Walibi Holland with kids

Walibi Holland with kids: all the information for families!

Is Walibi Holland fun to visit with kids or is this amusement park mainly for adolescents and adults. This is what we wondered when we went to visit the amusement park. In fact, Walibi Holland is known for its many roller coasters in the park and that its target audience is mostly young people. But is Walibi Holland also suitable for somewhat younger kids and toddlers, for example. We hope to provide some more answers to these questions in this blog.

General information

Walibi Holland has long been on the list to visit sometime, but from the vicinity of Tilburg, Biddinghuizen is quite a drive. Biddinghuizen is located in Flevoland, and from Amsterdam and Utrecht you can get there in less than an hour’s drive. There is a paid parking lot in front of the amusement park and from the parking lot you will be in front of the amusement park entrance in a few minutes.

We are given a map of the amusement park at checkout and we always find that a very nice way to orient ourselves in the park. By the way, there is also an app of Walibi Holland, where you will find a digital map of the park, but we always find a paper version just a bit nicer. In addition, we found the Walibi Holland app did not work very well either. For example, you should be able to find wait times for the various attractions, but the app did not indicate them when we were there.

You can buy tickets through the amusement park’s website, but be sure to keep an eye on the Internet as well. You can regularly find various promotions with tickets to the amusement park, where you get a substantial discount. Also keep in mind that the amusement park is not open all year. The park is open to the public from April through October.

Also in the park Walibi you have a fast lane for several attractions, which means you can pass the queue and enter the attraction right away. You do pay an additional fee for this. We visited the park on a Friday and at that time the park was not crowded at all, so we did not have to wait anywhere extremely long. If you visit the amusement park with small children, then generally at the attractions for these kids, the line is not super long either.

Walibi Holland with kids
Walibi Holland with kids

The amusement park

Amusement park Walibi Holland is divided into themed areas like most amusement parks in Europe, but you honestly don’t notice much of this in the area itself. It’s that we saw on the map that they work with different colors and that they have a total of eight areas, but you don’t notice much of that in the park itself.

Whereas in the past when the park was still called Sixflags, there were all kinds of action heroes attached to the attractions, that is no longer the case. In all, there are 43 attractions you can get into, including some very spectacular ones. Where we ourselves had an image of the amusement park that there were mainly many attractions for big kids, the park is busy making offerings for the smaller kids as well.

For example, you have the Playland themed area that has six different attractions that are really meant for younger kids. In total, kids smaller than 90 cm in length are allowed in 13 of the park’s 43 attractions. For children 90 cm and taller, this is already 23 out of 43 attractions and for kids 1 meter and over, this is 25 out of 43 attractions. Our daughter is slightly taller than 130 cm and is not allowed in 3 of the 43 attractions.

If you go and look, the amusement park has some very cool and fast rides like, for example, Goliath which is the fastest roller coaster in the Netherlands. Walibi Holland’s website lists all the attractions including length and you can see exactly which ones are there. Our favorites are the wooden roller coaster Untamed that also goes over the top, the roller coaster Speed of Sound where you go both forward and backward through the track and Xpress Platform 13 that did remind us a bit of Space Mountain from Disneyland Paris.

Because the park is not super large, you also don’t have to walk very far from one attraction to the next and the park is quite manageable. That the park is becoming increasingly focused on families with slightly younger kids is evident in the new Family Area called Speedzone, which features some small rides and a playground.

Walibi Holland with kids
Walibi Holland with kids

Food and drink

Of course you have plenty of catering establishments throughout the park, and of course it is mostly fast food that you can get at these catering establishments. For example, the park has more than twenty different catering establishments and the park map also lists what you can buy at the particular catering establishment.

We checked to see if they offered something like a rice meal, for example, but we couldn’t find it. We ended up eating a (vegetarian) hamburger menu. Especially on Main Street, you have quite a few catering establishments where you can get all kinds of things.

Walibi Holland with kids
Walibi Holland with kids


If you as a family are absolutely crazy about roller coasters, then Walibi Holland with kids is definitely recommended! You really have enough cool roller coasters here to have a great time for a whole day. But there are also plenty of fun attractions for people who are a little less into roller coasters, including some water rides with boats. You just shouldn’t go there if you really like themed amusement parks with a lot of fairy tales, for example. Then the Efteling is definitely a better choice.

We had a great time for an entire day at the amusement park. For more information on opening hours, different attractions and ticket prices, take a look at Walibi Holland‘s website.

Walibi Holland with kids
Walibi Holland with kids

Where to stay near Walibi Holland with kids?

Walibi Holland is not around the corner for all Dutch people and therefore, especially with young kids, it can be easier to stay overnight. Near Walibi Holland, the towns of Lelystad and Zwolle are both a half-hour drive from the amusement park. Here you have several family-friendly hotels, where you can stay overnight. We list the nicest hotels. Press the blue link for more information. 


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Luxury hotel: Suydersee Hotel

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Budget hotel: Hotel Oldenburg

Mid-range hotel: Hotel De Pelsertoren

Luxury accommodation: Villa Zwolle Central

For a list of all hotels in Zwolle, take a look here. 

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