Dubai with kids: 7 things you need to know in advance

Dubai is a wonderful destination for families with kids, which you can fly to in just under 6 hours from the Netherlands. Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates. Beaches, amusement parks, public parks (including playgrounds) and also the necessary culture, ensure that you will not easily get bored with the family. Therefore, Dubai is also a great destination to go to with your kids, but there are some things to consider beforehand, if you are going to visit this destination. We list them for you!

Kite Beach with kids beach Dubai
Dubai with kids

Vacation dubai with kid: practical

Before we get to the things you need to watch out for in Dubai, we’ll put some practical things below.

Rental car: It can be easy to get around Dubai in a rental car. We are fans of the company Sunny Cars and they also rent cars in Dubai. Sunny Cars really has a super good insurance package and just provides a lot of service. Therefore, we always book a car through this company if possible. Look here for a list of all rental cars in Dubai.

Airfare: several airlines fly daily from the Netherlands to Dubai. Always compare different companies in terms of price, time and location. Look here for a list of all flights to Dubai.

Family-friendly hotel: you can also book a package tour in Dubai, where your flight, hotel and meals are all in one package. You have several family-friendly hotels in Dubai. We list a few options below. Press the blue link for more information.

Sofitel Dubai The Palm: This is one of Dubai’s most famous hotels, with two swimming pools and a pool for kids. For kids, there is a mini-club they can go to during the day.

RIU Dubai: We are fans of RIU’s hotels which are actually always good abroad. This hotel has three pools, including one especially for kids. They have the all inclusive formula here and there is a playground and mini club for the kids.

Atlantis the Palm: This is a luxury hotel that is very well known for the large water park located near the hotel. Guests of the hotel can visit this fantastic water park for free. There is also plenty to do here for the older kids!

Vacation dubai with kid #1 Pay attention to the period you visit the city with your kids

Dubai is in the desert and in summer it can be very hot. Temperatures well above 40 degrees are then no exception. Especially if you are traveling with kids, this can cause you to not be able to do much with these temperatures. Therefore, the best travel time for Dubai is from the month of November to the month of April.

The temperature then is a pleasant 25 degrees. Also, before booking, check that the period you want to go with your family does not coincide with the
celebration of Ramadan
, as that is when many stores and restaurants are closed during the day and you cannot eat, drink and smoke in public.

Vacation dubai with kid #2. The landi is a safe destination

Global research shows there is little crime in the United Arab Emirates. The country ranks 9th in the world in terms of safety, with the Netherlands coming in at number 17. Therefore, this is one of the reasons why Dubai is a great destination to enjoy a vacation with your kids.

Family Dubai Mall
Vacation Dubai with kid

Vacation dubai with kid #3. Dubai doesn’t have to be expensive

Dubai may have the appearance of being a very expensive country, but it absolutely does not have to be. There are plenty of free activities to do with the family. In addition, they have large supermarkets everywhere, where you can go shopping with your family and in this way, for example, have a cheap picnic in one of the public parks that Dubai has.

Vacation Dubai with kid
Vacation Dubai with kid

Vacation dubai with kid #4. Transportation is well arranged

You can easily get around Dubai by metro and cab. For the subway, you can use the
NOL card
. This is Dubai’s public transport chip card. You can use this NOL card on the subway, bus, streetcar and water bus. For tourists, you have the silver NOL card that costs 25 dirhams (just over 6 euros) and with 19 dirhams credit on the card right away.

For kids under 5, the card is free. Cabs also drive everywhere and are easy to pull over if you raise your hand. The starting fare of most cabs is around 6 dirhams (1.5 euros), and per kilometer of driving adds 1.6 dirhams (40 cents).

Dubai center with kids
Vacation Dubai with kid

Vacation dubai with kid #5. Dress appropriately

Dubai is an Islamic destination, so make sure when you take the subway, for example, that you dress appropriately. Do not wear very short or see-through clothing on the subway, for example. Cover mainly the shoulders and wear clothes that come up to the knees. On Dubai’s beaches, of course, you can just lie on the beach in your swimwear.

Dubai with kids
Vacation Dubai with kid

Vacation dubai with kid #6. Dubai is easy to combine with other destinations

Dubai combines well with other cool destinations. For example, Dubai is often a stopover for families going on a long-haul trip. If you fly to Asia or to Australia with the airline Emirates then you can use the ‘
Emirates stopover Dubai’
one or two days stay in Dubai. Especially with kids, this can be a must, as you then divide a faraway trip into two air trips. For more information and tips check out the blog stopover in Dubai.

Vacation Dubai with kid

Vacation dubai with kid #7: the country has a huge number of amusement parks

Orlando is known as theme park capital of the world, but Dubai is fast taking over this title. For example, five new theme parks have already been added in Dubai in recent years (
IMG World of Adventure
, Legoland Waterpark,
Bollywood Parks
) and there are plans to build even more theme parks in the coming years. So in addition to all the culture you can soak up in this cool city, you can also easily accommodate the kids with a day at the amusement park.

Vacation Dubai with kid
Vacation Dubai with kid

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