Creating a travel journal: all the options at a glance!

Traveling far with kids is becoming increasingly popular, and more and more families are heading out to visit exotic destinations. Many families will do a trip report on this. Especially for small kids, it’s fun when parents create a travel journal so they can later read back on all the family’s experiences. We list the different ways to capture a trip for later.

Making travel journal #1: in a travel journal on paper

For our trip around the world with our four-year-old daughter, we also kept a travel diary so that later when our daughter grows up she can read back our thoughts, feelings and emotions about the trip with her in addition to the photos and videos.

We wrote a piece at the end of each day about what we had done that day and how the day had gone. In addition, we ended the mini report with three lucky moments from that day from both of us.

And that could be anything. Often these were small moments and not visiting all kinds of sights.

For this travel journal, you really don’t need to buy a trendy little book, which often costs tens of dollars. With us, it was just a simple notebook with a hard cover.

Later we brightened up this notebook with some photos from the trip. If you would still like a nice travel book, look here. The author of this website has listed ten different travel books.

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Making a travel journal #2 A website as a travel journal

An online travel diary is also a great keepsake for later and also an ideal way to keep the home front informed during the trip. You have several websites nowadays, where it is very easy to write a travel blog. We list some of the major players.

  • Travel Logger

This is the free website we used during our world trip with our daughter. What we found a huge advantage of travel blogger is that you can add unlimited photos and videos. In addition, the website is also tablet and mobile compatible. After our world trip, it was also very easy to order a beautiful travel book of our entire trip, giving our daughter a beautiful book as a reminder of our wonderful trip. Reislogger itself has also compared two other major providers of online travel diaries.

  • Pindat

If you do not want your travel diary to be readable by everyone, then Pindat may well be the ideal website for your online travel diary. People who are allowed to read your journal will then give you a specific access code that they can use to log in. Furthermore, you can post unlimited photos and videos of your trip. Again, you can have your travel diary printed afterward.


This website has been around for a very long time and was one of the first websites to allow travelers to record trips online. We ourselves used this website on our two world trips in 2007 and 2008. What is noticeable is that the structure of the website has not changed in all these years, which makes it visually unappealing with the current offerings. You can post only 150 photos and 5 videos on this website. If you want to post additional material, you have to pay for it. You can, however, have a book printed. Hopefully they have made strides here, because when we look back at our book that was created in 2008 by the creators of the website, it is not really a very nice book.

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Travel journal making #3 A travel journal through your phone

The phone is an important part of a travel kit these days. We have already written a travel blog about several fine apps that are easy when traveling with kids, but you can also keep a travel diary through various apps.

  • Polarsteps

This is the best-known travel diary app in the Netherlands. The app maps your journey using your phone’s GPS. Using this map, you can add reports and photos from your trip. We ourselves have also used this travel app, but we ourselves found it a bit cluttered. Even with friends who used this app for trip reports, it was often unclear when they posted something.

A big plus, though, is that it looks visually stunning. This app also lets you print a travel diary for your kids afterwards.

  • Tripcast

This app lets you add photos to an album with multiple people. Using GPS, the app creates a route where you have been. The app is free to download.

  • Journey by Journey

With this app, it really is a travel diary for yourself. Graphically it looks beautiful and you can write something about the day every day. One drawback of the app is that you can only add one photo per day to your report.

So there are plenty of ways to capture your travelogues for your kids. Of course, you can capture a certain mood of a trip through photos and videos, but adding text to your material completes the picture.

If you are also planning a far away trip with your family or even a world trip, click here for more information and tips.

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