North Brabant walks with kids

Hiking in North Brabant with kids: 5 fun walks!

North Brabant with kids is always fun! You have nice cities, museums, amusement parks and also beautiful nature here. Recently, we’ve been hiking quite a bit with our five-year-old daughter here in the area, and based on all these hikes, we’ve listed our top 5 most fun hikes in North Brabant with kids for you! It is our second blog about the province. We previously wrote about the most fun play forests in North Brabant with kids.

Hiking North Brabant with kids
Hiking North Brabant with kids

North Brabant with kids#1: Loonse and drunense dunes

National Park the Loonse and Drunense Dunes is one of the most beautiful areas in the Netherlands. It is one of the largest drift sand areas in Western Europe and very popular among parents with kids. That’s partly because of the fine sand that lies throughout the park, which makes it feel like one big sandbox. In addition, numerous cabins have been built in the national park over the years, making it great fun for kids to climb the trees and play in the cabins.

Natuurmonumenten’s website lists nine different walks through the national park, all of which are shorter than 6 kilometers. What comes highly recommended is to combine the visit to this national park with, for example, lunch at Brasserie het Genieten in Kaatsheuvel. Aside from having great food here, there really is a huge playground attached to it on an enclosed area, which allows parents to have a good view of their kids while eating. This Brasserie is located adjacent to the national park. We regularly go here for an afternoon or morning with friends and we always entertain ourselves here for many hours.

What is also fun to do with kids in this area is to bring a picnic basket with all kinds of tasty things and have breakfast or lunch in the national park. For more tips on this area also read this travel blog hiking in the Loonse and Drunense dunes.

Hiking North Brabant with kids
Hiking North Brabant with kids

North Brabant with kids#2: nature reserve the Flaes

If you are really looking for a walk in North Brabant with kids that is not too far then the walk to the Flaestoren is really perfect! The two-kilometer hike takes you from the parking lot of inn den Bockenreyder to a super nice observation tower, which really gives a fantastic view of nature reserve the Flaes.

Around the tower are several somewhat longer walks through the area, so there are also opportunities to take a longer hike. Halfway along the route to the tower, you can also walk along the water for a bit. This hike can also be combined well with a delicious lunch at inn den Bockenreyder, which is really well known here in the area for the delicious omelettes you can eat here. Around the inn there is plenty of room for kids to play and there are several animals roaming around this inn.

Please note that if you want to climb the tower, you must have loose euro coins to put in the ATM, otherwise you will have to exchange with someone there on the spot or walk all the way back. At the inn, they can change money for you if you don’t have it.

Hiking North Brabant with kids
Hiking North Brabant with kids

North Brabant with kids#3: The biesbosch

National Park De Biesbosch takes place all around the water and is so large that it stretches between the provinces of North Brabant and South Holland. For example, for kids up to age 6, at the Biesbosch Center in Drimmelen, you have a game you can play for a few euros that involves exploring on the Animal Friends Trail and requiring the kids to complete some tasks.

By the way, there are a total of 15 different hikes to choose from for everyone. If you want to know more about these different walks check out this page.

Still, the most fun remains exploring the beautiful Biesbosch nature reserve by boat with your kids. We have already rented a boat several times with some kids at Bootjegezond in Raamsdonksveer. The electric boats are great to drive and you can sail a nice route of a few hours and moor at various beaches. You get a map from the owner, which also indicates which parts of the water are shallow, so you don’t get stuck with your boat (still happens regularly ;)). That way you can make it a fun day out in North Brabant with kids on a summer day!

Hiking North Brabant with kids
Hiking North Brabant with kids

North Brabant with kids#4: Bridges route swamps

Near the town of Den Bosch is the bridge route Moerputten. It is one of the few remaining low moor bogs in the southern Netherlands. The view of the Moerputten Bridge is beautiful and kids really enjoy walking from bile to bile. Here you have the option of running two different routes of 1.4km and 5km. Our five-year-old daughter is not a huge hiker, but the five kilometers were just enough.

We found the route you walk quite varied. So you walk across the bridge, through meadows, over decks and through a swampy stretch of meadow. So be careful not to put on your best shoes in less weather, as they can get quite dirty. There is a parking lot at this hike, but it is not very big.

Note: somewhat confusingly, on the Forest Service website, the address for this route is the address of a covered parking garage that is still a 12-minute walk from the starting point. We get that they want to avoid the parking problems around the route, but for kids it would be an extra 25 minutes of walking there and back. So it’s best to follow the Deuterseweg another bit towards Cromvoirt, then you’ll pass the parking lot at the start of the route.

Hiking North Brabant with kids
Den Bosch with kids

North Brabant with kids#5: Oisterwijk woods and fens

The Oisterwijk woods and fens are very popular among hikers in Brabant, and for good reason. You have several short and long trails here that take you past several beautiful fens. It really is such a beautiful area. Natuurmonumenten recommends four hiking routes for parents with kids, which are between 3 and 4.5 kilometers long. For more information about these hikes check out the Nature Monuments website.

The start of most routes is at the Natuurmonumenten visitor center, which also has a playground for kids. Here is also Oerrr’s play nature, where part of the forest has been made completely accessible to kids. For kids under four, there is a sandbox, log path and separate grove.

In the village of Oisterwijk you can easily spend a day having fun with your kids. For example, you have several family-friendly eateries, where you can have lunch. For example, on several occasions we have had an extensive lunch at the Boscafé in Oisterwijk, while our daughter was playing in the playground in front of the terrace. In addition, at restaurant ‘t Klauterwaut, you have an indoor playground attached to the restaurant.

Furthermore, you still have nature playground klein Oisterwijk and, if the weather is warm, you can also spend an afternoon at the outdoor swimming pool the Staalbergven, making it easy to spend a day in Oisterwijk. For a detailed report, read our travel blog the Oisterwijk woods and fens with kids.

Hiking North Brabant with kids
Hiking North Brabant with kids

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