Vacation app top 8 for traveling with kids!

The phone and ipad are increasingly becoming a part of travel for many travelers. Whereas you used to go out with a travel guide, these days you don’t need one. On various travel websites you see many standard lists of standard apps, but what are fine apps for parents with kids traveling. We used several apps during our world trip and compiled a list for parents with kids.

Vacation app #1 Playground Buddy

This free app has listed more than 200,000 playgrounds in 170 different countries. You open the app and immediately see where a playground is nearby, where you are at the time. Only disadvantage of this app is that you do need internet connection.

You can also check certain play equipment in this app, so it will look for a playground for you with a slide for your kid, for example.

Also, some playgrounds include pictures of what the playground looks like.

vacation app
most beautiful beaches Sardinia

Vacation app #2 Flush

This free app shows where all the public restrooms are at a given destination. Very handy if you are just on the road and your kid suddenly needs to go to the toilet.

The app works on GPS, so you can instantly see which restroom is closest. Even on a remote island like Tonga, we were able to find a toilet with this app.

Vacation app #3

This free app is a must for every traveler! We used this app every day on our world trip because it is so convenient.

You download the map of your destination in advance, so you don’t need the Internet to use it.

You can also look up all your destinations in advance (hotel, restaurants and places of interest) and add markers to them.

When did we use this app:

  • When we had a cab from the airport and could see exactly if the driver drove directly to the hotel. In addition, the driver still sometimes asked how to drive at the last bit.
  • When we had a rental car and therefore did not need GPS. As a result, we saved tens of dollars per lease.
  • When we just got off the subway and it’s always hard to figure out which direction to walk. By walking in a random direction, you can see right away which direction you are walking in and thus whether you are walking in the right direction.
  • When we were on our way to a restaurant or activity. In doing so, it indicates during your walk how long it is to walk before you get there.

vacation app
vacation app

Vacation app #4 GGD travels with you

Of course, inquire with the GGD beforehand about which vaccinations you all need and whether you need to take malaria pills in certain areas.

Still, this app contains many useful tips regarding all kinds of diseases that you or your kids may contract during your trip.

For example, at a certain hotel we were dealing with bed bugs in Samoa and we could see right away what to do. It also says exactly what to do in different situations such as a bite from a dog or when your kid has diarrhea, for example.

You can also find all kinds of information about vaccinations and pills by country. You will also find in the app the numbers of the GGD to call while abroad.

Vacation app #5 UV lens

This app shows the UV radiation for each destination and can calculate how long it takes to burn based on skin type. Especially with kids, you want them to be well protected from the bright sun in some countries.

Vacation app #6 Netflix

This is an app that we installed on our iPad during our trip around the world and we used this a lot. For 8 euros you have a basic subscription, where you can watch on one device.

With a 50 euro gift card we could watch for 6 months and we did a lot of that.

You can download movies in advance, so you don’t need the Internet on the plane to play them. Especially with kids, this is really ideal and worth every penny. We ourselves liked to watch a series in the evening when our daughter was in bed.

Vacation app #7 Gopro and Quick app

It is super fun during your long trip to film all the activities of you and your kids with a Gopro.

Our daughter also likes to film herself going down a slide, for example. With the Gopro app, you can download all the footage on your phone in no time and then when you put the footage into the Quick app, the app turns it right into a nice movie.

During our trip, I (Joep) made dozens of videos like this in less than a few minutes. This way we could quickly provide the home front with videos of the activities we had undertaken that day.

Vacation app #8 Educational apps

The Consumer Association has compiled a nice list of educational apps by age group. Personally, we find Squla’ s app very educational for our daughter. You do pay a fee of eight euros a month for this, but then you also have access to 70,000 games and quizzes.

This was created by elementary school teachers and can certainly be an addition if you want to teach your kids on the go, for example.

In the app, kids earn money, which they can use to buy goodies. Our daughter has learned many things through play as a result.

Other apps that we regularly use are the apps (this contained all of our room bookings), Tripadvisor (lots of reviews of hotels, restaurants and tourist hotspots around the world) and rainfall radar (after all, it’s always handy to see if it’s going to rain at your destination, so you know if you can do anything outside).

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