Vienna with kids: 11x things to do with the family

You can do just fine for a weekend to Vienna with kids. It depends a bit on what your kids like, as there are mostly museums and palaces and less activities like climbing parks, amusement parks or water parks. Still, there is enough entertainment (regardless of what your kids love) to keep you entertained for at least two days in Austria’s capital city. We took a combined city trip to Vienna and Bratisalava and following our visit to the city, we list the best activities in Vienna with kids.

Vienna with kids
Vienna with kids

Vienna with kids #1: Schönbrunn Palace

One of the most famous palaces in Vienna is Schönbrunn Palace. Also known as Sissi’s summer palace, it is a huge palace with more than 1,400 rooms inside. Subway line four will get you to the palace in no time from the city center, and you can also see the Palace inside. We enjoyed walking around the palace and seeing the different rooms. It is less interesting for kids, though, because it is not really a traditional castle with a moat, drawbridge and towers.

What they did do nicely at the lock is that there is a museum especially for kids. This is a museum especially for young children, where kids can dress up as princesses or knights and where play is the main focus. This also gives kids a sense of how things used to be in the palace.

The gardens of the castle are also great for a walk, and they also have a labyrinth and a playground at this garden. However, you do pay a separate entrance fee for this. For more information on opening hours, entrance fees to the palace and children’s museum, check out the Schönbrunn Palace website.

Vienna with kids
Vienna with kids

Vienna with kids #2: Prater

You can also go to some kind of amusement park in Vienna with kids. Prater is a park that is free to enter and is known for its large Ferris wheel. Yet that’s not the only attraction you can visit here. There are dozens of attractions in this amusement park and you also have plenty of catering establishments here. You can also kind of compare it to a big fair in town.

The Ferris wheel in Prater amusement park is 65 meters high and from the Ferris wheel you have a great view of the city. You have some spectacular rides and roller coasters here, as well as some attractions for young kids. For a list of all the attractions at this amusement park, take a look here.

If you are looking for a nice restaurant to eat around here for kids you should go to the rollercauster restaurant. You have this concept in several cities (in Germany, among others) and at this restaurant the food comes to the table in a roller coaster. For kids, of course, this is a spectacular sight and ideally they want to keep ordering food, so another pan of food is launched toward the table.

Vienna with kids
Vienna with kids

Vienna with kids #3: Tiergarten Schönbrunn

You can also go to the zoo in Vienna with kids. Vienna Zoo is the oldest zoo in the world and is located near Schönbrunn Palace. These two activities are great to combine in one day. The zoo is not super big and count on about half a day of family entertainment.

Still, the zoo has some of the great African animals such as the elephant, lion, giraffe, rhino, zebra and several species of monkeys that you can admire here. A highlight of this zoo is the panda bears you can see here. Overall, the animals are in good shape at this zoo in clean spacious pens.

Throughout the zoo are plenty of catering establishments, where you can get something to eat and drink. For more information on opening hours, admission prices and different animals, take a look at the zoo’s website.

Vienna with kids: Family-friendly museums.

You have a huge number of museums in Vienna, but only a few are really suitable for kids. Thereby, with most museums, it also depends a bit on whether your kids like museums. We list some great options.

#4 Natural History Museum: You see this type of museum in most major cities in Europe, and this museum focuses on nature and its animals. This museum in Vienna is very large and you will find a lot of stuffed animals. You can also view dinosaurs here. Even the building is already beautiful to look at. Inside the museum is a café, where you can have a drink.

#5 Zoom children’s museum: this is a museum for kids, where you reserve a 1.5-hour time slot in advance. Various activities for kids have been organized for different age groups. Kids can attend workshops here and also interact with the museum themselves. This museum is suitable for kids up to 12 years old.

#6 Museum of Illusions: we always enjoy visiting this type of museum with our daughter. You can always take nice pictures here and some illusions are present in many such museums such as the room, where it looks like the kids are bigger than the parents and the famous table where you can stick your head through and it looks like your head is loose on the table.

Vienna with kids
Vienna with kids

Vienna with kids: other activities

In addition to the six activities in Vienna with kids described above, there are a number of other fun things to do in the city. We briefly name them below.

#7 Stephansdom: In the center of the city you have this cathedral standing. You can visit the cathedral for free, or you can climb one of its towers (for a fee). This tower has more than 300 steps you can walk up. It is also possible to go up by elevator. From the tower you have a beautiful view of the city.

#8 Donauturm: We did visit this 150-meter-high observation tower during our city trip to Vienna. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t super good that day and we don’t have as great photos of the view (see photos below). Upstairs is a restaurant that spins 360 degrees, where you can grab a bite to eat and drink. The tower is located in a park, and this park also has a nice playground with several slides and other playground equipment.

Vienna with kids
Vienna with kids

#9 Bike tour Vienna: You can book a bike tour of about 3 hours with the Dutch company BajaBikes, where you will get a first impression of the city under the guidance of a Dutch guide. We did this bike tour in Paris and really enjoyed it with our daughter. They have children’s bikes for kids as young as five years old, and younger kids can ride on a child seat on the back with the parents.

#10 Streetart Vienna: You have beautiful street art in the streets in Vienna and we always think it is cool to see the different artworks throughout the city. In Vienna, they organize free street art tours for this purpose, where you walk through the streets of the city with a guide and view the various works of art. Afterwards, it is customary to tip the guide.

#11 Spanish Riding School: this is one of Vienna’s most famous attractions and you can get a behind-the-scenes look at this riding school. Maybe if your kids are totally crazy about horses, it’s a fun option. Otherwise, we would enjoy skipping this activity. We ourselves also did not visit this Spanish Riding School during our city trip to Vienna.

Vienna with kids
Vienna with kids

Where to stay in Vienna with kids?

You can stay in Vienna with kids just fine. The city has hundreds of accommodations, and many also accommodate families with kids. We list some well-reviewed options in different price ranges.

Budget hotel: Hotel Atlanta

Mid-range hotel: Hotel Brauhof Wien

Luxury hotel: Hotel Spiess & Spiess

For the full list of accommodations in Vienna, take a look here.

Package tour Vienna

You can of course arrange a trip to Vienna with kids just fine on your own, but sometimes it can also be easy to book a package tour. Here you book the flight including hotel right away. You can then often choose which airport you want to fly from in the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium. For more information on a package tour to Vienna, take a look here.

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