Athens with kids: 12 family activities!

What can you do in Athens with kids? That might be what you are wondering if you are going to visit this Greek capital with your family. Athens is the starting and ending point for many travelers as they embark on a tour of beautiful Greece. In Athens, you can have a great time with kids for a day and even two days, but then you will have done most of the activities suitable for families. In this blog, we list the best activities in Athens with kids.

Athens with kids
Athens with kids

Athens with kids #1: Acropolis

The most famous sight to visit in Athens with kids is the Acropolis. This 156-meter-high mountain towers over the city and through the entire center of Athens you have a view of it. To get to the mountain, take the metro to metro station “Acropoli” located next to the Acropolis Museum. From there, it’s about a 300-meter walk. From the Acropolis you have a great view of the city.

The Acropolis Museum is a huge museum and ranks #3 among the best museums in the world. For kids, it is possible to do different scavenger hunts according to the age of the kids. For more information about this museum and what’s on offer for kids, check out the museum’s website.

At the top, you have a beautiful view of the city. You will also find the famous Parthenon on the Acropolis. This is the famous temple dedicated to the goddess Athene. On the Acropolis, you will also find the temple of Erechtheion and the Niké temple. You can certainly see beautiful things here, but make sure you’re a little on time. The later you visit the Acropolis in the day, the busier and hotter it gets.

Athens with kids
Athens with kids

Athens with kids: exploring the city

You can explore the city of Athens with kids in several ways. We list some of these options.

#2 Hop on Hop off bus: the famous red double-decker buses with open roof also run through the city of Athens. For us, it’s always a way to see the city in a quick way. In all, you have three different routes that the buses run through the city. Buses on the red route pass through the city center, stopping at 15 different attractions along the way.

In addition, you also have a purple route that stops at seven spots in the city and heads mainly toward the beach. The last route is the green route and it stops at 11 different places in the city mainly in the port of the city of Pirraeus.

#3 BajaBikes Athens: you can also explore the city of Athens with kids from a bike. The Dutch company BajaBikes organizes tours of downtown Athens led by a Dutch guide. Kids can also easily join these bike tours. They have children’s bikes available for children as young as 8 years old, and kids under eight can ride on a child seat on the back of the bike with the parents. For more information on these tours, check out BajaBikes’ website and enter Athens as your destination.

#4 Happy Tours train: You can also visit downtown Athens on a tourist train. In total, the tour train ride takes about 40 minutes. You pass by various sights in the city, and you pay a few euros per person to ride the little train. The little train also includes a guide who tells a bit more about the sights you will encounter along the way on the train.

Athens with kids
Athens with kids

Athens with kids #5: to the beach

You can also go to the beach in Athens with kids just fine. There are several places where you can enjoy a day at the sea with the family. Especially in the summer months, that can be quite nice! The most famous resort, where you can visit the beach is Glyfada. This seaside resort can be reached by public transportation in just over half an hour.

At Glyfada beach there are not very many facilities, but it is possible to rent beds and an umbrella. There are also some tents where you can get something to eat and drink. The sea slopes gradually, making the beach also suitable for kids to go to. Of course, the beach can be very crowded in the summer months.

You have several more beaches on the same coast a little further from Athens that you can visit with your kids. For example, forty minutes away by car you have Astir Beach, which also has a fine beach club. Also near here is Grand Beach, but reviews about this beach are mixed. Especially the prices on the beach are quite high.

Athens with kids
Athens with kids

Athens with kids #6: Aquapolis water park

You can also go to a water park in Athens with kids. Aquapolis Athens is a water park located slightly outside the center of Athens about half an hour from downtown by car. The water park is not super big, but it has some cool slides for kids.

The water park is open only during the summer months. Some online reviews do talk about the fact that the slides can be very crowded and you have to wait a long time on a hot day. For more information on opening hours, entrance fees and the various slides, check out the Aquapolis water park website.

Athens with kids: other activities

You have several more activities to do in Athens with kids. We briefly list them below!

#7 Museum of Illusions: this is a well-known museum located in many cities around the world. As with most such museums, you can take fun pictures here with kids. The museum is right in the center, so you can walk to the museum. Familiar illusions here are the head that appears to be lying on the table and the room in which it appears that one person is much larger than the other. The museum is especially fun for young kids.

#8 Mount Lykavittos: on this mountain you have a great view of the city of Athens and the Acropolis mountain. You can walk up the mountain, but with kids it’s just as fun to take the little cable car up the mountain for a few euros. On the hill you have a small chapel, a restaurant and some terraces. From these terraces you have a beautiful view of the city.

#9 Plaka: This is a fun neighborhood to visit with kids. Most streets here are car-free and there are many restaurants and stores. You also have quite a few joints here where you can eat and drink fairly cheaply. It is definitely fun to walk through this old neighborhood and sit on a terrace for a while with your family.

Athens with kids
Athens with kids

#10 Panathenaic Stadium: you can visit the stadium in Athens that was used in the first Olympic Games in 1896. The stadium is located in the center of the city and when you are in the stadium you realize just how big this stadium is. You pay admission to the stadium and then you can also see the museum. That museum is not very much and has mostly old posters of the Olympics in question and also the old torches that were carried at the time.

#11 Anafiotika: This neighborhood in Athens is next to the old district of Plaka and is special to visit. You have lots of white houses with blue doors here and it looks like you are walking around on an island like Santorini. The neighborhood is not super big, so you don’t have to take a big walk with your kids here either, but you can take really fun pictures with your kids in these cool streets.

#12 Athens Zoo: A half-hour drive from Athens near the city’s airport is the Attica Zoo. This is the only zoo in Greece and has quite a few large animals you can admire such as the elephant, giraffe, zebra, lion, hippo and brown bear. In addition to the many animals you can view, there is also a dolphin show. You can park your car for free at the zoo and you can easily entertain yourself here for half a day. Next to the zoo is also an outlet center for shopping enthusiasts.

Athens with kids
Athens with kids

Where to stay in Athens with kids?

You can stay in Athens with kids just fine. There are plenty of accommodations that offer rooms for families with kids. Of course, in such a big city, you do want to be in the center of the city and that the hotel has a good rating from many reviews. We have listed the best options in different price ranges based on these criteria. Press the blue link for more information. 

Budget hotel: Athens Mirabello

Mid-range hotel: Colors Hotel Athens

Luxury hotel: Niche Hotel Athens

For a list of all accommodations in Athens, take a look here

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