Traveling with kids: 7 traits your kid can develop!

Traveling can change people, and it certainly does with kids. By traveling around for several weeks or even months, kids can develop certain traits you didn’t expect beforehand.

Especially as you travel more frequently with your kids, these traits can become more and more part of his or her character. Herewith the 7 traits your kid can develop as you travel with children.

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#1: Your kid becomes more patient

In the Netherlands and many other Western countries, everything revolves around time. If someone is a few minutes late, most people are not happy about it.

In many developing countries, time plays a much lesser role and one is not easily surprised if the person arrives an hour late.

For us, this can be very frustrating in the beginning, but if you let it run its course more and more you will naturally become a lot more patient and get into a relaxed mode.

For your kids, it will also take some getting used to, having to wait a little longer for that man from the excursion or that bus that would be coming by, but they will get used to it naturally and become more and more patient.

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#2: Your kid becomes more confident

I remember well that at the end of our trip, our daughter wanted to do more and more things herself. “No daddy, I want to order my drink from that Cuban bartender myself,” and there our four-year-old daughter ran to the bar to order a lemonade for herself.

When traveling, you are always in an environment that is unfamiliar to you and it is occasionally difficult to get by here. The longer you travel, the more you see that you can manage quite well in unfamiliar situations and, of course, so has your kid.

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Cocktail Sri Lanka with kids

#3: Your kid is getting more and more creative

When traveling, you have fewer toys, than you have at home. University of Toronto research shows that kids who had fewer toys played with them much longer because they used their creative instincts much more to use the toys in multiple ways.

We saw with our daughter, for example, that she made a little store out of things from the hotel room, where we could then buy something.

Things we found in nature and on the beach were also used as toys by our daughter. Your kids are going to develop their creative traits more and more and become less materialistic as a result.

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Making sand castle Tonga with kids

#4: Your kid is becoming more social.

While traveling, you and your kids meet new people all the time.

Especially in the dozens of playgrounds we visited during our trip around the world, kids quickly connect. Whereas in the Netherlands we still tend to be on our own, in some countries you are much more likely to be accosted by strangers for a chat.

Your kid will make friends more and more easily through all these encounters with unknown children (most of the time they don’t even understand them) and will come back a lot more social when you are back in Holland.

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#5: Your kid will become more athletic

When you travel, you generally move more than when you are at home or at work. You take brisk walks through a concerning city, climb a mountain and play in the sea for hours.

The same goes for your kids, of course. Because you are outside almost all day, you move much more than at home. Now in Sri Lanka, our daughter who was often quick to sit in the baby carriage when we walked at home, was suddenly climbing a mountain all by herself. How proud we were than she could already do that all by herself.

Or those days in Hawaii when she lay in the sea on her bodyboard and tried to paddle her arms through the sea. The fresh air and plenty of exercise provide a healthy environment for your child and your kid will only benefit.

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#6: Your kid will become increasingly flexible

While traveling, your kids must always adapt to new situations. Kids generally handle this very easily and are very flexible by themselves.

The longer you travel, the easier your kids will adjust to the situation.

For example, not once did our daughter complain that we were sleeping in a different environment again. She even found it interesting that we kept arriving somewhere different and was curious to see where she would sleep next.

Children adapt tremendously quickly and as long as you as parents are around then that is generally enough for a kid.

#7: Your kid will become more adventurous

The longer we traveled, the more our daughter dared. From climbing mountains to walking across long, rickety footbridges.

As she experienced new adventures with us every day and pushed her limits each time, she also got more and more of an urge to have new adventures.

For example, at the end of our world trip in Canada, we climbed all kinds of rocks, mountains and trees.

Of course, the development of different traits will vary from kid to kid, but you can assume that kids will generally develop in a positive direction. If you are planning to go on a world trip, read all our articles on preparing for a world trip.

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