World travel with kids: 9 tips!

Traveling the world with kids is a dream of many parents. Still, a world trip with kids is a little different than a world trip without kids. We have traveled twice around the world without kids and once around the world with our daughter, so we have experienced the differences between the two trips. Therefore, here we list for you some things to consider if you are going on a world trip with kids.

world travel with kids

#1 Don’t travel too fast with your kids

When traveling around the world with kids, you will have to take it slower than when you didn’t have kids. Also, try not to spend the entire trip ticking off all sorts of sights, but rather enjoy the country you are in.

One of the highlights of our world trip was that we stayed in the same place in Hawaii for almost three weeks and after a day at the beach, we went to play with the local kids in the playground.

Enjoy the countries you are in and take it easy!

most beautiful places in Sardinia
most beautiful places in Sardinia

#2 Keep a journal for your kids

Especially if the kids are young, later in life they are likely to remember little of the world trip they took.

Photos and videos are fun, but a journal describing how you experienced the day as parents can be very valuable for your kid later to get an idea of how you experienced the trip.

We wrote a small daily report of the day and also wrote three enjoyment moments of the day each at the bottom of the report.

Not only will this be nice for your kid to read back later, but it will make you stop and think about all the great moments of the day during your trip!

Whistler Canada with kids
Curacao with kids
World travel with kids

#3 Your kids will need to be taught along the way

When your kids are older than 4, you will have to deal with compulsory education in the Netherlands.

In this blog, we have listed everything related to compulsory education. You should therefore consider that certain facilities such as a laptop and internet should be provided so that the kids can spend time in school every now and then.

You may well have to teach your kids. Be sure to make good arrangements with the school about this in advance!

new zealand motorhome or car
Guatape with kids
World travel with kids

#4 See the journey through the kid’s eyes

Be sure to consider your kids in your travel planning.

A child doesn’t want to spend an entire day traveling from one temple to another, so make sure you always weigh whether your kids will enjoy this. And if you do want to see that one temple, make sure you do it in the morning, for example, and spend the rest of the day with them at the pool.

In this way, you will ensure that your kids continue to enjoy themselves and that no tensions arise within the family.

Touring Vancouver with kids

#5 Have low expectations and enjoy the small moments

This may sound a little crazy, but the lower your expectations are, the less it can disappoint.

You may not be able to go on a full day safari and therefore may not see a rhino because your kid is tired by the end of the day, but instead try to focus on what you did see with your kid.

By having low expectations, you avoid a lot of disappointments. In the end, the most important thing is to have quality time with your family!

#6 Provide variety during your trip

This can apply in several areas. Make a combination of different activities.

In different countries, try to combine beach, culture, fun and educational activities.

Also, a variety of food, transportation and accommodations will ensure that your world trip is always different and will keep you and your family stimulated.

what to take with you on a trip around the world

#7 Make sure you are well prepared

Good world travel preparation is even more important when traveling with kids.

We have already written a blog once about the ultimate roadmap to prepare for your world trip.

By preparing yourself well, you are less likely to face surprises abroad. No one feels like sitting in the rain for days with their kids because you didn’t take into account the rainy season in the country in question.

There is so much on the Internet these days about every destination that you can prepare your world trip very well.

Waterfalls Guadeloupe
World travel with kids

#8 Avoid buses as much as possible

Most travelers who have visited several developing countries have taken the bus from one destination to another at one time or another.

Buses are generally very cheap, but also often very uncomfortable. Often the bus rides are long because the bus stops everywhere, tremendously cold (because of air conditioning) and also overcrowded (cheap buses naturally attract many locals who travel that way).

In general, there are plenty of other options in most countries. Rather spend a little more money so that you can travel comfortably in a country than cut back on this.

Ziplining Monteverde
World travel with kids

#9 Enjoy

Before you know it, a trip around the world with your family will be over! Try to be in the moment with your family and enjoy your journey. Before you know it, your kids will be grown up and won’t be going!

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