaches in the south of the island: the most beautiful beaches on the island of La Digue are in the south. First you have Grand Anse, which is a fairly large beach with white sand and few stones in the sea. The sea can be a bit turbulent here, but our daughter just loves that. We also spent days here all day in the warm sea and playing on the beach and rocks.

From Grand Anse beach you can walk the Anse Caiman trail to two more nice beaches. For example, during this trail you will pass Petite Ans and Anse Cocos which are also really beautiful beaches. You have to climb a bit over rocks here, but the path is good to walk with kids.

Seychelles with kids
Seychelles with kids

#2 Anse Source D’Argent: This is known as the most beautiful beach in the Seychelles and you also have to pay an entrance fee for this beach. We thought it was a beautiful beach, but to say it was the most beautiful beach on the island we did not think so (Anse Lazio was more beautiful).

What is nice when you visit this beach is that you also pass by a large mud pool with mega stone, where several giant turtles can be found. Also on this beach, the facilities are minimal and you can eat at two bars, but the choice is not wide. You get a bracelet at this beach, which allows you to come back to the beach throughout the day without paying again.

#3 Félicite and Cocos Island: you can also go half-day snorkeling by boat from La Digue. Most tours visit the islands of Félicite and Cocos and you can do very good snorkeling here. We encountered many fish, turtles and manta rays during our snorkeling trip.

#4 Nid D’Aigle: You can also walk to a beautiful viewpoint on this Seychelles island with kids. With kids, you can walk up the mountain to the Belle Vue Café and from here you already have a beautiful view of the island. This is a short tough climb though, but you can have a nice drink here with a beautiful view. Please note that on Sundays this café is closed.

Then one parent can continue climbing to Nid D’Aigle, while your kids have a drink with your partner in the café. Here you have three different viewpoints where you also have a very nice view of the whole island. This climb is quite tough and with small kids not really a nice option.

#5 Anse Patate: this is a small beach, but very beautiful. Sometimes the place is very crowded and sometimes there is no one here at all. Visit this beach in the early morning and you have a good chance of having the beach all to yourself.

Seychelles with kids
Seychelles with kids

What does a trip to Seychelles with kids cost?

When we returned from our trip to Seychelles, we were soon asked what the cost of a trip to Seychelles with kids is. As we mentioned earlier in this blog, it is not a low budget destination. We list below our expenses we made on this island during the Christmas vacations.

Airfare: 1650 euros

Accommodations: 1500 euros

Parking car Dusseldorf Airport: 144 euros

Boat between the islands: 300 euros

Rental car: 50 euros for one day

All pin transactions for food, drinks, excursions etc: 2144 euros

PCR testing (we went into the corona era 2021/2022) : 225 euros.

In total, we spent 6013 euros for 17 days with the three of us. A lot of money and then we really didn’t do any crazy splurges. If you really go out to eat luxuriously every day and stay in more expensive accommodations, you’ll quickly exceed 10,000 euros with the family.

Seychelles with kids
Seychelles with kids

Seychelles with kids: best travel time

Because the islands of Seychelles are located around the equator, the temperature on the islands fluctuates between 28 and 30 degrees. In that respect, you can actually visit the islands all year round. However, rainfall can be high and the months of July through September have the least rainfall. We visited the islands in the wettest months and that was during the Christmas vacations (December and January). 

Despite this period being the rainy season, we spent most days in the sun. Usually it rained at the end of the day and at night. Still, it can sometimes rain a lot during this period if you are unlucky. It does make a difference that it is warm and that a shower is quite different from what you experience in the Netherlands. Also, do not stare blindly at the weather predictions on the Internet, as there is little to say about this. It can sometimes pour rain on one part of the island and then full sunshine again ten minutes later. 

Seychelles with kids
Seychelles with kids

Seychelles with kids: Where to stay?

You have plenty of accommodations where you can stay in Seychelles with kids. We list some great options for the three different islands!

Mahe Island:

Budget: E&E Self Catering

Middle Class: Lazare Picault Hotel

Luxury: Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa

For a list of all accommodations on the island of Mahé click here.

Praslin Island:

Budget: Home Confort Self Catering

Middle Class: Residence Praslinoise

Luxury: Palm Beach Hotel

For a list of all accommodations on the island of Praslin click here.

La Digue Island:

Budget: Chloe’s Cottage Self-Catering

Middle Class: Island Bungalow

Luxury: La Digue Island Lodge

For a list of all accommodations on the island of La Digue click here.

Seychelles with kids
Seychelles with kids

Seychelles with kids: Conclusion

We really enjoyed our vacation in Seychelles. The beaches are really unique with the big rocks on the beach and the atmosphere on the islands is generally very relaxed. However, we did expect that there would be more facilities and amenities in the country. Therefore, it cannot be compared to a beach vacation to Spain or Italy and you have to be a bit of a traveler to still enjoy then. If you have no problems with that, then you can really make a very nice trip to this beautiful country!

Seychelles with kids
Seychelles with kids

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