What to do in Ella with kids

What to do in Ella with kids? mini travel guide!

What to do in Ella with kids? Ella is a small village, where there is a real backpacker atmosphere. For parents with kids it is an advantage that the village is conveniently arranged and because it is in the mountains the temperature is not too high. In Ella, you also have nice accommodations with great mountain views. We ourselves spent four full days in Ella with our daughter so we know exactly what to do in Ella Sri Lanka. These are the best activities in Ella with kids.

What to do in Ella Sri Lanka?

#1 Visit the Ravanna waterfall

#2 Climb Little Adams Peak

#3 Swimming at Oak Gap hotel

#4 Chilling at the Chill Café

#5 By train from Haputale to Ella

#6 Train watching at Demodara Nine Arch Bridge

#7 Climb Ella Rock

#8 Get a massage in Ella

Ella with kids
Ella with kids

What to do in Ella with kids #1 Ravanna waterfall

This waterfall is about a 15-minute tuktuk ride from Ella and on the way there you will see monkeys climbing trees and walking across the road everywhere. Near the waterfall are all kinds of stalls selling fresh fruit and souvenirs. At the bottom of the waterfall is a stream where you can take a nice shower and you can possibly take a dip in the water. It should be added that the water is on the fresh side ;).

What to do in Ella with kids #2 Little Adams Peak

This is an ideal hike to walk with (small) kids. Our 4-year-old daughter is not someone who normally walks a lot, but she walked the entire climb by herself. Be sure to ask the tuktuk driver to drop you off as far up the mountain as possible. Then it’s only a half-hour walk uphill.

For parents with older kids, you can choose to hike from the village to the top, but the hike will take about 1.5 hours. Halfway up is a little store where you can buy something to drink, but at the summit this is not present.

The view at the top of the mountain is breathtaking and our daughter really enjoyed playing with the stray dogs on the mountain. You could also possibly choose to go toward the end of the afternoon, when it is less warm and you can enjoy the sunset on the mountain.

Travel routes Sri Lanka with kids
Ella with kids

What to do in Ella with kids #3 Pool of Oak ray ella gap hotel

We were in a great hotel ourselves, but unfortunately it did not include a pool. Fortunately, you can swim right downtown in a small pool at the
Oak hotel
. The cost is a few euros and if you want you can also order a drink from your bed.

From about noon, the sun shines on the pool and it is lovely to be there. A great activity for the afternoon if you’ve already been out and about with your kids in the morning.

Ella with kids
Sri Lanka with kids
Ella with kids

What to do in Ella with kids #4 The Chillcafe

This is what we liked the most
restaurant/ cafe
in Sri Lanka of our entire trip. The atmosphere here is really great and the food is delicious. The beanbags are comfortable and the staff is very friendly. On the second floor, a kind of lounge has been created, where you can relax for a few hours with your kids. Especially the chocolate ice cream for dessert was very much liked by our daughter!

Train Sri Lanka with family

What to do in Ella with kids#5 The train from Haputale to Ella

We found the train ride from Kandy to Ella too long for our daughter, but we wanted to experience a stretch by train on this beautiful route. We therefore took a tuktuk to the town of Haputale and from there took the train back toward Ella. One advantage of this stretch is that you also cross the Demodara Nine Arch bridge by train. An advantage in this way is also that you do not have any suitcases with you and therefore do not have to pay attention to them during the train ride.

itineraries sri lanka
itineraries sri lanka

What to do in Ella with kids #6 Demodara Nine Arch bridge

This is an old railroad bridge with nine arches and the bridge itself is very photogenic. Especially when the train is just passing by. We ourselves have not been on the bridge itself with our daughter, but many backpackers you see doing so, despite the prohibition signs.

It saves that the train is only going 15 kilometers per hour and will certainly honk, allowing everyone to step aside in time for the train to pass. Near the bridge is a little store where you can buy some food and drinks in the shade.

Please note that it can be very hot on the trail during the day, so it is better to go here at the beginning of the day or the end of the day. If you want to watch the train cross the bridge, if you are near the Ella train station you can check what time the trains arrive in Ella so you will know approximately what time the trains cross the bridge.

Ella with kids
Ella with kids

What to do in Ella with kids #7 Ella Rock

We would recommend this climb only for families with older kids, as it is a tough climb. Of course, you could also climb the mountain alone as a parent while your kids are swimming with your partner at the pool or if you go very early are still in bed.

You walk the first part on the trail up to the waterfall and then the ascent begins. The way to it does take some searching and you can choose to go up with a guide who also offer themselves frequently here. In doing so, of course, agree on a price in advance.

The entire climb will take an entire afternoon, though, since the trek to the top already takes about 2.5 hours. You can skip the first part over the railroad by taking a tuktuk, which saves about three quarters of an hour of walking. The view at the top of the mountain is breathtaking.

What to do in Ella with kids #8 massage in the village

In Ella you have lots of different salons where you can get a massage for a small price. After all those walks, this may well be very pleasant for your calves and feet. Our little daughter got a free massage after we went.

Ella with kids
Waterfall Sri Lanka with kid

Where to sleep in Ella with kids?

Where should you sleep in Ella with kids? We have listed some accommodations for you:

Country Homes→ This accommodation where we slept with the family is beautifully located in the mountains and is only 250 meters away from the center.

On your balcony you have a beautiful view of the valley and the rooms are nice and spacious. Our daughter had her own bed and when she was in bed, we could have another nice drink on the balcony with a beautiful view. Breakfast here is highly recommended! Rooms book here from 46 euros a night. For more information, click

Zion View Ella Green Retreat → This hotel, is a bit further from the center, but has a pool with a beautiful view of the mountains.

The hotel is also rated 9.5 by families with kids. In addition, Yoga classes are offered and you can have a wonderful massage at the hotel after a full day of hiking. You can sleep here from 166 euros. For more information, click

Family-friendly accommodation Ella

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