Winterberg with kids

Basically, any time of year is suitable to go to Winterberg with kids. You have plenty of activities here in this place with and without snow. For most Dutch tourists, Winterberg is known as a winter sports area, where you can get there in a few hours by car from the Netherlands. So it is also possible to visit the city during a weekend getaway, despite it being on the cramped side. We list the best activities in Winterberg with kids for you. Here we distinguish between whether there is snow or not. 

Winterberg with kids when there is snow

Basically, there is snow in Winterberg throughout the ski season. As many as 19 of the 30 ski slopes are open throughout the ski season. However, there may be only artificial snow then. In total, you have about 27 kilometers of slopes in Winterberg. Another advantage of Winterberg is that there is a very large area especially for kids (Kinderland on Mount Herrloh). You will find all kinds of colorful figures, slalom courses and undulating lanes. One advantage of Winterberg is that you can drive there from the Netherlands in a few hours. This allows you to go for a short period of time and test whether your kids enjoy winter sports. Of course, it’s a shame when you go on a winter vacation somewhere far away in France for a week and your kids hate it. In addition, Winterberg also has all the facilities, making it an ideal town for first-time family winter sports.

kid ski lessons winterberg

There are several ski schools in Winterberg, where your kids can learn to ski. Group and private lessons are offered by most ski schools. Group classes are obviously cheaper, but there the group is also therefore larger and kids have to wait for each other more often. Also, then, of course, they also learn it less quickly than if they get private lessons. It is difficult to give advice on what is better. However, we would recommend that parents do stay to watch the first lesson and not go out on their own. Suppose your kid doesn’t like it at all, you don’t want him or her to stand and cry for two hours either. The following ski schools can be found in Winterberg.

Poppenberg ski school: here kids as young as five can take ski lessons. Depending on the group size of the class, the price is determined. There are different time slots on the day they teach. There are also Dutch guides for the kids at this school.

Der Brabander ski school: they distinguish between three age categories here. The youngest kids ages four through six are taught in the children’s ski garden. They are taught for a maximum of 1.5 hours per day. The age groups of seven through 12 and the age group of thirteen and older, are classified according to the level they have already mastered.

Winterberg with kids-.
Winterberg with kids-.

Nice accommodations winterberg with kids

Perhaps the two best-known accommodations in Winterberg are Hotel Der Brabander and the cottages at Landal Winterberg. These two accommodations host many Dutch families every year.

At Hotel Der Brabander, there is a tremendous amount to do. They rent hotel rooms as well as multi-room apartments. The hotel has huge facilities for families with kids. For example, you can book a free baby kit in your room that includes a diaper pail, changing pad and baby bathtub. You can also add a baby crib to your room at an additional cost. They even have an internal baby monitor system, giving you coverage throughout the hotel when your kid is taking an afternoon nap.

The hotel also has a playroom for kids and an outdoor playground. Both are connected with tables where parents can have a drink while the kids are playing. Furthermore, the hotel offers children’s entertainment where kids can do supervised crafts and dance at the mini disco.

In addition, the hotel has a swimming pool that can be heated up to 32 degrees, which is very nice especially in the winter period. The hotel also often has all kinds of promotions and packages, so check the hotel’s website to see if they have a promotion if you want to visit Winterberg with kids.

At Landal Winterberg, you can rent a chalet with the family. You have chalets for families of four, as well as for large families up to sixteen. The cottages are spacious and luxurious. Again, all facilities are available for a top family vacation. For example, the park has a large indoor swimming pool, which is obviously very nice after a day on the slopes.

A big advantage of the cottages at Landal Winterberg is that the cottages are located on the slopes, so you can almost ski from the mountain to your cottage. As with Der Brabander, there is a restaurant at the complex where you can have a nice meal and drink. There are also plenty of indoor and outdoor play opportunities at this park.

rent ski equipment winterberg with kids

When you go skiing with the family, you obviously need a lot of gear. In terms of clothing, you distinguish between a base layer, intermediate layer and outer layer. For the under layer, think thermo underwear, as an intermediate layer a fleece jacket and as an outer layer ski pants and ski jacket. In addition, a helmet is mandatory these days and you also need ski goggles. Finally, you’ll need gloves, a hat and ski socks. Kids grow out of clothes quickly so it might be a waste of money to buy everything if you’re only going skiing for a weekend. Maybe try borrowing some clothes first or look for promotions at Lidl or Aldi, for example. There you can occasionally buy ski suits for your kids for a low price.

In addition, of course, you will need ski equipment such as skis and ski boots. You can also rent these in Winterberg (just like the helmet) from several companies.

The following companies allow you to rent equipment with kids in Winterberg:

Stefan Schneider



Winterberg with kids-.
Winterberg with kids-.

Ski pass winterberg with kids

You have several ski passes in Winterberg. So you have day passes and evening passes in Winterberg. There is also the opportunity to ski down the mountain in the evening. With kids, this choice is generally quickly made and the day pass is obviously the most suitable. You can also purchase a pass for several days. Of course, the more days you purchase a ski pass for, the cheaper the pass gets per day. With the Wintersports Arena CARD you have access to all 7 other ski areas affiliated with the Wintersports Arena, namely: Hunau, Ruhrquelle, Neuastenberg, Willingen, Altastenberg, Züschen and Sahnehang.

If you are skiing with children you do make a lot less use of the ski elevators, as kids are often tired earlier and it may pay to buy a strippenkaart. Each elevator is a certain number of strips and in this way you can be cheaper with a strippenkaart than with a ski pass.

Some more tips for a winter vacation in winterberg with kids

Some more tips for families going skiing with the kids for the first time:

  • Before you go to Winterberg, take kids to an indoor track in the Netherlands once so they have already experienced what it is like to be on skis.
  • If you arrive in Winterberg late with your family, don’t start ski lessons right away in the early morning. Do it at leisure in the morning and don’t book the first ski lesson until noon.
  • Keep in mind the age of your kids. For kids ages three through five, a full day of ski lessons is on the long side. Then book only one or two hours of ski lessons.
  • Look carefully at the weather forecast every morning. On a hot day, make sure your kids are properly sunscreened. On a very cold day, it is obviously important to dress your kids properly for the cold. Thermo underwear and waterproof skiwear is definitely recommended then.
  • Don’t have too many expectations. Assume that you yourself won’t get much skiing done the first time then it can only be better than expected. Suppose your kids don’t want to ski at all once they are on the slopes, of course there are plenty of other fun activities you can go on!

Winterberg with kids-.
Winterberg with kids-.

Winterberg with kids when there is no snow

Winterberg also offers plenty to do in the summer with kids. Of course, you can still hit the slopes with your kids then (there will be artificial snow), but there are plenty of other activities to do. So Winterberg is also a fun town to visit with the family in the summer. We list the best activities for you in Winterberg with kids.

Winterberg with kids #1: Erlebnisberge Kappe

Erlebnisberge Kappe is a mountain with super many activities for kids and this mountain is an 18-minute walk from Hotel Der Brabander in the center of Winterberg. If you don’t feel like walking, a little train also runs from downtown Winterberg to this mountain for kids. By car, of course, you can get there in no time and parking at the bottom of the mountain is free.

At the Erlebnisberge Kappe, you and your family can easily spend a day having fun. For all these activities below you can buy a separate ticket and at a lot of the attractions you get a discount with the Sauerlandcard (we will come back to this later.) You can do the following activities here in Winterberg with kids:

  • Mountain biking: the mountain bike park on the mountain has several trails, including one for kids. Bikes can be rented at the bike park.
  • Tobogganing: you can get tickets for the toboggan run at the kiosk. Children up to 8 years old must be accompanied by an adult, and kids 8 years old and older are allowed off the course independently. You go down the mountain on a 700-meter track.
  • Naturerlebnispad: at this path you walk into the woods, and again kids can do plenty of climbing along the way. There is also a large slide.
  • Playground: there is a kind of wooden nature playground on the mountain with different equipment where kids can climb and clamber.
  • Mini golf: this golf course has 18 holes and views of the town of Winterberg.
  • Kletterwald: this climbing forest at the bottom of the mountain has different courses for different ages. For example, there is a 1-meter-high climbing course for kids ages 0 to 7. The other courses are for children ages 8 and up, where kids ages 8 to 10 must be accompanied by an adult to complete the course.
  • Panorama Erlebnis Brücke: this is a 20-meter-high walkway above the trees and here you have a wonderful view of Winterberg. This hiking trail also includes the Panorama Restaurant/Café.
  • Smaller activities: besides these big activities, there are also some smaller activities on the mountain such as shoveling sand with an excavator, mega trampolines and electric cars that you can drive.

Black Forest with kids
Black Forest with kids

Winterberg with kids #2: Aventura – der Spielberg

This is another kind of park on a mountain full of fun for kids. Among other things, there is Europe’s longest playground equipment here. This is a place where kids can also do a lot of climbing and scrambling.

The playground has a length of 160 meters and a height of 32 meters and it has several climbing towers, tunnels, wobbly bridges and challenging slides. Parents are allowed to climb as well, but there are also plenty of benches and chairs to just sit in the sun and enjoy the view of the town of Medebach. There is also a kind of maze for the kids on the grounds.

For smaller kids, at the bottom of the long playground there is a large toddler play area with sand, pebble and water games as well as playground equipment for young children.

This is really a park where kids can easily spend half a day having fun. Our daughter really loves this kind of climbing equipment and can have hours of fun at this kind of playground equipment. Check out the park’s website for a good impression.

Winterberg with kids #3: Aqua Mundo Park Hochsauerland

If you want to spend a day swimming in Winterberg with kids, you can do so at Center Parcs’ Aqua Mundo pool. The pool is about a 15-minute drive from the center of Winterberg and can also be visited by non-Center Parcs guests.

There are several slides, a lazyriver, a water playhouse, a kid’s do pool, a wave pool and a fairly large outdoor pool. The newest attraction at this large pool is the Sauerland Splash where kids (accompanied if necessary) go down a slide in a large tire. This pool is located in almost the same place as Aventura der Spielberg, so it is great to combine in one day.

Winterberg with kids #4: Fort Fun Abenteuerland

This amusement park is about a 25-minute drive from downtown Winterberg. It is the only amusement park in the Sauerland and you can easily spend a day there despite its size.

The amusement park is divided into 4 areas: Riverside, Misty Ville – Westernstadt, Funny Hill and Rivervally. The amusement park has more than 25 attractions for young and old. Besides some standard attractions like a roller coaster, piranha. train, Ferris wheel and log ride, it also has quite special attractions such as Wild Eagle (four-person zipline) and Trapper Slider (large toboggan run). The park also has an indoor and outdoor playground.

Here, too, you get a discount on admission with the Sommersauerland card. There are some attractions where a height restriction applies, so check the website here in advance to see which attractions your kids are all allowed in.

Black Forest with kids
Black Forest with kids

Winterberg with kids #5: Other activities

In addition to the four activities described earlier, there are a number of fun activities in Winterberg with kids. We list the best ones for you:

#6 Wildpark Willingen: you can also visit a small zoo in Winterberg with kids. Just over a 30-minute drive away is this park. There is a playground with small attractions that you can operate yourself. There is also a fairy tale forest and a Dino forest. Of course there are animals, but don’t expect spectacular African animals here. For example, there is a show with birds of prey, there are many farm animals, as well as bears and monkeys. You can have a great half-day of fun here in Winterberg with kids.

#7 Water Skiing: in summer, it is also possible to go water skiing with your kids. Just over a ten-minute drive from the center of Winterberg is a small lake where there is a wakeboarding and water-skiing track. There is also a waterfront restaurant where you can eat and drink something outside on the terrace. In addition, there is a playground at the lake.

#8 Summer toboggan run: there is also a summer toboggan run in the center of Winterberg. The toboggan run is located behind the hotel Der Brabander. You can also use this toboggan run for free with the Sommersaerland card.

#9 Sternrodt toboggan run: the most fun toboggan run in the area is the one at Sternrodt. This toboggan run is a 25-minute drive from Winterberg and here you will be pulled by sled to a height of 300 meters. Then you go down through seven curves until you arrive back in the valley. There are jumps and steep sections in the course and the speed can reach 45 km per hour, making the course quite spectacular.

Winterberg with kids
Winterberg with kids

Where to sleep in Winterberg with kids

Budget hotel: Gästehaus Mira

Mid-range hotel: Landhaus Florian

Luxury hotel: Central Hotel

To search for other hotels in Winterberg with kids click here for the entire list of hotels.

Further information Winterberg with kids

Sauerland card or the Sommersauerland card: these passes give you a lot of discounts or even free admission to various attractions in Winterberg with kids. At many accommodations you can book in Winterberg with kids, the card is already included in the booking. You can see on the card’s website exactly what is included with the card and where you get discounts.

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