Wolfsburg with kids

It’s great to visit the city of Wolfsburg with kids as a stopover on your way to Berlin or Poland or when touring Germany with the family. There is enough to do in the city to keep you entertained for a day with kids, and in two days you can have done all the city’s activities. Wolfsburg is located in central Germany and is best known as the central location of the Volkswagen car brand. Of course, you can see this in the city’s sights. We list the best activities and attractions in the city of Wolfsburg with kids for you.

Wolfsburg with kids #1: Autostadt Wolfsburg

Autostadt Wolfsburg is one of the city’s most famous attractions and you will find all kinds of different cars from the Volkswagen car brand. The museum is in a futuristic building and the arrivals hall also looks spectacular with lots of glass and all sorts of luminous spheres in the floor.

You can take a tour of Autostadt, explaining how different cars are designed and produced. There are some activities for kids during this tour, though, including designing their own car. Of course you will encounter many cars, and in some expensive cars kids are allowed to sit. There are also two large towers filled with cars. With an automated system, the cars sold can be brought down to the bottom so that the new owner gets his car delivered. You can also visit these towers and from these towers you have a nice view of the city of Wolfsburg.

Then you can go to the company’s factory and get a tour here and see how the cars are put together. There is also an area in Autostadt where kids can drive electric cars themselves and here they can also get a driver’s license. For the adults, it is possible to drive a particular course with all kinds of obstacles in a Volkswagen car.

You can buy a day ticket for Autostadt, but if you want extra things like driving a car yourself around a track, taking a tour or visiting the tower, you have to pay extra for this. So before you travel to Wolfsburg, be sure to check out Autostadt ‘s website in advance to find out what the opening hours are, the cost of different parts and what there is to see.

Wolfsburg with kids
Wolfsburg with kids

Wolfsburg with kids #2: sciencecenter phaeno

This museum is found near Autostadt and sits on the other side of the river. From Autostadt, it is less than a 15-minute walk to this Science Center. This museum is also in a futuristic building and kids can do all kinds of experiments and discover things here with more than 300 exhibits.

For kids as young as five years old, there is much to discover here regarding different themes such as engineering, physics and math in which the museum is divided. The museum does not really have a set walking route and the museum can be fairly busy, as school classes often have field trips at this museum as well. Many of the experiments can also be found at the Nemo in Amsterdam and the Universum in Bremen, but for kids that doesn’t matter much (if they’ve been here, of course).

The great thing about these types of museums is that kids can mostly get hands-on and learn things in the meantime. Another advantage is the price. You can buy a family card for the family at the museum, and that saves a lot of money. For more information on opening hours, admission prices and experiments at the museum, check out the on the museum’s website.

Wolfsburg with kids
Wolfsburg with kids

Wolfsburg with kids #3: all-park wolfsburg

One of the finest city parks in Wolfsburg is Allerpark. This park which is located next to the stadium of Wolfsburg soccer club, has a large lake and you can have great walks with the family here. A walk around the lake is about a four-kilometer hike. Especially on a hot summer day, this park is a great place to hang out.

In fact, the park has fine beach sand at the large lake, where you almost feel like you are on the beach. This Badestrand is quite large and in summer many families lie here enjoying the sunshine. There are also eateries near here where you can get something to eat and drink. There is also a large playground here, as well as beach volleyball courts.

Furthermore, in the park there is the swimming pool Badeland. Especially in cooler weather, this is a great activity to do with kids. The pool has several slides, a wave pool and also an outdoor pool. There is also a water playground in the pool here for smaller kids.

Wolfsburg with kids #4: monkeyman

Monkeyman is located on the edge of Allerpark, next to the Badeland swimming pool, and kids can climb and clamber over various courses here. There are different courses for different ages. For example, you have two courses for the smallest kids, where you climb just over a meter.

For older kids, there are courses at higher heights (this ranges from four to 13 meters). Beforehand, kids will receive instruction from a supervisor, and kids up to 14 years old are only allowed to take the course when accompanied by an adult. For opening hours, prices and further information, check out the German-language website.

Black Forest with kids
Black Forest with kids

Wolfsburg with kids #5: schloss wolfsburg

It is possible to visit a castle in Wolfsburg because the castle houses an art museum. Now the museum is less interesting for kids, but you can also have a great walk through the castle’s beautiful gardens. For example, the castle has a large rose garden, where the roses are in all kinds of special planters. You can walk from Autostadt to the castle in 15 minutes. .

As you can see, it is still difficult to come up with five good sights and activities in this German city. If you are in Wolfsburg with kids for a day you can have a great time and certainly the first two sights mentioned will easily fill a day. If the weather is nice, the city park is also highly recommended. The last two sights we mentioned, you have to love those, and those are activities you can do if you are in town a little longer.

Wolfsburg with kids
Wolfsburg with kids

Where to sleep in Wolfsburg with kids

Budget hotel: Leonardo Hotel Wolfsburg City Center

Mid-range hotel: Yard Boarding Hotel

Luxury hotel: Hotel An der Wasserburg

To search for other hotels in Wolfsburg with kids click here for the complete list of hotels.

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