Vacation Bahamas: 5 top activities with kids!

The Bahamas is known for its beautiful beaches. That is why it is also a cool vacation destination for parents with kids. The beaches are super white and the facilities are generally good. However, the price level is a bit higher than other tropical islands such as the islands of Tonga, Fiji and Samoa. From Miami, you fly to this beautiful island in just under an hour. We will list the activities for kids here.

Vacation Bahamas family
Vacation Bahamas kids

#1 Visit the beautiful Cabbage Beach

This beach is highly recommended! It regularly appears in top 10 lists of most beautiful beaches in the world. From downtown, this beach can be reached by cab in about 15 minutes. At the port (where the cruise ships dock), there are plenty of cabs that you can share with other tourists to visit this beach. There are also boats leaving from the harbor, where you have to walk the last part yourself.

The beach is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Bahamas, and we certainly agree. You can rent a beach bed and umbrella for an entire day from locals for very little money, and food can also be ordered directly from your beach bed. They walk around the beach with the menu and come and bring the food to your beach bed like some kind of home You can also do various beach activities here.

Tip #1: The further you walk down the beach, the quieter it gets. At the end of the beach near some rocks, you can snorkel well and see very many fish.

Tip #2: Keep in mind that during the day it gets busier, when tourists from the cruise ships get off the boat. Before and after that time you have the beach almost to yourself.

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#2 Go in search of turtles and large stingrays at Cable Beach

Cable Beach is the beach, where many resorts are located. As a result, there are fewer facilities on the beach for outside tourists. Still, it’s fine to lay down your towel on the beach with your kids. Because around the various small piers near the beach you can snorkel well and see turtles and stingrays.

By the way, you don’t even have to snorkel for this, as you can see the animals swimming in the clear water from the pier. This way, your kids can enjoy these beautiful animals without actually having to go into the water.

Because there are not many restaurants on these beaches, it is fine to spend a morning or afternoon here by bus from the capital. In twenty minutes you can get there by bus.

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Bahamas not expensive vacation white beach

#3 Visit the Aquaventure park on Paradise Island.

The Atlantis hotel on Paradise Island has a fantastic water park. However, like most activities in the Bahamas, you do have to bring some pennies to spend a day there with your kids.

Tip: To go down the slides in the water park, kids must be at least 120 cm tall.

At the Atlantis hotel complex, there is plenty for kids to do. Click below by age group what the activities are:

For the prices of the hotels of Atlantis here.

It is also possible for kids 12 and older to ride horses on the beach in Nassau.

Vacation Bahamas beach with family
Bahamas turtle snorkeling

#4 Go on a day trip to one of the tropical islands.

There are several tours from the capital city of Nassau to various tropical islands. We will discuss some of these tours below:

  • Tour to the swimming pigs. This tour is very well known in the Bahamas. You can choose from half-day and full-day options here. You go to different beaches and can feed large stingrays and iguanas. In addition, you can snorkel in several places.
  • Tour to Blue Lagoon Island. Kids here can snorkel, kayak and play on the playground equipment available in the lagoon. Starting at 75 euros per person, you can book a day trip to this island including food and drinks.
  • Tour to Rose Island. This is also an island, where the swimming pigs are present and the price is somewhat lower than on the first tour. This tour is half a day.

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Bahamas underwater snorkeling

#5 Visit the Bahamas’ pink beach.

One of the highlights of the Bahamas is the Rose beach on Harbour Island. Unfortunately, it cannot be found on the main island and you have to take the ferry to Harbour Island. The ferry takes just under three hours to reach the island from Nassau. The reason Pink Sand Beach turns pink has to do with the coral and algae that live there.

It is possible to visit this beach in a day trip. For all the information about Harbour Island and the accommodations you can find here click here.

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Bahamas vacation with family

Where to stay on your vacation to the Bahamas.

It was quite difficult to find affordable accommodation for our family. In the end, this accommodation was the most expensive of our entire world trip. We slept at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Nassau. This accommodation is within walking distance of the center and there is a small cozy beach right outside the door. Basically, this hotel is a great base for your activities in the Bahamas.

So you can see that while there is plenty to do in the Bahamas, many activities are quite pricey to do. We definitely liked Cabbage Beach, because the beach is really beautiful and here the prices of all the facilities were still good to pay. For us, the Bahamas was a great stop between our trip to Miami and Cuba, only in our opinion there are plenty of other islands that are just as beautiful and much more affordable. So check out our travel blogs on the Maldives, Tonga, Fiji and Samoa.

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