Van der Valk Hotel Almere Review

A city trip to Almere is super fun and we have visited the city several times now. We have already written about the city of Almere also a blog Almere with kids, in which we listed all the fun children’s activities of the city. During one of our city trips to Almere, we also stayed overnight at the van der Valk Hotel Almere. As a result of this wonderful overnight stay, we are writing this comprehensive review of this family-friendly hotel in Almere.

van der Valk Hotel Almere review

The hotel

When we decide to take a city trip to a specific city, we actually always look to see if there is a van der Valk hotel located in the city. We actually always like the van der Valk hotels, and our nights at the various hotels never actually disappoint. So when we saw that we were going to Almere, of course the first search was for a hotel of this establishment and thus we ended up at van der Valk Almere.

After a full day of activities in Almere, we drive to the hotel around 3 p.m. to check in. We park the car in the free parking lot in front of the hotel and check in. Van der Valk Almere is located at the edge of the highway and therefore is also quickly accessible by car. We always find that a big advantage, so you don’t have to go all the way through the busy city by car.

First, we would like to test out the hotel’s pool and spa when we get to the hotel. Time to relax for a while. Our room is in the same corridor as the pool and spa, so we only have to walk a minute from the room to the pool. There are several families with kids in the pool so that’s a lot of fun for Sophie too!

van der Valk Hotel Almere review

The hotel’s spa is located by the pool and includes a sauna and steam room. Great advantage that it is located by the pool, so we parents can alternately enter the wellness from the pool. Just keep in mind to bring your own towel from the room, as they are not at the wellness and we forgot to bring them from the room ourselves.

We enjoyed relaxing and the next day when our daughter woke up at 7 a.m., we went right back to the pool. Then we were the only guests in the morning and had the pool and spa all to ourselves. Delicious! For the avid parents you also have a gym sitting at the hotel and if you want you can also rent bikes at the hotel.

If you book a room through the website of the van der Valk Hotel Almere, they give the lowest price guarantee, so it is recommended to book through the website. You can then also cancel for free up to a certain date and time.

van der Valk Hotel Almere review

The room

The van der Valk Hotel Almere has different types of rooms, including a family room for 4 people. We ourselves had booked a 3 person room at the hotel. This very spacious room had a spacious and luxurious box spring bed for the parents and for our daughter there was a single box spring bed.

van der Valk Almere with kids

In addition, the room had a flat-screen TV, a spacious desk, a spacious closet with plenty of storage space for your clothes and a safe for valuables. There was also a table with two large chairs in the room. We always really like it when the room is spacious and we can easily unfold our suitcases. That was very possible in this room. There was also a refrigerator in the room where you could put cold drinks.

van der Valk Almere with kids

In addition, the room had a spacious and luxurious bathroom with rain shower and also a separate bathtub! Our daughter loves to bathe and so has taken several baths after swimming in the pool. We always find a bathtub in the room to be something really luxurious and really find it to be a very great value of a room. You can then really relax in the room.

van der Valk Almere with kids

Food and drink at the hotel

You can also eat and drink very well at the van der Valk hotel Almere. When we arrived at the hotel, the weather was lovely and the entire terrace was already packed with people. Super cozy! The hotel has both a restaurant and a hotel bar, and both have a terrace where you can sit. We ate out for dinner, so we can’t say anything about that, but we did have drinks at the café in the afternoon and that was very nice with a (vegetarian) appetizer.

By the way, the hotel’s restaurant also has a special menu for kids. Here, kids can order a 3-course menu if they want, with different choices with each course. For dessert, kids can choose from a variety of ice creams!

Restaurant van der Valk hotel Almere

In the morning we did have breakfast in the hotel restaurant and it was very good and very extensive (basically how we are used to from van der Valk). There were a lot of different options here in terms of sandwiches, spreads, sweets, cereals, juices, eggs and then we forget a lot of other things. We were able to put together a healthy breakfast for the three of us.

Breakfast van der Valk Hotel Almere

A very delicious and extensive breakfast, so we left the hotel with a well-filled belly and didn’t have to eat anything until the end of the afternoon. Therefore, we can highly recommend the hotel’s breakfast! Even our daughter (who is not an easy eater) ate very well here! As far as that goes, you can have all three meals in a day at the hotel very well!

Breakfast van der Valk Hotel Almere

Finally, the hotel also has a Valk to go shop. Here you will find different products as well as candy, chips and drinks that you can buy in this small store. Very nice if you forgot to bring something from home, for example! You can checkout these products yourself with a scanning device. This little store is on the route from the room, which the hotel has obviously done very cleverly. Our daughter obviously wanted to buy a candy here too when we passed by the little store ;).

van der Valk Hotel Almere price


We really enjoyed our overnight stay at the van der Valk Hotel Almere. The hotel has a luxurious feel and fine, modern and spacious rooms. Of course, the pool is ideal if you visit the hotel with kids, and the wellness is very nice for parents. In terms of food and drink, the quality of the food is very high. We had very good food here both in the afternoon and in the morning.

Therefore, we can definitely recommend the hotel. For more information on room rates, facilities and the restaurant, check out the van der Valk Hotel Almere website.

This blog was created through a collaboration with the hotel in question.

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