Trier with kids

Is it fun to visit Trier with kids? We think it’s a tricky question. The city of Trier is all about the ancient Romans who used to live there and most of the sights are linked to that. We visited the city as a day trip from Luxembourg City and that was enough for us. If you and your kids are interested in Roman history, you could see all the city’s sights in a weekend. We list the most famous sights and activities in Trier with kids for you.

Trier with kids #1: the cozy city center

The center of Trier was the first place we arrived in town once we parked the car. The town’s main square is cozy with plenty of outdoor cafes where you can have a good meal and drink. There is plenty to see in the square itself. You can walk from this square to Trier Cathedral in 1 minute. Trier Cathedral looks impressive and you can visit the cathedral inside. The cathedral also has a courtyard garden, which you can go to.

If you want to get an impression of the city, but don’t feel like walking, you can use Trier’ s tourist train to explore the city. This little train makes a 35-minute round trip through the city, passing all the city’s major attractions. It is hereby possible to receive information in Dutch during this tour. Check the website to see what times the little train runs. Trier is a town located in the Moselle region. For more information on this region read our extensive travel blog on the Moselle with kids.

Trier with kids
Trier with kids

Trier with kids #2: viewpoint Mariensäule

Mariensäule is a cool viewpoint over the city of Trier that is not yet very touristy. It is about ten minutes from the center by car up the mountain. Here you can park your car and then it’s just a few steps up for a nice view.

You can also walk in three quarters of an hour from the center of Trier to this viewpoint, but with (small) kids this is too hard. In fact, you climb about 300 meters during this hike and some sections are quite steep. This is only doable if you are an experienced hiker.

The Marian column that stands on the mountain here is not super interesting, but the view of the city is. It seems the view is even more beautiful after dark with all the lights of the city included. The statue itself can be easily seen from almost anywhere in the city, so you can’t miss it.

Trier with kids
Trier with kids

Trier with kids #3: Porta nigra

Porta Nigra is one of Trier’s ancient city gates from Roman times. It is also one of the city’s most famous sights and definitely a great sight for kids, as they can climb and clamber here and that upstairs you have a nice view of the city. When we were there, a whole stage had been built just in front of the old city gate, where a concert was to be given in the evening.

In half an hour, you will have seen everything, too. The entrance fee is also only a few euros and kids up to 6 years old get in for free. Then again, if you want to show something of Roman times to your kids, this is a great option.

Trier with kids
Trier with kids

Trier with kids #4: Palastgarden

In the center of town a seven-minute walk from Trier’s main square you have a nice city park called Palastgarden. In this park there is a large playground with a kind of wooden castle with bridge, slide, turntable and swings. Kids can climb on anything here. In addition, next to this “castle,” there is a playground for smaller kids with houses, a seesaw and also a large sandbox. The two playgrounds together are really fun to have fun with your kids for an hour or two.

In the same park there is also a nice beer garden, where in the summer there are a lot of relaxing chairs outside where you can have a drink with your family. In addition, there is plenty of opportunity in the park to picnic on the grass.

Trier with kids
Trier with kids

Trier with kids: other children’s activities

#5 Amphitheater: you can also check out an old Amphitheater in Trier with kids. We’ve seen nicer ones than this in several cities, but as far as we’re concerned, a second great option to teach your kids about Roman times. You can look inside the arena itself and also in the corridors below the arena. You don’t have to spend hours here either, and it’s fairly close to the center (from Palastgarden it’s a ten-minute walk). That way, you can basically take a great walking tour of the city’s various attractions and still see quite a bit in a day.

#6 Kaiserthermen: these ancient Roman bathhouses are located against the Palastgarden city park. You will find mostly ruins here and in pictures you can see what it used to look like. Under the ruins is a whole system of corridors where you can also take a look. There is also a small museum attached. The advantage of these sights is that the entrance fee is quite low (you can buy a card for all the Roman sights) and the visit for kids does not take too long either.

#7 Thermen am Viehmarkt: these thermal baths are fully covered, so a great option if, for example, the weather is bad in Trier and you still want to go see something. Again, you will find many ruins from Roman times. You and your kids must really love this to want to see all these sights. These spas are also located in the center and from the Kaiserthermen it is about an 8-minute walk to them.

#8 Landesmuseum: this museum focuses on the history of the city of Trier. The museum is mostly looking at exhibits about the city and there is little interactive for kids. Your kids must really be very interested in history and culture, otherwise you can definitely skip this museum when visiting Trier with the family.

Trier with kids
Trier with kids

Where to sleep in Trier with kids

Budget hotel: Berghotel Kockelsberg

Mid-range hotel: ante porta DAS STADTHOTEL

Luxury hotel: Park Plaza Trier

To search for other hotels in Trier with kids click here for the whole list of hotels.

Further information Trier with kids

Trier map: two versions of the map are available. You have an Antiken Basic and Premium Card. The Basic Card allows you to visit two of the Roman buildings described above for free, and the Premium Card allows you to visit all of them for free. At both, you also have free admission to the Landesmuseum. So it depends a bit on what all you want to visit in Trier with kids whether the card is advantageous for you and which card you should choose.

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