Peloponnese with kids

What to do on Peloponnese with kids? The Greek Peloponnese peninsula is the ideal destination to travel around with kids. The Peloponnese is located in southern mainland Greece just an hour’s drive from Athens. The Corinthian Canal connects the peninsula with the rest of Greece. Every spot in the Peloponnese is different, unique, authentic and full of culture. Nature is breathtakingly beautiful. The mountains and coast are never far apart. The sea is azure, the villages are picturesque and the food is so incredibly delicious and affordable. A tour of the Peloponnese with kids offers a great mix of culture, activities, sun, sea and beach. In this blog, we list the best children’s activities on Peloponnese.

Best travel time Peloponnese with kids

The best travel time to the Peloponnese is from May through September. Although heat waves with temperatures around 40 degrees occur, the average temperature in high season is around 30 degrees. In the mountains and higher elevations, the temperature is between 20 and 25 degrees. Peloponnese thus offers an ideal climate for both sun lovers and action lovers.

Peloponnese with kids

Transportation on Peloponnese

An ideal way to travel around the Peloponnese with kids is by rental car. The roads in the Peloponnese are excellent and quiet. With a rental car, you can travel at your own pace and decide where to go. You can stop whenever and wherever you want. This way you will get to places where the average tourist does not go and where the real Greece still exists.

And so you and your kids decide which playground, beach and ice cream parlor to stop at. You can also avoid crowds at the larger sights by going by private transportation.

If you fly into Athens, both airfare and a rental car are a lot cheaper than from Kalamata. Ryanair has a direct connection to Athens with daily flights from Brussels Charlois. If you book on time then the average price for a medium rental car is between €200 and €250 per week. Keep in mind that you will have to pay tolls on several roads along the way. The price of diesel and gasoline is about the same as the Netherlands.

You can rent a car in Athens at the airport with the organization Sunny Cars. With Sunny Cars, you pay one price and there most insurance and often the deductible are included in the price. For more information on renting a car at Athens airport with Sunny Cars, take a look here.

Children’s activities Peloponnese

#1 Delphi and the Bay of Galaxidi

The perfect combination with kids! Although the archaeological site of Delphi is not on the Peloponnese, it is a first stop for most travelers before heading to the Peloponnese. We too drove from Athens to Galaxidi in 2.5 hours. Galaxidi is a small picturesque coastal village with a beautiful bay and attractive center just 30 km from Delphi. This makes it the ideal base for visiting Delphi with kids.

Delphi is the most visited and respected oracle of all antiquity. Because of this, we expected it to be very big, touristy and crowded. But nothing could be further from the truth! Because we were there early in the morning (09.00) it was quiet and still manageable with the heat.

Children's activities Peloponnese

Delphi is located in a beautiful valley. The walk along the excavations was breathtakingly beautiful. After walking for about an hour, we went to visit the accompanying museum. The museum also exceeded our expectations and the kids listened attentively and looked at everything. Kids are free and adult admission is €12. This is for the visit to the archaeological site and the museum together. Keep in mind that Delphi is often closed between noon and 4 p.m. during the peak season.

For lunch we drove back to Galaxidi and spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the bay of Galaxidi and the pool of Kalafata beach bar. In Galaxidi you can choose from numerous restaurants but the most family-friendly is in the square by the fountain and playground.

If you’re looking for family-friendly accommodation in the Delphi area, take a look here.

Peloponnese with the family
Peloponnese with kids

#2 Diakofto Railway

After 2 nights in Galaxidi, we went from the mainland to the Peloponnese via the famous 2880-meter Rio Antirrio Bridge. Our next destination is Stemnitsa, a small town in the mountains near the more famous Dimitsana. We opted for a stopover in Diakofto. From Galaxidi, this is a 1-hour and 50-minute drive. Here we had delicious lunch on the beach and swam in the sea.

If you have longer time and stay overnight in Diakofto then the Diakofto Railway is a recommended thing to do with kids. An old diesel train leaves on the narrow track from the town of Diakofto. The train takes you along a stunning 22-kilometer route through the Voraikos Gorge to Kalavrita high in the mountains.

The route to it has been declared one of the most beautiful train routes in the world, and in Kalavrita you have beautiful views and hiking trails. The little train from Diakofto to Kalavrita and back goes daily. A one-way ticket costs €9.50 per person. Booking in advance is wise, as only 3 trains a day go up.

For a list of all family-friendly accommodations in Diakofto, take a look here.

#3 Lousios gorge and the monastery of Moni Prodromou

After a delicious lunch and dip in the sea, we drove on to Stemnitsa. The drive took 2.5 hours but we were not bored for a moment with all the beautiful views. Stemnitsa is a small mountain village with beautiful views close to the more famous Dimitsana. The village has a bakery, mini supermarket and an authentic local restaurant in addition to a fun playground for the kids.

The reason we traveled to Stemnitsa is the Lousios Gorge. The gorge is 5 km long and about 300 meters deep. On the steep cliffs are many medieval monasteries and churches. Stemnitsa is just a few kilometers from the Monastery of Moni Prodromou. A hanging monastery on a cliff where Monks still live year-round.

This is the only monastery where tourists are allowed to visit and drink coffee with the monks. The car ride is challenging, with winding turns with no guard rails but really worth it. For hiking enthusiasts, there is also a substantial hiking trail along several monasteries and castles from the beginning of the village or from Dimitsana.

Children's activities Peloponnese

A family-friendly hiking trail starts at the Moni Prodromou parking lot and takes you to the monastery in about 20 minutes. From the moment the monastery enters the picture it feels like a fairy tale. And the views of the Lousios Gorge are breathtakingly beautiful. Long pants or skirts and covered shoulders are required to enter the monastery.

Only a handful of tourists come here every day. The visit to the Lousios Gorge and the Monastery of Moni Prodromou made a deep impression on us and the kids.

If you want to stay in Stemnita with kids, check here for a list of all family-friendly accommodations.

Peloponnese with kids

#4 Boat ride at Poti Cruises

After 2 nights in Stemnitsa, we drove on to Marathopoli in the Messania region. The ride took only 1 hour and 50 minutes. Just outside Marathopoli is Agrikies Country resort. Here we stayed 6 nights in a safari tent with private bathroom and air conditioning. A perfect place to stay with kids in every way. Fantastic pool, playground, soccer field and games.

The homemade breakfast buffet is included in the overnight rate, and they have an extensive menu for lunch and dinner. It is the perfect place as a base to explore the region of Messania with its beautiful beaches, vineyards and traditional villages. For more information about this resort, take a look here.

The nephew of the owners of Agrikies organizes boat trips under the name Poti Cruises. In 2 to 2.5 hours, you will sail past some of the highlights and excavations from the history of the Messania region and he will stop a few times to snorkel. For kids you pay only €10 and for adults €20. Super fun also to do in combination with a visit to the lovely town of Pylos and the castle of Pylos.

What to do on Peloponnese with kids

#5 Kayaking and Suppen on Riglia Beach.

After 6 nights in the Messenia region, we moved on to the middle finger of the Peloponnese also known as the Mani region. The drive there took just under 2 hours. We stayed in a beautiful house of Tzokeika Traditional Settlement in the town of Riglia (10 minutes from the more famous town of Stoupa). Riglia is located on the coast in a green setting with the impressive Taigetos Mountains in the background.

Peloponnese with kids

The beaches in the Mani region are beautiful, but in the larger towns like Stoupa, you’ll soon pay €50 per set for a sunbed. Very special considering sunbeds are free almost everywhere on the Peloponnese.

The beach near our accommodation is called Pantazi beach and is known for its good waves. At this beach on the right you pay €14 for two sunbeds including two bottles of water and two drinks of your choice. What made the beach especially perfect was the ability to rent a kayak or SUP board.

Super fun to do on the Peloponnese with kids. Two beach tents are also available and you can park easily. On the left side of the beach, you can see a white restaurant with a green canopy of plants perched on a hill. Here we ate the most delicious food of our entire vacation.

In Stoupa and Kardamili are nice stores and in the harbor town of Agios Nikolaos just a 4-minute drive from Riglia you can enjoy delicious and super atmospheric food in the harbor. There is a fantastic ice cream parlor to end the day with the kids.

Peloponnese with kids

#6 Castle of Nafplion

After 4 days, we drove in 2.5 hours to Nafplion, our last destination in the Peloponnese with kids. Here we stayed in a lovely Airbnb with pool just outside Nafplion. Being only 1.5 hours from Athens, Nafplion is a popular weekend destination for Greeks. You could tell this by the crowds and it was a lot more focused on tourism than the rest of the Peloponnese.

Despite that, Nafplion is a very beautiful city with a rich history and full of sights, fun stores and trendy restaurants. At the beginning of town is a large playground for the kids. On the promenade, we feasted our eyes on all the gigantic yachts. From the quay, you and the kids can hop on a boat to Bourtzi Castle for €4.50 per person. It resembles a fortress and is located on the islet of Agioi Theodoroi, 400 meters from Nafplion.

Nafplion is known for its many forts, the most famous of which is Palamidi Castle. The castle sits atop a hill. Entrance for kids is free and adults pay €8. There are two ways to get to the castle, one of which is via a climb of over 900 steps along the cliff. Option two is via the east side of the hilltop by car.

We went up by car and down the 900 steps. This was incredibly beautiful but tough. Two days later, we still had sore muscles and trembling calves. The kids, of course, were not bothered by anything and thought it was a great adventure.

For a list of all family-friendly accommodations in Nafplion, take a look here.

Nafplion Castle with kids

#7 Aquapolis Athens

Our flight back to the Netherlands left at 9:10 in the morning. Therefore, we chose to spend our last night near the Athens airport. Just 10 minutes from the airport is the neighborhood of Spata where we stayed at Boutique studios and Appartments. And let it be just 6 minutes from this accommodation Aquapolis. A fantastic large water park with a small zoo next to it.

We left early from Nafplion only to arrive at Aquapolis 1.5 hours later. After a day full of entertainment, we wrapped up our last day of vacation in Greece full of water fun and slides. Around the corner from the apartment is a traditional but hip restaurant where we had another great meal while the kids played in the playground.

Our rental cars had already been returned by the men and the next morning there were neatly arranged cabs waiting for us through the apartment. For €20 per cab, we were taken to the airport. Even our last day of travel we were able to spend in this way relaxed and full of fun. Really highly recommended!

Looking for a place to stay overnight in Spata? Then check out this list of family-friendly accommodations in Spata.

Peloponnese with kids

#8 Voidokilia Beach in the region of Messinia

One of the most beautiful beaches in the Peloponnese is Voidokilia Beach. The beach in the shape of the Greek letter omega consists of a semicircular strip of sand with dunes. It is a beautiful sandy beach with crystal clear shallow turquoise sea water, making it tremendously family-friendly. However, there are no facilities so you need to bring your own plenty of food and drink and provide a shaded area.

#9 Beaches in the Mani Region

You have a number of beaches to visit on Peloponnese with kids that are a little harder to find on Google. We discuss some of these beaches below.

Foneas Beach: this beach is slightly secluded. On a bend from the main road, you can drive down to where there are parking spots. The beach consists of large pebbles, but the water is stunningly clear. Its location in a small bay with high rocks makes it an impressive place to swim. And super fun to build towers with stones with the kids and do a stone throwing contest in the water. A small tavern is available for drinks and light refreshments. A perfect place to spend 2 hours in the afternoon.

Delphinia beach, in my opinion, is the most beautiful beach in the Stoupa area. In a beautiful bay that you reach by stairs is this beach where mostly locals come. It’s not stroller proof and you have to lug stuff around for a while, but it’s really worth it. The water is long shallow and with a fine pebble beach which makes it perfect for kids. There is a small tavern halfway up the stairs where you can get drinks and food. From the beach you can swim to a cave.

#10 Pylos and the Niokastro Castle

Pylos is an attractive port town with nice stores and terraces under the shade of trees. Pylos is built amphitheatrically against the slopes of the mountains in a bowl-shaped bay. Niokastro Castle was built by the Turks in 1573, on the hill above Pylos. The castle has two entrances and the fortress has six towers.

It’s a lot bigger than we thought beforehand full of corridors and ruins that you get to walk through. This made it an adventure for the kids. Inside the castle you will find an abundance of architecture and you can admire the Turkish fortress, General Maison’s quarters and the former mosque. Again, kids pay no admission. Adults pay €6.

Family-friendly restaurant Peloponnese

You can eat and drink just fine on Peloponnese with kids. You have a number of family-friendly restaurants on Peloponnese that we list below.

Kalafata Beach Bar Galaxidi: At the beginning of Galaxidi in the bend is Kalafata Beach Bar. The beach bar has free sunbeds in the beautiful bay of Galaxidi and a pool by the bar. You can eat amazingly delicious and inexpensive food there. Traditional Greek dishes as well as a club sandwich, pizza and burger. Kids can alternate between swimming in the shallow bay, catching fish and crabs and the pool.

A big plus to this family-friendly restaurant was the shade cloth over the pool. The beach, as in most places in the Peloponnese, consists of large pebbles so water shoes are a must.

Stemnitsa: right next to the Stemnitsa playground is a local restaurant with a few tables outside where they have a small traditional menu that can change daily. You can get incredibly good authentic food for little money. With 4 adults and 5 kids, we paid €65 including drinks.

Highly recommended is the spaghetti with lamb in a tomato sauce. The kids savored it. Right next to it is Georganta where you can drink great coffee and get the most delicious scoop ice cream.

Agrikies country retreat: from lunch to dinner, you can order traditional homemade dishes at Agrikies Country Retreat. We couldn’t get enough of the homemade Tzatziki and Imaam. Besides the regular menu that has so many goodies on it, they have a daily special every day. And if there really isn’t anything on the menu for the kids they will lovingly prepare something for them. Kids can swim in the pool or play in the playground.

Riki in Marathapoli: a hip family-run restaurant with a large indoor play area for the kids. There is a coloring table, play kitchen, cars, games and much more. The restaurant is located at the end of the promenade of Marathopoli with beautiful sea views. The restaurant exudes an Ibiza vibe and the food and wine is fantastic. There is also more than enough to choose from for the kids.

Peloponnese with kids

Family-friendly hotel Peloponnese

You can stay in Peloponnese with kids just fine at the different destinations. We list some family-friendly accommodations in different destinations below. Click on the blue link for more information!

Agrikies country retr eat : Agrikies Country Retreat is one big playground for kids. It is located on a 12,000 m2 olive grove between the fishing village of Marathopoli and Lagouvardos beach. It is run by a wonderfully hospitable family. There is a large swimming pool with double lounge beds under a shady pergola, a playground for the kids and a soccer field.

There are 4 split level apartments, each for up to 5 people and 8 safari tents for 4 people located among the olive trees with lovely beds, private bathrooms and air conditioning. The stay includes a fantastic homemade breakfast buffet and during the day and evening you can go for a delicious homemade lunch, snacks and dinner from an extensive menu. For more information about this accommodation, take a look here.

Family-friendly hotel Peloponnese

Tzokeika Traditional Settlement : a stay at Tzokeika is an unforgettable experience! Tzokeika Traditional Settlement is a gated property with a total of 10 unique houses, common areas and a Byzantine church, all designed and furnished with love and attention by a family of architects.

In the middle of the grounds is a playground for the kids. The homes are beautiful and have a spacious terrace, rooftop viewpoint and fantastic views of the sea or mountains. What we also really liked was the room with washers and dryers to do some laundry after two weeks of travel. Also, Tzokeika is very affordable considering the prices in this region for accommodations are a lot higher. For more information about this accommodation, take a look here.

About the author: Jill, Johan, Sam, Pip and Moos love adventure, culture, authentic places and seeing the world through their kids’ eyes. Happy to share their experiences and tips for the best destinations and activities with kids but also to show that (touring) travel can be affordable in school vacations. For several years they have been doing this during the summer vacations together with the family of twin sister Lizzy. You can follow them on the Instagram page OpreismetJill.

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