Artis Zoo review

Artis zoo review: all the information at a glance!

In this Zoo Artis review, we list all the information that may be important if you want to visit this zoo in Amsterdam. Visiting Artis is a fun kids’ activity in Amsterdam and we already mentioned this activity in our blog Amsterdam with kids, in which we described all children’s activities in the city of Amsterdam. In this blog, we first list some general information for Artis Zoo and then we also share our own experiences with the zoo.

Artis Zoo review
Artis Zoo review

General information Artis Zoo

Artis Amsterdam accessibility

One of the first things you need to know if you want to visit the zoo in Amsterdam is how to get there. If you’re coming by car, it’s helpful to know where to park your car at Artis Zoo. Artis itself has a parking lot at the zoo, but a day pass is not cheap (despite if you look at the rest of the parking rates in Amsterdam, it is not so bad ;)). From the Artis parking lot, you can walk to the zoo entrance in a few minutes.

In addition, Artis is accessible by public transportation. You can reach the zoo by multiple modes of transportation. From Amsterdam central station take streetcar number 14 and it stops in front of the zoo entrance. By subway, travel to the Waterlooplein subway station and then from there it’s about a ten-minute walk to the zoo.

You can also get to the zoo by bus (bus 22 and 43), but then the bus does not stop in front of the entrance and we would always go for the streetcar or subway, as these modes of transportation are generally faster. Because Artis is right in the center and our hotel was near the zoo, we ourselves visited the zoo on foot.

Artis tickets

If you want to buy tickets for this zoo in Amsterdam, you can visit the Artis website. Children under 2 are free, and for kids ages 3 to 12 you get a small discount on the entrance fee.

Artis discount

You can regularly find discounts online for Artis Zoo. So look carefully at various websites in advance if you want to visit the zoo in Amsterdam. Similarly, tickets are sometimes auctioned on websites such as vacation auctions. Also, with a CJP pass or a student card, you get 50% off the zoo entrance fee. There are also sometimes certain discount offers for Artis through various chains such as Kruidvat and HEMA. This can save quite a bit of money. Especially if you have a large family.

Artis opening hours

Artis is open every day of the year, and it only varies what time of year you go what Artis opening hours are. For example, the park is open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. from March through October and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from November through February. Artis Micropia an Artis Groote Museum are open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day.

Artis Amsterdam Zoo
Artis Amsterdam Zoo

Artis Zoo

The Artis zoo is fun to visit for half a day. We ourselves visited the zoo in an afternoon and by then we had visited most of the zoo. This zoo is not super big, but there are enough animals to keep you entertained for a few hours. Additionally, if you go to the museums of Artis, you will probably need a whole day to visit Artis.

What animals do you all have at Artis? In the zoo you have some of the great African animals such as the elephant, lion, chimpanzee, gorilla, ostrich, zebra, giraffe and several more species of monkeys. Because it is an urban zoo, therefore, there are certainly some large animals that are missing. In that regard, you have other zoos in the Netherlands that have a greater variety of animals.

In addition, Artis has a reptile house and quite a large aquarium. We found the aquarium at the zoo particularly impressive with lots of different tropical fish you can admire here.

What is also fun for kids is that there is plenty to play with throughout the zoo. Our daughter usually still finds this the most fun part when we visit a zoo. For example, the zoo has several pieces of playground equipment throughout the zoo and there is also large playground near the elephants’ enclosure. Especially on sunny days, kids can have a great time here.

Another fun part of Artis Zoo is the Planetarium. In this large movie theater, they played a children’s movie for about half an hour, which is a nice change between playing and watching animals.

Artis Amsterdam Zoo
Artis Amsterdam Zoo

Eating and drinking in Artis Amsterdam

Of course, there are plenty of food and drink options at Artis. For example, you have three different restaurants at Artis Zoo where you can get something to eat and drink, including one that is completely vegan. In addition to these three restaurants, you also have a French fry shop, an ice cream parlor, a bakery and there are several cargo bikes throughout the zoo where you can buy something to drink with some goodies on the side. Of course, you are also allowed to bring your own food and drink into the zoo.

Artis Amsterdam Zoo
Amsterdam Zoo

Artis Groote Museum

In Artis Groote museum, all kinds of big and small questions are answered and the museum wants to show that everything that lives is connected. The museum wants to show that by asking questions you can discover the world. The museum is suitable for children ages eight and up and has several exhibits suitable for kids.

For example, kids can try out different types of coats here to feel how a different package around you as a person can also make you feel very different. Kids can also compete against a chimpanzee to show that every organism has some degree of cleverness. Kids can also discover what muscles they all have in the face.

For this museum, kids up to 12 years old pay no admission. By the way, you do pay a separate ticket for this and this museum is not included in the ticket you purchase for the zoo.

Artis Micropia

Artis Zoo has a second museum you can visit with kids. You must purchase a separate entrance ticket for this museum as well. Artis Micropia is the science museum of Artis Amsterdam. The museum is all about fungi and bacteria, and kids can do all kinds of things here, too. 

Thus, they are given a booklet in which they can collect stamps. For example, kids can look through a variety of microscopes and see how many bacteria are spread during a kiss. This is a museum for older children though and not suitable for young kids. With that, you would be better off going to the Artis Zoo. 

Amsterdam Zoo
Amsterdam Zoo


It is certainly fun to visit the Artis Zoo, but keep in mind that it is an urban zoo and is not the most beautiful zoo in the Netherlands. If your kids love animals then Artis Zoo is definitely a must visit and you will soon spend at least half a day at this zoo. For more information on tickets, the animals and different museums, check out the Artis Zoo website .

Amsterdam Zoo
Amsterdam Zoo

Where to spend the night in Amsterdam?

If you are visiting Artis Zoo, then of course you can think about making a weekend of it. There is so much to do in the city of Amsterdam for families with kids that you can easily spend an entire week enjoying yourself. Of course then it is nice if you can also stay somewhere overnight. By now we have stayed in quite a few accommodations in Amsterdam. We wrote the blog family-friendly hotel Amsterdam about it, listing the nicest hotels where we slept.

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