What to bring on a world trip with kids

What to bring on a world trip with kids? 11 recommendations!

What to bring on a world trip with kids? If you’re going on a long-distance trip with your family, it can be quite tricky at times what to bring with you. In general, the advice is that you should pack as light as possible for a long trip and you can always buy most of it at the destination itself.

The advantage is that at least this way you won’t be dragging around all kinds of unnecessary stuff throughout the trip. On our trip around the world, we as a family did find that there were certain products that we used immensely. Below is a list of our products that we always take with us when we travel.

#1: Hamam towels

For our world trip, we did not want to bring our thick beach towels because they would take up too much space in the suitcases.

After some searching on the internet, we came upon these hamam towels and how much we have used these.

The cloths are very large and you can use them at the pool, beach and when you go on family picnics. In addition, they dry quickly and dry well.

what to bring on a world trip

#2: Airplane crib

Before our world trip we had never heard of this and we were given this as a gift from a friend of ours, but what a top product this is

In total we made 15 flights during our world trip and each time was this airplane bed a perfect way for our daughter to sleep on the plane.

With most cots, you have three different positions, allowing you to use it in the bus or car if necessary. This aid allowed our daughter to lie stretched out on her chair, which helped her fall asleep much faster.

We can then recommend this product to anyone who will be flying with small kids. And so this one definitely belongs in the list of what to bring on a world trip with kids?

#3: Goodbaby Pockit baby carriage

For many parents, this is the big question when traveling around the world: to bring baby carriage or not? We also hesitated for a long time whether to bring a baby carriage until we found this little baby carriage came across it on the internet.

The baby carriage folds up so small that you can take it with you in your hand luggage on the plane. This means the baby carriage does not have to go into the hold of the plane, nor does it come out completely bent over (we experienced this in Valencia, that the baby carriage we had at the time was thrown so hard on the baggage carousel that we could not unfold it properly afterwards).

So you can start using the baby carriage as soon as you get off the plane, and we actually used this baby carriage every day for 6 months. One of the best purchases for our world trip!

Havana with family Cuba

#4: Packing Cubes

Before our world trip here, we had never heard of the phenomenon of packing cubes , but how handy these bags are when you travel with your family and you don’t want to have to constantly turn your entire suitcase upside down to grab something.

Besides, if you go on a world trip with your kids, you have to pack your suitcases or backpack very often, which with these packing cubes just saves a lot of time.

#5: E-reader

When you travel with your family, you need a lot of stuff for your kids and space in your suitcases is limited. Taking a few books with you then is often not an option.

We didn’t even take a travel guide with us on our trip around the world (read our blog about it here).

What we did take with us is an e-reader , on which we downloaded hundreds of books in advance. The e-reader is the ideal device to save a lot of space in your suitcase and still always have something to read on the go.

what to bring on a world trip

#6: Ipad including Netflix subscription

If you’re traveling with your kids for a longer period of time, it’s really nice if your kids have a moment of rest every now and then and they can be on the ipad movies.

We ourselves had never used Netflix until we received a gift certificate from friends of ours.

The big advantage of Netflix is that you can download movies in advance and then play them on your ipad, without having to use the Internet.

Ideal for our daughter for the plane. In addition, during the trip when our daughter was in bed, we ourselves found it quite nice to watch the occasional series or documentary for relaxation.

Bahamas airport wifi

#7: Headphones for our daughter

Letting your kids watch a movie on the ipad on the plane is convenient, as long as it doesn’t bother the whole plane.

Since small kids often don’t like the small earbuds to put in their ears, we have pre-made an kid’s headphones purchased and this allowed our daughter to watch movies undisturbed and the rest of the environment was not bothered by the sound of the movie.

#8: Gopro with rod

Before we traveled around the world, we occasionally made movies with our phones, but we didn’t get any further than that. Since we thought it would be fun to always make a video of each country we visited anyway, we got a Gopro purchased.

For our daughter who was four years old when we took our trip, it will be nice later to also be able to see some moving pictures back from all kinds of moments of the trip.

What is so nice about the Gopro is that it is waterproof and you can film and photograph with it even under water.

In the end, we used the Gopro almost every day and were able to make very nice videos very quickly with the program Quick.

You load the videos into Quick and Quick already makes a nice video of itself. Ideal for traveling, when you don’t have a whole day to work on a movie.

In addition, a rod is also nice, as it allows you to film your entire family and therefore no one is missing from the film.

Hawaii snorkeling with kids and family

#9: Camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300

Like the Gopro, as far as we are concerned, a camera is part of the regular equipment of a long-distance trip. You generally take pictures of your family every day during your trip.

You can also easily do this with a phone these days, but a camera that fits nicely in our hand is still nicer for us.

Then there’s the choice of whether to buy an SLR or a digital camera, where for us it’s important to be able to shoot some good-quality photos quickly, without having to deal too much with the settings.

Especially with young kids, you don’t have time to spend a long time with your camera at a particular sight. What we like about the Panasonic Lumix is that it is comfortable to hold and that it has a large zoom function, so that when you are on safari, for example, you can photograph the animals you see just fine.

Huka Falls New Zealand with kids

#10: Toys for your kids.

Of course, you can’t bring too many toys, but it’s still nice for your kids to have some solid toys they can entertain themselves with.

What was important to us was that the toys did not weigh too much, so we brought mostly plastic toys for the pool, which she also played with a lot in the room. In addition, our daughter used small goggles almost every day.

During the trip, try to buy some new things for your kids every now and then and give away the old toys to local kids during the trip. Kids definitely don’t need many toys while traveling. In fact, it makes them a lot more creative when they have little.

Our daughter was often very creative with the things that were in the hotel room, for example, and would often start a little store with them, requiring us to buy from her.

Havana hotel family-friendly

#11: Necklace or bracelet with your phone number

Losing your kid on vacation is every parent’s nightmare. For example, we suddenly lost our daughter in a playground in a park in Vancouver for a few minutes. It scares the hell out of you. Our daughter had unsuspectingly walked 100 meters away to another playground.

A necklace or bracelet with the phone number of one of the parents is then very useful. Teach your kid that when she loses you to people she can show them your number so they can call you.

These were eleven items in the category of what to bring on a world trip with kids that we would definitely recommend. Also read our travel blog with our total packing list for a world trip with kids.

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