Tilburg with kids

Tilburg with kids: 21 fun kids’ activities in a row!

A weekend in Tilburg with kids is always a good idea! We ourselves live in the Tilburg area and there is really a lot to do for families here in the area. More and more tourists are noticing this, and in recent years we have seen more and more tourists coming to our city, including many families. Based on our own experiences, we list the best activities and attractions in Tilburg with kids for you!

1. the rail park

The Spoorpark has not been around very long, but it is incredibly popular among Tilburg residents. And that is certainly justified, since it is a very nice park. From Tilburg’s central station, you can walk there in a few minutes. The park is quite large and there is a large lawn in the middle of the park, where, especially on a warm day, a lot of families sit and picnic, sunbathe or play a game of soccer.

At the beginning of the Railway Park you have some kind of water playground (at least this is where many kids play with water) and you have some blocks that you can sit on. At this water is also a kiosk where you can buy some food and drinks. From here you can also see the observation tower that you can climb.

This observation tower is completely open with stairs and it is fun to walk up with kids. This 37-meter-high tower gives a nice view of the area and you pay a few euros entrance fee for the whole family. If there is wind, the tower may well move a little. When we were there, this was the case and therefore it can be exciting for people who are afraid of heights. Our daughter just loved this and of course she walked all the way up!

At the back of the park is the T-house where you can also sit on the terrace and have some food and drinks. At the back of this T-house is also a very nice skate track, where kids go off with scooters, skateboards, rollerblades and bicycles. Sometimes it can be quite a chaos here when it is very busy with kids. If you’re in Tilburg with kids, you should definitely check this out!

Tilburg with kids
Tilburg with kids

2. Animal park the Oliemeulen

Dierenpark De Oliemeulen is located just outside the center of Tilburg and you can park your car in front of the door for free. It calls itself “The strangest animal park in the Netherlands,” and as far as that goes, they are right! You will find many different kinds of reptiles such as all kinds of spiders, snakes, crocodiles and the strangest beasts such as a bat dog, for example.

You have a part inside the farmhouse itself and there is a part outside. You can also attend a bird show and there is an indoor demonstration with spiders and snakes. At this, kids are also allowed to pet the snake. We spent an entire afternoon there and had a great time! For more information about this animal park read our extensive blog Dierenpark de Oliemeulen with kids.

Tilburg with kids
Tilburg with kids

3. The Gaming Factory

If your kids love playing computer games, then this is the ideal activity if you are visiting Tilburg with kids. In fact, you can spend several hours of unlimited gaming on dozens of Arcade games here. We visited The Gaming Factory on a Saturday afternoon and had booked for two hours of unlimited gaming.

If you come by car you can park your car in front of the door for free and once inside you will get a card for x number of hours access to the main hall. In this hall, they have dozens of different games on two different floors. This is also a really fun activity for parents (at least if you like computer games).

So we also came across many games that we ourselves played on the machines as kids. In addition to Arcade games, there are pinball machines, air field hockey tables and pool tables. Several games require kids to actively move as in throwing balls into a basket, dance games and games that require kids to drum to the beat.

We had booked for two hours and before we knew it the time was up. Our daughter would have liked to play for quite a while longer. Therefore, we will definitely come back again. For more information on opening hours, different games and admission prices, take a look at The Gaming Factory‘s website.

Tilburg with kids
Tilburg with kids

4. Discovery Station 013

In an old factory hall in the Spoorzone in Tilburg sits Discover Station013. Trains used to be repaired in the hall, and today kids as young as 4 can do all kinds of workshops and programs on engineering and science. These are very different workshop and programs, ranging from making a movie to taking apart a vacuum cleaner.

Outside there is another water play area with a discovery garden. Here, kids can run a homemade boat and discover how a lock works. For parents, there is a special corner where they can have a drink and read a book.

5. Nature Museum Brabant

The Nature Museum Brabant is located opposite the central train station and has been voted the most enjoyable museum in the province of North Brabant several times. Kids can do and discover many things related to nature here. For example, on the second floor of the museum, they have an experience forest that changes with the seasons. So four times a year you will find a different exhibition here.

In recent years, the museum has expanded to include modern equipment, allowing kids to interact with nature and do their own research. For more information about the museum, read our blog Nature Museum Brabant with kids.

Nature Museum Brabant with kids
Nature Museum Brabant with kids

Other children’s activities Tilburg

6. Textile Museum

Another museum to visit in Tilburg with kids is the textile museum. The city is considered the Textile City of the Netherlands from the past, and one of the city’s former factories now houses a museum. From the central train station it is about a twenty-minute walk to the museum, but you can also take the bus (bus line 5, stop at Kasteeldreef stop) to the museum.

The museum covers everything related to textiles and several machines in the factory are still in service, so you can also see different processes of weaving, for example, reflected in the museum. There is also an assignment booklet related to colors (color trail), where kids have to answer various questions related to the exhibition.

Various workshops and lectures are also organized for kids. We ourselves did a workshop in the museum’s Design Studio, where we got to design our own socks. Here, we could choose from different colors and also put our own text on the socks, then the socks were made on the spot.

Especially with kids, this is a really fun activity to do. This activity takes about half an hour and while you view the rest of the museum, socks are produced by a museum. For more information on opening hours, admission prices and the various exhibitions, take a look at the Textile Museum Tilburg’s website.

Tilburg with kids
Tilburg with kids

7. Tour by bicycle cab

You can also take the bicycle cab around the city in Tilburg with kids. Especially for short trips around town, this bicycle cab is very convenient and, of course, very good for the environment. For example, we took the bicycle cab from the central station to the Textile Museum, so we didn’t have to walk the twenty minutes to the station.

These bicycle cabs can accommodate two adults and possibly a kid. The three of us could just fit in this bicycle cab. We found it a really fun way to see the city from the outdoors. It is also possible to take different tours of the city with these bicycle cabs.

For example, they have several Street Art tours through Tilburg’s Textielbuurt, downtown and Piushaven, and you can also do a tour of churches and monasteries. For beer lovers, they also have a beer tour, taking you past several Tilburg breweries, but this one may be a lot less interesting for kids. For more information about these bicycle cabs, take a look at the website of Fietstaxi Tours Tilburg.

Tilburg with kids
Tilburg with kids

8. Rambling Forest + 7 Goats

The biggest playground in Tilburg that you can visit for free is the playground in the walking forest. In this forest there are several pieces of playground equipment in the sand. In the forest itself you can also take a great walk and you will encounter quite a few squirrels. In the middle of the hiking forest is also a large lake.

At the playground in the woods there is also a soccer field and a number of cabins have been built where kids can play. Unfortunately, at this playground there is not something like a kiosk where you can have a drink, so you have to bring your own. There is also a petting zoo in the Wandelbos. Here you will find various animals such as, goats, deer, a pot-bellied boar, wallabies, pheasants and a donkey.

From the playground in the hiking forest, it is a short walk of just over five minutes to restaurant the 7 Goats. This is a nice place to have lunch at noon with the family. Here, too, they have different playground equipment, a kind of old maze ruin and different animals. Therefore, you can have a great time in this part of Tilburg with kids for a few hours!

9. Lochal 013

If you’re visiting the city of Tilburg with kids, it’s also fun to stop in at the LocHal. This old factory hall of the Dutch Railways has been completely converted and can be visited every day. You’ll find this LocHal just behind the city’s central train station a minute’s walk away. This building has already won several architectural awards in the Netherlands.

It is possible to book a tour of the LocHal, but with kids it is just as fun to explore the hall on your own. In fact, the hall also houses the city’s Public Library, and especially on the first floor, it is fun to visit the children’s section. Here, in addition to the many children’s books, there are also various games and also here is a very large (play) book with all kinds of fairy tales.

On weekends, the library regularly organizes activities for kids and sometimes reads to the kids. The LocHal also houses a city cafe, where you can get something to eat and drink. For more information about the LocHal, take a look here and for the Tilburg Public Library, take a look at its website.

10. Ireen Wüst skating rink

You can also spend an afternoon skating in Tilburg with kids. The Ireen Wüst rink is on the grounds of Stappegoor in the south of the city, and you can park your car here for one euro a day in the large parking lot in front of the skating rink. Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon you can enjoy family skating here.

For example, there is a large 400-meter skating rink, where kids and parents can skate and there is no consideration of which direction to skate. You see kids here using all kinds of tools on the ice to move forward. Every hour, the rink is swept again, so the marks in the ice are less for a while. The inside of this skating rink also contains a large ice hockey field, where kids can play.

You can rent skates at the rink and there is also a small cafe at the rink, where you can have a drink and buy a candy. They sell typical winter things here such as hot chocolate with whipped cream and pea soup. We were here on Sunday afternoon and had a great time for an hour or two. After those two hours, our six-year-old daughter was also really tired and we went home. Around this skating rink there are also several restaurants and also a large supermarket (where you can also eat at tables).

11. Stappegoor Swimming Pool

In the same area as the skating rink, you can also go to a nice swimming pool in Tilburg with kids. Pool Stappegoor is less than a five-minute walk from the skating rink, and this pool is a fun activity to entertain yourself for an afternoon or morning when the weather is not so good during your city break to Tilburg with kids, for example.

The pool has both indoor and outdoor areas as well as a 25-meter pool. The indoor pool has two fun slides, with the whitewater slide accessible only to kids taller than 1.3 meters. There is also a rapid in the pool and a variety of attributes in the indoor pool such as mats and tires in the water.

Outside, there is also a family slide and you can have a great summer lie down on one of the member lawns. Both inside and outside you have a pool for small kids with small play equipment. So you can easily combine half a day of skating with half a day of swimming. There is also a mega cinema on the grounds, so you can catch a movie in the evening as well.

12. Abbey monastery

Of course, it is also possible to discover the city of Tilburg with kids by bike. In the city center, you can rent a bike at various points. We ourselves rented bikes from Guill van der Ven, renting not only a regular bike, but also a nice tandem bike for our daughter. You have several options here for families with kids, including, for example, a cargo bike where small kids can sit in the cargo box.

We ourselves biked from downtown in about twenty minutes to the Onze Lieve Vrouw van Koningshoeven Abbey Monastery. Here you have the monastery, where they brew La Trappe beer, and you can take a tour of the monastery. Of course, it is also possible to just use the monastery as a stopover and taste one of the beers in the monastery’s garden.

Near this monastery, it is also fun to check out watchtower the New Herdgang. You pay a small entrance fee here (you can withdraw at the entrance gate) and then walk up a steep staircase in the tower for a nice view of the surrounding area. In this area is also Moerenburg nature reserve, where you can hike with kids in Tilburg, but we ourselves did not find this to be much of an experience.

Tilburg with kids
Tilburg with kids

13. Play farm the Vossenberg

A 15-minute drive from downtown Tilburg you have this play farm located. At play farm the Vossenberg, kids can do a variety of things. Thus, you have a large playground lying both inside and outside. A big advantage of this is that you can go to this farm with your kids in all types of weather.

Inside you also have a kind of second floor, where you can go up with stairs and where there is another big construction corner with blocks and also a craft corner. Our daughter really likes this craft corner, where kids can carpenter all kinds of wood together and also paint their creations.

This play farm is a great spending a morning or afternoon, and you can also have lunch with your kids here.

14. NondeJeu

If you are looking for a fun activity in Tilburg with kids for the evening or for during the day when it rains, for example, NondeJeu is a fun play center you can go to with the family! This business is in the middle of downtown in a former storefront, and you can play bocce ball and some kind of escape room with kids here these days. It is also possible to play a board game here with kids.

We played the Prison Island activity here with our daughter on Saturday night, which we found to be a very fun activity. When we were here with her she was seven years old and maybe still a little on the young side, but with the guidance of us as parents, we came a long way with most of the games.

At Prison Island you enter a cell complex and in the thirty cells you have in this complex you can play a game in each cell. Each cell emphasizes knowledge, agility or physicality. For example, you have to complete courses without being noticed by a motion sensor, throw balls into a basketball net or get all kinds of math questions and have to enter the answers into a screen.

In total, the activity takes 1.5 hours and when we got out we were pretty tuckered out from the activity. At the end of the game, all the scores from the different games are added up and you can see how manyth you finished as a group that day.

Tilburg with kids
Tilburg with kids

15. The Voltage

In the south of Tilburg, you have a large indoor hall that has already won awards as the best Family Entertainment Center in the Netherlands. You can do all kinds of things here in this hall in Tilburg with kids. You’ll find a total of 50 activities and restaurants under one roof.

For example, here they have an indoor playground in Tilburg for young kids, where you can have a great time for several hours. We visited the playground and even though we didn’t think it was the most fun indoor playground, our daughter had a great time here. At the Voltage you can go karting, laser gaming, bowling, paintballing, indoor miniature golf and much more.

You also have several escaperooms for kids at the Voltage. On that note, there are enough indoor activities to keep you entertained for a whole day on a less sunny day in Tilburg.

Other children’s activities Tilburg

In addition to the children’s activities in Tilburg described above, you have a number of fun activities in Tilburg with kids. We briefly name them below.

#16: Efteling: Holland’s largest amusement park is only a 15-minute drive from downtown Tilburg. This amusement park is super fun for kids and you can easily enjoy yourself for a day (aka two days) at this amusement park. We ourselves have visited the park many times (Sophie has a subscription with grandparents), but everything is immensely well cared for and maintained. Of course, the Fairytale Forest and the Carnival Festival are one of our daughter’s favorite attractions. We wrote the blog the Efteling with kids about this amusement park with all the information.

#17: Beekse Bergen: a 15-minute drive from Tilburg is the most beautiful safari park in the Netherlands the Beekse Bergen. There are several ways to visit the park. You can tour the park in your own car, as well as by bus, boat and on foot. If you are on a city break in Tilburg with kids, you can easily set aside a whole day for the Beekse Bergen.

In the summer, it is also great fun to visit Speelland from the Beekse Bergen. This is a beach on a lake with several playgrounds, rides and boats, where you can also have a great day. For a detailed report on the safari park, check out our blog Beekse Bergen with kids.

#18 Tilburg Fair: One of the biggest events of the city of Tilburg is the fair. This is one of the largest fairs in Europe and throughout the center of the city there is a mile-long ribbon of fairground rides for ten days. When planning a city trip to Tilburg with kids, it’s obviously fun to check out when the fair is, so you can visit it during your trip. What we always recommend about the fair in Tilburg is the nostalgic fair, where you have really fun rides for some younger kids and where the prices are still low for a ride.

#19 Rooftopbar Doloris: If you want a nice view of Tilburg then it is nice to have a drink at Rooftopbar Doloris. Located near the train station, the bar has a relaxed atmosphere on the top floor. Another tip for eating in the center of Tilburg is restaurant de Spaarbank, where in addition to having great food, you also have a playground near the restaurant.

#20 Walking through nature: near Tilburg are some beautiful natural areas where you can go for a wonderful walk with your kids. For example, about a 20-minute drive from the center of Tilburg you have the Oisterwijk woods and fens. We already wrote the blog Oisterwijk with kids about these forests and fens and all the activities in the area. Another beautiful natural area where you can enjoy hiking is the Loonse and Drunense dunes. We have included both natural areas in our blog about the most beautiful walks in Brabant with kids.

#21 Jumpsquare Tilburg: You can also go jumping in Tilburg with kids for an hour (or two). We are seeing as our daughter gets older that the trampoline parks you have throughout the Netherlands are becoming more and more popular with her. This branch of Jumpsquare is located in the Reeshof neighborhood outside the city center, and you can park your car in front of the door for free.

You have lots of trampolines and other climbing equipment here, where kids can play. Our daughter was done after an hour at the Tilburg branch, but this is definitely a fun children’s activity in Tilburg.

Indoor playground Tilburg

You have several indoor playgrounds in Tilburg that you can visit with your kids. We list some of these indoor playgrounds in Tilburg below.

#22 Ballorig Tilburg: We visited this indoor playground in Tilburg regularly when our daughter was younger. This indoor playground is located in the north of Tilburg and you can park your car in front of the door for free. This indoor playground is not super big, but big enough to keep your kids entertained for a few hours. You pay admission only for parents and there is plenty of space for parents to sit and have some food and drinks.

#23 Monkey Town Tilburg: This is the second indoor playground in Tilburg and together with the Voltage (which we mentioned earlier in this blog) these are the three indoor playgrounds that Tilburg has. Monkey Town Tilburg is located in the Reeshof, which is a 15-minute drive from the center of Tilburg. Again, you park for free and pay admission only for the kids. The Monkey Town Tilburg branch is located next to Jumpsquare Tilburg, making it great to combine both activities. Two ideal children’s activities in Tilburg when the weather is a little cooler in town.

#24 Kids Wonderland: This indoor playground is not located in Tilburg, but in Molenschot and is just over a 15-minute drive from the center of Tilburg. We have been to this indoor playground several times and also held our daughter’s children’s party here once. What makes Kids Wonderland so fun is that it’s just a little different from the indoor playgrounds you’re used to.

In addition, they have both indoor and outdoor play equipment, making them great for both summer and winter. They also have some small attractions, where kids are sure to have a great time. What is also an advantage of this indoor playground is that you can have a beer or a glass of wine here, whereas you cannot at the other indoor playgrounds in Tilburg. What is a downside of this indoor playground is that you also pay a small entrance fee for adults and you also pay for parking.

Family-friendly restaurant Tilburg

You have plenty of great family-friendly restaurants in Tilburg where you can eat with kids. We’ve eaten at quite a few restaurants in our neighborhood over the years, and you have some really nice restaurants with playgrounds near Tilburg. If you’re looking for a family-friendly restaurant in Tilburg, read our blog family-friendly restaurant Tilburg, where we list all the great restaurants in the area for families.

Family-friendly restaurant Tilburg
Family-friendly restaurant Tilburg

Family-friendly hotel Tilburg

Hostel Roots

We had long wanted to spend a night at Tilburg’s only hostel. We ourselves have often slept in hostels during our travels and wanted to experience what this hostel was like in Tilburg as well. Hostel Roots also has a relaxed atmosphere, making it definitely suitable for families with kids. The hostel is very central, has family rooms, serves a delicious breakfast in the morning and is therefore definitely a nice option to stay during a city break to Tilburg with kids.

For more information about the hostel, take a look here.

We wrote about this hostel the blog Hostel Roots with kids, in which we give a comprehensive review of the hostel.

Family-friendly hotel Tilburg
Hostel Roots with kids

Mercure Hotel Tilburg

We ourselves are from the neighborhood of Tilburg, but in order to write this blog properly based on our own experiences, we also once stayed in our own city at the Mercure Hotel Tilburg. Located right in the center, this hotel has nice modern rooms with a nice view of the city.

There is also a spa at the hotel that guests of the hotel can use. We also booked the High Tea for kids here during our visit. We really enjoyed the hotel and definitely recommend it to parents coming to Tilburg with kids to visit the city.

If you want more information about this hotel during a weekend getaway to Tilburg with kids, check it out here.

We wrote an extensive review about the hotel, which you can find here.

Family-friendly hotel Tilburg
Family-friendly hotel Tilburg

Auberge du Bonheur

We also stayed at the Auberge du Bonheur hotel once when we took a city trip to Tilburg with our daughter. Auberge Du Bonheur is a small hotel on the outskirts of town, where you can park your car in front of the door for free. The hotel is located in the forest, so you can take kids for nature walks right from the hotel.

The rooms are quite spacious and all have their own little terrace with a table and chairs. We liked that very much, since the weather was very nice when we visited the hotel and we enjoyed sitting in the sunshine by our room that way. In terms of food and drink, you are also very well off at this hotel.

For more information about this hotel, take a look here.

For a comprehensive review of this hotel, take a look here.

Hotel Auberge du Bonheur with kids
Family-friendly hotel Tilburg

This blog was created in part through a collaboration with the City of Tilburg.

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