Travel Havana (Cuba): mini travel guide for families!

Havana is a great destination to start your tour of Cuba as a family. Even though there are not that many activities for kids in the city, it is fun to spend a few days in the city. Despite Havana being in a dilapidated state, it did steal our hearts on our trip around the world. We will share in this blog what we have undertaken with our daughter in this city and what is fun to do with kids in Havana.

Travel Havana with kids
Travel Havana with kids

Havana with kids #1: Take a tour of the city in a classic car.

If you want to get an impression of this beautiful city and don’t want to walk too much with your kids, then a tour in a classic car really a must do! You can see these cars on every corner of every street in Havana, so it’s not hard to book a tour. Do negotiate well with the driver in question, as prices vary quite a bit.

During this tour, the driver will drive you through the city. We had a convertible and our daughter loved being transported around town like that.

In addition, it is fun to take pictures with the car in Plaza de Revolucion.

Most tours last an hour. If you want to rent a car in Cuba for a longer period of time read the travel blog rental car Cuba.

Travel Havana with kids
Travel Havana with kids

Havana with kids #2: Go swimming at hotel Sevilla

Hotel Sevilla is located in the middle of the city and it is a pity that the hotel has no real rooms for parents with kids. Still, you can enjoy the facilities the hotel has to offer. So we went here every morning for breakfast at this hotel. We paid ten euros per person for this and for our daughter it was free. The extensive breakfast buffet was a wonderful start to the day.

In addition, you can also use the hotel’s swimming pool here. For a few euros you can buy a ticket for the pool and at the pool you can also have a delicious lunch. We ourselves were in a fantastic relatively cheap apartment in the middle of a working-class neighborhood in Havana, but had all the facilities of an expensive hotel during the day.

Travel Havana with kids
Vacation Havana with kids

Havana with kids #3: Go to the local play park for a few hours

The Parque Cespedes la Maestranza is located right in the center of Havana and is very nice to go with small kids. In addition to playground equipment, you’ll find bouncy castles and even a Ferris wheel. Of course, it’s all a bit old, but you make quick contact with the locals this way (we were the only tourists).

You pay a small entrance fee (really a few cents) and inside the park you pay a small fee for the large bouncy castles as well. For a few hours of fun with small kids, this is the place to be.

Travel Havana with kids
Travel Havana with kids

Havana with kids #4: Have a drink at Plaza Vieja

Havana has some nice squares to visit and Plaza Vieja was our favorite. You can eat and have a drink here, and the square is big enough for the kids to have fun, too. Our daughter spent quite some time in the square coloring with some local boys, while we were having drinks in the meantime.

Other famous squares in downtown Havana are Plaza de Armas and Plaza de la Cathedral. The old town is fun to stroll through anyway.

There is something to see everywhere and music can be heard from all kinds of cafes.

Therefore, the city impresses most of all by how the city and its residents are. It all looks old and dilapidated, yet it has a certain atmosphere.

Travel Havana with kids
Travel Havana with kids

Havana with kids #5: Visit the Chocolate Museum

It’s not really a museum, just a joint where you can eat and drink all kinds of things related to chocolate. This will be music to most kids’ ears. If you get tired of the heat outside for a while, it’s nice and cool inside.

Another museum we visited is the Museum of the Revolution. But we didn’t think it represented much, and especially with kids, you can skip this museum. So we were outside again after half an hour.

Havana is often the starting point for a trip through Cuba. If you want to travel around the country read a fellow blogger’s blog about an itinerary for three weeks of Cuba.

Travel Havana with kids
Travel Havana with kids

How do I get to downtown Havana with kids?

The majority of tourists take the cab to the city center. It costs about 30 CUC, which is about 26 euros. The driver who took us to the center also helped us arrange money at the airport.

Travel Havana with kids
Travel Havana with kids

Is it hard to get Cuban money?

No it is not difficult to get money, but it is different from most countries. You can hardly get cash in Cuba, so you have to change money. You can do this at the airport and most hotels just fine and we didn’t feel like we were being ripped off.

Havana travel vacation with kids
Travel Havana with kids

Do you need a visa in havana with kids?

Yes you need a visa and you can easily apply for it before your trip. All you need is that your passport is still valid for 6 months when you go to Cuba. You get back a blank visa, which you still have to fill out yourself. You must do this carefully. Here are some tips:

  • Copy the information correctly from your passport and do not cross out anything. The visa may then no longer be valid.
  • Write everything in block letter.
  • Leave the Entrada and Salida fields blank, as this will be filled in by customs officials in Cuba.

You can apply for a visa through e-visas .

Vacation Cuba with family
Vacation Cuba

Where to stay in havana with kids?

Most accommodations you can book in Havana are Casas Particulares (really just a kind of AirBnB accommodations). We also booked accommodation this way and we really had a beautiful apartment with two bedrooms and a very spacious living room, right in the middle of the old center. Altogether, the area of the apartment was 120m2. When we had drinks on our balcony in the evening, all the streets and balconies were full of local people enjoying the coolness of the streets. This apartment Compostela Old Avana can be booked here.

If you prefer to sit in a hotel, the options are few. Most hotels require you to book two rooms if you are more than two people. Hotel Seville is really the best choice then if you want to be in a hotel with your family.

Travel Havana with kids
Travel Havana with kids
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