These are the 9 reasons why traveling to Singapore with kids is ideal!

Singapore is a great destination in Asia to travel to with kids. We spent over a week in this metropolis with our daughter and we were not bored for a moment. We found this country to be an ideal destination for parents with kids and below we give 9 reasons why we think so.

Gardens by the Bay with kids Singapore
Gardens by the Bay with family Singapore

Singapore with kids ideal #1 No vaccinations or pill swallowing

Singapore, unlike many other Asian countries, is malaria-free, so your kids won’t have to take malaria pills. In addition, no vaccinations are recommended for short stays (less than three months).

Singapore with kids ideal #2 Facilities in the country are great for kids

Singapore is a country all set up for kids. Thus, the facilities for parents with kids are top notch.

One example is the various shopping malls. For example, there are often special low child toilets and sinks, toilets for parents with a special child seat in the toilet area, feeding and care areas with drinking water, care products and sometimes even a microwave.

There are also playgrounds and water parks throughout the city where kids can have fun.

Sentosa Island Singapore water playground with kids
Singapore with kids

Singapore with kids ideal #3 the country doesn’t have to be expensive.

Singapore is known as one of the most expensive countries in the world, yet for you and your kids, it doesn’t have to be that way. In
this blog
you will find 9 different free activities for your kids in Singapore and budget tips are also shared with you regarding transportation and food. So it is up to you how expensive you make a vacation to Singapore.

free activities in Singapore with kids
Singapore with kids

Singapore with kids ideal #4 You don’t need a visa

Dutch nationals do not need a visa and it is enough to show a passport at customs that is valid for 6 months. This makes your preparation for a trip to Singapore with kids a lot faster.

free activities in Singapore with kids
Park Singapore with kids

Singapore with kids ideal #5 All year round you can swim outside

Singapore has a tropical climate, so the temperature is between 24 and 31 degrees all year round. Showers also fall throughout the year, but they are refreshing rather than annoying.

So it also means that you can always spend a few hours in a day swimming in an outdoor pool or in the sea at the beach. They also have several water parks, so your kids won’t lack anything in terms of water fun.

what to do in Singapore with kids family

Singapore with kids ideal #6 The food is delicious

In some countries, it is sometimes difficult to find food that your kids will like. In Singapore this is not a problem.At the so-called Hawker Centres (kind of food markets) you have great food for little money and all cultures are represented. Whether you want fries with a meat, kebab, Asian food, there is something for everyone.

In addition, in the food courts of the various shopping malls, you have the big fast food chains. You also have plenty to choose from at the various stalls for vegetarian dishes.

Highly recommended, as far as we are concerned, is Lau Pa Sat Hawker center in Singapore’s Business District, where you have a wide choice of eateries and where at night the roads are blocked off and tables are set up on the street for eating.

Singapore with kids ideal #7 The city is a mix of cultures

Singapore is very internationally oriented and also has several neighborhoods with a completely distinct look.For example, you have the Arabian Kampon Glam, Chinatown, Little India and the colonial atmospheres in downtown. So you can go from chaotic Little India to a colonial neighborhood in a few minutes by subway, where it feels like you are in the England of old.

Our daughter enjoys looking around and especially in a neighborhood like Little India where it is very busy, there are many different stalls outside with all kinds of interesting goodies, exotic smells everywhere and there are also beautiful temples to admire, this makes for quite a few hours of entertainment. Especially if in between you enjoy, say, a nice ice cream and watch life on the streets in the meantime.

Singapore with kids
free activities in Singapore with kids

Singapore with kids ideal #8 it is one of the safest countries in the world

There have been many studies on how safe countries are, using a variety of criteria such as political unrest, crime and harmony within the population. If you add the various lists, Singapore scores higher than our own country on all of them.

In general, you can walk around Singapore with your kids anywhere (including at night) with confidence. I must say that we have been to quite a few areas of Singapore and not once did we feel unsafe.

In addition, it is punishable to scam people with a cab, for example, which means that the meter is always neatly turned on and you don’t have to worry about being dropped off with your family.

Singapore with kids ideal #9 the country is tremendously green

Despite being in a metropolis, there is plenty of greenery everywhere. For example, there are numerous parks (often with playgrounds) where you can have a good time with your kids. You can also walk entire treks through nature less than ten minutes from the center.

For example, you have Southern Ridges, where you have a landscaped path of about 10 kilometers through nature. So you can quickly leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy all the greenery the city has to offer.

Singapore with kids
Singapore with kids

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