Family-friendly restaurants Nijmegen: our top 5

In this blog family-friendly restaurant Nijmegen, we list the nicest restaurants where you can eat with the family. Nijmegen is a family-friendly city and we already wrote the blog Nijmegen with kids, in which we listed all of the city’s children’s activities. In this blog, we focus on family-friendly restaurants in Nijmegen. We list the best restaurants below.

#1 The Pancake Boat

Speaking of family-friendly restaurants, a pancake restaurant obviously should not be missing from this list. This is not just any restaurant, but a restaurant on a ship. As in most big cities with water around the city, in Nijmegen you have a boat where you can eat unlimited pancakes during a cruise.

In total, you sail a round trip of about 75 minutes. This is also the time when you can eat pancakes on board with the family. So in addition to great food, you can see a piece of Nijmegen with kids right here. For more information about this restaurant, check out the Pancake Boat Nijmegen website.

#2 Tasting Room Beij Ons

At this family-friendly restaurant in Nijmegen you can have a nice lunch if you are taking a city trip to Nijmegen with kids. You can enjoy eating outside on the terrace here in the summer months, and kids can have fun in the playground in the little park located near this restaurant.

This is also a great place to have lunch with kids in the winter months, as the restaurant has toys and games inside and the whole atmosphere of the restaurant is very cozy with kids. You can eat delicious sandwiches, salads and sandwiches here.

#3 Hotel Nimma

The kids are also thought of at this family-friendly restaurant in Nijmegen. In this beautiful and trendy restaurant, there is a corner especially for kids where they can play and read. Much of the menu is also geared toward kids, where they can choose from a sandwich, poffertjes, fish nuggets and bitterballen.

For the lunch menu and dinner menu, take a look at Hotel Nimma’s Restaurant website and here you can also reserve a table right away for the family.

#4 In the Barracks

This restaurant is located in an old barracks, and kids have also been thought of here in the form of a play corner in the restaurant. Even in the summer months you can sit here very relaxed outside on the terrace and, for example, play a game of jeus de boules with your kids.

The menu at this family-friendly restaurant in Nijmegen also has a section reserved for kids. Kids can choose from a vegetable board, sandwich, pizza, fried dorade and more such lunch dishes.

#5 Van der Valk Hotel Nijmegen

At this hotel chain, it is always fun to have dinner with kids, but at this van der Valk establishment, the restaurant pays extra attention to the kids. The restaurant has a special children’s corner, and a coloring sheet and crayons are also provided at dinner.

Kids up to age 11 can choose from the World Eaters menu. In this, the kids can eat dishes from different countries. Your kids here can choose a Dutch pot, a Swedish Salmon, an Italian Penne Bolgnaise and more of these types of dishes.

If you want more information about the World Eaters menu, check out the van der Valk Nijmegen restaurant website.

Family-friendly restaurant Nijmegen
Family-friendly restaurant Nijmegen

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